F ISHWAR: Yellow Sapphire


YELLOW SAPPHIRE - (Specific gravity - 4.03, refractive index - 1.77)

Yellow Sapphires are nice sparkling light yellow coloured stones. There are some stones in the market, which are coloured or dyed through heating process. This is done to darken the colour of the Gemstones, so that they could be sold for a higher price. But an experienced person will recognize the difference. So this Yellow Sapphire is really light yellow in colour. The stone should be clear, flawless, without any spots or inclusions in it. This too, should be of at least two carats in weight, and is generally worn on the index finger (First finger from thumb) or the ring finger. This should be worn in Gold. A Yellow Sapphire is worn for the great benefic Jupiter. Sometimes, you may get a yellow Sapphire, which may have a small hue of blue colour, or a narrow streak of blue passing inside. These Gemstones come under another category, and are called Pitambari in the Indian market. No matter how clear and classy this Gemstone may be, but astrologically it should be rejected, as it is a combination of Blue and Yellow Sapphire. While you may be wearing a streaky yellow Sapphire for the great benefic Jupiter, the streak of Blue in it may cause you harm as it will activate Saturn also. Yellow Sapphire may be very light yellow to a deeper shade. Seen under a prism, the Yellow Sapphire shows Blue colour! Yes, blue, the colour of the sky, and the Cosmos. Blue is the colour of peace, tranquility peace, and spirituality. This is the ethereal colour.

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