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~ By Dr. Rakesh Kumar (Ph.D.)



>>What is Hindu Vedic Astrology?
>>What makes Vedic Astrology Special?
>>Auspicious Time - Muhurat (Electional Astrology)
>>Compatibility Charts (Match-Making)
>>Vaastu Shastra (like Feng Shui), a branch of Vedic Astrology
>>Can we Change our Destiny?
>>Karma and Destiny
>>Key to a Happy Life
>>What makes one a Good Vedic Astrologer?


What is Hindu Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotisham, is an ancient Indian Divine Science which gives us a complete insight into our lives. This is a very in-depth science which gives us an inner view of our entire life.

The horoscope is calculated on basis of the date, month, year, time and the place of birth. A detailed calculation is made of the 12 zodiac sign divisions, the placement of the 9 planets, and the constellations they are placed in. In all, there are 27 constellations. Then there are divisional charts for each area of our lives. There are 16 divisional charts.

product 17The picture to the right depicts a Hindu Vedic Astrological Chart showing the divisions of the 12 houses and the 9 planets placed in different places. There are many other details such as the divisional charts, the major period, sub period and the intersub periods of the planets, combustion of planets, retrogression of planets, the planetary aspects, the significance of the houses and planets, their strength, the exaltation and debilitation of the planets and their subsequent results.

Generally, a detailed prediction can be made about your health, wealth, family, brothers and sisters, parents, children, diseases and illnesses, loans, debts, litigations. A fairly detailed description can be given about your spouse or life partner, about your work area or business, the nature of work and the time factors when certain things would fructify. This system can quite accurately tell you of any major changes that are likely to come in your life, and to what effect.

Astrological predictions largely depend upon the astrologer's experience and intuition. Hindu Vedic astrology is truly a divine celestial science; therefore intuition and God’s gift are very important, along with an in-depth knowledge and wisdom.

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What makes Vedic Astrology Special?

The most important part is that Vedic Astrology gives you the remedial measures and the secrets on how you could overcome the difficult times and how you could enhance the best areas of your life be it health, family, career, finances, relationships, and all other areas. They say “Forewarned is Forearmed.” Thus one can prevent and protect oneself from dangerous and difficult situations, and at the same time proceed in life with full confidence, knowledge and focus towards the positive and uplifting areas in our lives. This way, you can plan your life to perfection and live in harmony.

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Auspicious Time - Muhurat (Electional Astrology)

There are 12 Zodiac Signs, 9 Planets and 27 Constellations. Each planet moves around the 12 Zodiac signs at its own pace. Sometimes, some planets come together in some very good combinations which produce positive results, whereas some planets can form a difficult combination and aspect that can create powerful negative energies.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose the good planetary transits, positions and aspects, so that the outcome of any action should prove fruitful and positive.

This process of finding the most harmonious planetary aspects, is called Electional Astrology or Muhurat. Whenever anyone is about to get married, buy a house, invest in a business, go in for a major surgery, and every other important thing in life, one should seek the best astrological time to achieve the most auspicious results.

Given a timeframe of a proposed important decision by the inquirer, the astrologer would look at various dates, times or month and find a few best astrological dates. This requires a lot of time and studying various permutations and combinations of the planetary transits.

It is very important to note that the Muhurat (Auspicious Time) has to be seen at 2 Levels. 1st the astrologer has to see the planetary positions and aspects in the universe. 2nd the astrologer has to superimpose the planetary transits and aspects on the birth horoscope of the inquirer. Some planets could be in a good transit in the universe, but in bad aspects to the horoscope of the person concerned. There are also other things to be seen, such as the 7.5 year cycle of Saturn, the major period and subperiods of the planets, and the aspect of the transiting planets on the planets placed in the birth horoscope of the person. This requires a deep study, experience, and complete knowledge of the cosmic science of Vedic Astrology.

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Match-Making: Compatibility charts
For Marriage, Relationships, Partnership, Business, etc

This reading helps one to know whether to go ahead with the partnership or not. A decision based on the astrological outcome could prove very helpful in making major decisions in life.

