Spiritual counseling has proved to be a very effective method of helping people. Spiritual counseling is not just giving out spiritual talks to people at random. On basis of the planetary positions in a person’s astrological birth chart, a deep study is done on the subsequent cause and effect on the individual. While some stellar influences may be temporary, some may also be for a long time or permanent. Whatever be the case, it’s very important for us to understand the cosmic law of karma. Once a person understands this, a wisdom dawns upon a person like a cloud in scorching sun and a calm prevails over an agitated and disturbed state of mind. Spiritual counseling helps greatly in controlling the mind and senses.

Spiritual counseling has the power to penetrate into the conscious and the subconscious mind and awaken the unconscious, upon which the karmic impressions of a person can be revealed and subsequently healed. It is a very effective method, since it co-relates to the person's Karma and helps one overcome the vagaries of the mind, thereby giving clarity to one's life and destiny. This is quite unlike psychiatry which deals at the external observation and analysis. Spiritual counseling is more of a spiritual insight of a person's circumstances and conditions, which is a result of the Karmic law of cause and effect.

Through spiritual counseling, people's lives have transformed so positively, that they are new persons now. It helps one overcome all negative actions of anger, depressions, violence, greed, envy, hatred and these are replaced with calmness, peace, love, harmony and contentment.

This is not done by hypnosis or auto suggestions, but by wisdom and knowledge. It is the spiritual education of material and worldly life.

Mind over matter, discrimination and discipline over senses and wisdom prevailing overall, make a person a master of the mind. Once you become the master of the mind and senses, the power of your Will and consciousness overcomes the weak mind and stray senses. Then you can be in control of the wheel of your life.

We at the ISHWAR Center offer services on spiritual counseling to groups as well as to individuals. You may contact us to schedule an appointment.