WHITE SAPPHIRE - (Specific gravity - 4.03, refractive index - 1.76)

White Sapphires are just like the yellow sapphire, beautiful, sparkling but white in colour. A finely cut White Sapphire can be mistaken for a Diamond. Of course, people in this business would know the difference. This gemstone can be used as a good substitute for a Diamond. It can be made in Silver or in Gold, and worn on the middle of the little finger. The stone should touch your skin. This is worn for the planet Venus. Diamonds may not suit some people, whether astrologically or financially. A White Sapphire is affordable and quite effective. It is a Gemstone which promotes the cosmic auras of Venus and Jupiter both.

The weight of the White Sapphire can be anything between two to four carats. Even a larger one would do no harm. Value wise, a White Sapphire costs almost the same as the other Sapphires. One has to be careful in buying a White Sapphire as some gems of a relatively low cost can be passed off as one. Spinels, Tourmalines, Zirconiums, crystals can be similar in colour and appearance, and of course not to forget the duplicates. Here again, an experienced eye can spot the difference. The weight will be different from the other stones.

A White Sapphire, pure white in colour is of course undoubtedly the best. White Sapphires should not have any black or blue inclusions in it. Cracks, mixed colours, smoky streaks are considered inauspicious. One should wear a small White Sapphire of the best quality, rather than a bigger stone of inferior quality.

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