The horoscopes of both the people are made, and the planets are studied for their influence on partnerships, business, relationships or marriage. This involves many aspects of reading the chart/s.

After a detailed study, the astrologer would come to a conclusion whether the alliance would be positive or negative, and also would determine the outcome of such an alliance, whatever that may be.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar (PhD) wishes to point out here that some oriental astrologers follow a point-matching system, which is called Gun-Dosh Matching. This kind of matching is incorrect, incomplete, and inaccurate since this involves just the matching of the birth stars of the moon-sign. The influence and aspects of other planets like Sun, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus are not taken into account. One could have a very high point-matching with their partner, but the marriage could end up in disaster. Therefore, the entire horoscope and all the planets in the chart have to be studied carefully in order to determine the right compatibility.

To consult for a Compatibility of two horoscopes / Match-Making, please click here.


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Vaastu Shastra (like Feng Shui), a branch of Vedic Astrology

Using Vedic Astrology, the most favourable directions for your home can be determined. Vaastu Shastra is a branch of Hindu Vedic astrology, which deals with the directions and the cosmic energies around it. This is the original version of feng shui. This is such a dynamic science that it could give you the most positive energy directions around your residence or business premises. Read more about Vaastu Shastra…

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Can we Change our Destiny?

You cannot change your destiny, but you can surely plan it, program it, so that you can make the most of what you have and not worry unnecessarily about the things that are not likely to happen.

Astrological readings should be used as guidelines, so as to make the right choices in life, taking into account the time factors as decided by the planetary movements, so that we may make the best of life in every area. 

While one has to have faith in these scriptures, one should also exercise discrimination, strong will power, and control over the mind, senses and the body. Often, exercising wisdom, knowledge and control, can avert many difficult situations in life.

When you follow the path of your destiny, and the actions are in harmony with your karma and planets, then life becomes positive, progressive, directive, creative, and prosperous.

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Karma and Destiny

The Prarabdha karmas are real hard karmas, the effects of which are inevitable and one will surely experience the effect of these karmas. The Kriyaman karmas however can be modified and worked upon so that the future could become better and more harmonious. The most important thing is the time factor.  Our karma and destiny are interwoven with time, which subsequently create circumstances around us, upon which we act and react.

Therefore, given prior information about your karma and destiny, one can exercise discrimination, dedication, and direction towards the right path to relieve us of our sufferings and uplift our lives to positive dimensions and directions.

The planets affect our mind, senses and body. Whatever we experience in life are joys, sorrows, happiness, sadness, are all a state of mind. These are all relative, and not permanent. These are also the perspectives of the human mind. When one becomes a slave of the mind and senses, then you are bound to suffer. The mind then has actions and reactions on the body.

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Key to a Happy Life

Therefore, the key to a happy and healthy life is controlling the mind and the senses, controlling desires, and try to live a life of calmness and contentment.

Human life is a mystery. A mystery about the past and the future. The past is unalterable. But the future is in our hands and it depends on our present day karmas. This science of Vedic Astrology, which in Sanskrit is called Jyotish which means the Science of Light, can help us discover the predetermined karmic effects and offers solutions and remedies to overcome them, and gives us insights about the future can help us plan positively and prepare for the things to come.

Above all, one must always have faith in God and remember that God’s Grace alone can help us overcome bad karmas and uplift our lives to a higher level of consciousness.

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What makes one a Good Vedic Astrologer?

This Stellar Science is based on the knowledge of the enlightened saints, and therefore it is considered very spiritual and based on righteous principles and values. The ancient gurus used Vedic Astrology to foresee major events in the world and used to perform prayers and propitiations to overcome the difficult times. Regular prayers to God, living a simple vegetarian life that is virtuous and righteous, are the prime requirements for a good Vedic Astrologer.

We have been blessed to have Dr. Rakesh Kumar (Ph.D.) as the Vedic Astrologer providing services for our Ishwar Center. You may read more about him by clicking here.


For further information, or to book an appointment for a personal consultation, call Dr. Rakesh Kumar at 718-429-1892 or 646-238-2570 (New York). Or you may contact via email at

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