Mantras are sacred words of prayers, which have great healing powers. They could also be called secret divine codes. The ancient saints formulated and wrote down Mantras for deities, Gods and planets for propitiating them, and for spiritual benefits. Words have a lot of power. Prayers said with a meditative mind and sincerity works wonders. But there are certain procedures to follow to activate these Mantras. Certain Mantras are to be recited for a certain number of times, daily. Some have to be done for a particular purpose only. Once that purpose is accomplished, then you can discontinue the Mantra. There are Mantras from the Vedas, from the Puranas, and Tantrik Mantras, which is one of the powerful systems of spiritual attainments. Tantrik Mantras are generally short, and have words and alphabets of special effects and significance. They are to be done with certain rituals and disciplines. All these Mantras are in Sanskrit language, which is the oldest language in the world. The proper pronunciation is of vital importance, to bring about the right astral vibrations.

Generally, all Mantras have to be done in the morning hours. The early morning hours between 0400 hrs to 0600 hrs is called the Brahma Muhurata . Which literally means, the hour of God. Any prayer done with sincerity reaches God directly. Mantras for planets have to be done during the first hour of sunrise, of that particular day. For example, prayers and Mantras for Saturn would have to be done within the first hour of sunrise on every Saturday. This is because, the hours of the day are ruled by the planets too. For example, the first hour after sunrise on Saturday, would be ruled by Saturn, the first hour after sunrise on a Thursday would be ruled by Jupiter, Tuesday by Mars, and likewise with the other weekdays and their ruling planets.

The second hour after sunrise is ruled by another planet, the third hour by another and so on. Thus, the first planet would rule again on the eighth hour. This sequence of planetary ruling hours will always be same. But the first hour after sunrise would always be ruled by the planet of the day. Now if it were not possible to do your Mantra during the first hour of sunrise, then you should do it whenever possible. But keep a routine and schedule. Don't just do it whenever convenient. Devotion, sincerity and patience are the key to success.

There are cases where people have achieved the impossible. There are also cases where by constantly praying and reciting Mantras, people have got a second life. Barren women have borne children, and many miracles have taken place in people's lives. But for these kinds of things to happen, first your karma should permit it, next your faith in God, and applying the healing systems with faith and devotion.

Your karmic effects are also subject to certain clauses. There are provisions made in the Cosmic constitution. By applying your intellect and wisdom, and doing good karmas, you may get a waiver sometimes. To undo what we have previously done, and to dilute or minimize the evil effects, we have to generate some very strong positive energies. These positive energies can in turn neutralize or minimize the negative energies around us. We have to somehow balance the Cosmic equation, and justify the law of karma.

It is important to know which Mantra you are doing, the meaning of it, the reason for it, and the right pronunciation. Then you will be able to direct the power of the Mantra to the source and the destination. You will mentally be projecting the energy towards the objective, thus exercising your mental and soul power. Your concentration increases, your mind opens up to a new dimension and your Astral body gets energized.

We at the ISHWAR Center initiate people into mantras which are best for as per their planetary positions and karma.

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