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VAASTU SHASTRI (like Feng Shui)

Dr. Rakesh Kumar is the founder and chairman of ISHWAR USA INC.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar was born in the city of Calcutta in India. During his childhood and early part of life, he spent much time with enlightened saints and attended many spiritual discourses. He also learned and practiced yoga, meditation, nature cure, and other such Vedic practices. He was very fortunate to be blessed by many enlightened gurus and divine souls.

The turning point of his life came when he was first initiated into becoming a devotee of Satya Sai Baba in 1968. The advent of Sai Baba not only changed his life but his mind and consciousness as well. After that, he needed no more gurus, as he had found God himself. He served the poor, did many charities, attended community bhajans (devotional songs), and attended spiritual classes of balvikas (spiritual and moral education for children). In his quest for divine knowledge, he read and studied many religious and spiritual books. He studied the Gita, Vedas, Upanishads, the Bible, and many other religious scriptures, in search of truth.

Apart from a deep spiritual quest, Dr. Rakesh Kumar also took a very keen interest in the metaphysical sciences. So he took to studying the Hindu Vedic Astrology, western astrology, Ayurveda, Palmistry, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra (Like feng shui), Mantras, Yantras, and Bio-chemistry and Homeopathy. He spent many years in study and research, and he soon realized that he had become very intuitive, and that his perception and astrological readings were proving to be very accurate. He then became aware that his knowledge was a God gift, and that it had a divine purpose.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar had many dreams and revelations which indicated to him that his destiny was to help mankind. So he gave up a lucrative shipping career and set himself on a self realization path. He then wrote the synthesis of all his spiritual learning's and knowledge in a book called “The Cosmic Law and Astral healing” in which the first part is all about spiritual teachings and the second part is about the various Astral remedies and healing systems. He was subsequently awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) for his research and works in the same subject. His ability to blend the ancient spiritual science and wisdom with the modern practical life is quite unique.

During the last 25 years he has helped thousands of people throughout the world with his God gifted divine knowledge, which has at times defied practical logic and medical science. At times, some amazing results took place which you could call a miracle. Dr. Rakesh Kumar says that any such transformation has to do with your own faith, devotion, destiny and your karma. Above all and most of all is – God's grace. He firmly says that you must do your karma with dharma, and follow a spiritual and righteous path to gain divine grace.

Dr. Kumar has also been doing a lot of Astral research work and come out with some amazing predictions and results. He is taking a keen interest in the world environment and patterns of time to come. Regular monthly newsletters are sent out to many people about the Astral work and research. Some of the research work included- prediction of Tsunami, storms in America, George Bush winning elections, George Bush winning again, London blasts, the recent earthquakes in the Indian sub continent and many others, October’s 2008 world financial crisis, November 2008 USA elections, etc. A summarized list of his major predictions and fulfillments can be accessed here. These research results can be very helpful to countries, and they can be prepared for such major calamities and events.

His work has been acknowledged by the educated strata of the society as well. In September 2007, he was invited to give a discourse on spiritualism at the Association of Spiritual Psychotherapy in New York City and was highly appreciated by all the qualified doctors and psychotherapists there.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar is a very good speaker. He has given lectures and scholarly discourses at various places, a series of talk shows on WBAI radio, and TV programs on TV Asia and ITV, which are national channels. He was invited to ‘Global Dharma conference’ held at Edison in 2003, where religious and spiritual people from 200 countries were invited. Dr. Kumar is an author of several articles, one of which, called “Integrative Health and Nutrition” was published in June 2006, in a journal of Oxford University, London. Recently, he was invited to an assembly of New York State government officials. Dr. Kumar has an extensive list of credentials and accomplishments.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar's mission is help mankind through the way God choose him to do so. Through the divine knowledge that was showered upon him by his guru, his God- Sai Baba. His main mission is to show people the divine path, and lead man once again to where he came from – to God.

To read about Dr. Rakesh Kumar's Astrological Predictions and for a summary of some of his major predictions and their fulfillment, visit the NEWSLETTERS/ Predictions page. You may also hear some of his WBAI radio programs by visiting the RADIO PROGRAMS page.

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