“ISHWAR”, which means God, was originally registered in New Delhi, India, on December 7th 1998 and has the status of a non-profit organization under section 80(G) of Income tax act. The same organization, although independent, was started in the United States as “ISHWAR USA INC” and was registered as a non-profit religious organization on June 30th 2003 in the state of New Jersey, and subsequently got the status of a non-profit religious organization under section 501(C)(3) of IRS on August 4th 2005. The same organization was also registered in the State of New York.

Our mission is to bring peace, harmony, prosperity and good health to the society through Spiritual Sciences like Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Natural Healing, Astral Healing, Jyotisham (Vedic Astrology)spiritual counseling and helping people work on good Karma. This will not only help individuals, but transform the society and the country to a higher level of consciousness and wisdom.

We have worked with hundreds of people who had no hope in life, but they are now very positively focused in their life by way of health, harmony, career and family. We intend to work with masses of people so that the entire nation benefits and prospers from our services.

People also need to be made aware of their spirituality, the human values, love, compassion, peace, faith in God, righteousness, and the moral and spiritual responsibilities. Our center offers free spiritual discourses and encourages right living by diet, controlling the mind and senses, patience, perseverance, and guidelines towards good Karma.

There are many other services offered at the ISHWAR CENTER from which many are benefiting. The most important being – The one and only Sri Satya Sai Baba temple within the premises, which is open 7 days a week to all. All religious and spiritual services are free of cost.

The ISHWAR CENTER is located at 70-11 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372. The Center is one block away from the subway stop called Jackson Heights or Rosevelt Ave/ 74th Street. The trains E, F, G, R, V, 7 all stop at this station. For driving instructions please click here or type out "ISHWAR NY" in Yahoo or Google search bar.