There are many testimonies from various people of different walks of life. We have selected only a few, and in some cases kept their identity confidential. Here are some addressed to Dr. Rakesh Kumar, who gave them the right direction to their lives.



Rakesh!! This is what humanity was heading to and now we wait for the Golden Age!! Your predictions have always been bang on whether it be for my family, Friends, and for the world. Whenever I have tried to do something that Rakesh has told me not to, I've fallen on my face!! His predictions or as I would like to call his advice to me has always taken me on a path of spiritual growth, prosperity and abundance. I value him as a friend and Mentor!! Love you Rakesh!!!!!

Terry - Bombay *


Omg I got accepted into the program!!!! I can't believe it. Thanks a lot for everything.

This is the happiest day of my life. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. It means a lot to me. I can't believe good things can actually happen in my life.

Huma - Maryland *


Rajagopal wrote: "I have been taking the Sai Herbals medications as recommended by Mr.Rakesh Kumar based on Vedic Astrology. They are really wonderful and work like magic. Everyone with health issues should check the site" *

- New York


Dear Rakeshji,

You have been a life saver for us...

Baba is surely communicating through you...

You have been a blessing to our lives... Baba surely is on our side without him we are no where... Thank you very much.

Kind regards and thank you very much for being so kind.

Deepavali - London*


Thank you once again for your time.

You are the GREATEST human being living on earth!

You are a very good man. Nothing compared to those one sided, self centered individuals. They are not even an inch nice and good hearted as you. I hope that in every lifetime I have someone like you. I seriously wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for you. I wish that my family, relatives and people I met, were all like you or at least were smart like you.

Zar - New York *


This is an overdue expression of my gratitude for Dr. Rakesh wonderful contribution in the field of Ayurveda of which I am a beneficiary. Ten years ago a friend brought me to see him for an astrology reading and that's how I came to know Dr. Rakesh.

I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. The doctor prescribed Evista for me. A year after taking this drug, I had my general check up and they found that my liver was infected. Except for osteoporosis, I had no other health issues. So, my suspect was Evista. The liver infection was a side effect from Evista. So, Fosamax was prescribed instead until I read somewhere that in the long run this drug can make your bones brittle. My instant decision was: no more to Western medicine. I resorted to a diet full of calcium and vitamin D. However, I suffered from back pain and severe cramps. There were days when I had to take off from work because I had cramped on both legs when I woke up in the morning.

In the meantime Dr. Rakesh had opened his line of Ayurvedic supplements among which are the bone tonic and brain tonic. It is almost 6 months now since I started taking both capsules. Slowly, the crumbs became less and less and this health problem has now become a history. I used to have migraine and after 4 months of taking the brain tonic this migraine has also disappeared. I can assure you that Dr. Rakesh products have no side effects. I thank him for introducing me into his line of Ayurvedic supplements. They do work.

Margot - New York *


Sai Ram Dr. Kumar,

I just want to tell you what an amazing product Allererb is. Prior to taking this herbal therapy, I was really suffering. I didn't feel human at all. I felt like I had a permanent cold.

Now I wake up and my head is not in a fog. I don't have to carry around tissues, and I am not congested anymore.

I have recommended this product to two people by directing them to the Sai Herbals Website, and plan to recommend it to everyone else who is still suffering.

You really created a great product that really solves the problem. Amazing work!

Priti - New York *


Dangerous and chaotic situations ... thunderstorms ... earthquakes ... violence ... missiles ... bombings (not only North Korea.) You've done it again: proven that your predictions are right on. Quite impressive.

Doing my best to send my love to everyone on the planet who needs a little bit more of it these days.


Chris - New York*


I have been taking Sai Herbals product called Sleepz for the last few weeks, have not slept this good in over thirty years.  Have been getting a restful seven to eight hours sleep daily since I started taking it.  Thank you for the ongoing support, Dr. Kumar.

-Anjula (NYC) *


Sai Ram Dr. Kumar,

I just wanted to say thank you for the reading on Saturday. It was nice to meet you and thank you for answering my questions on life. It's amazing that you feel relief when you know the outcome but also you can positively prepare and make room for upcoming changes.

I feel that Swami has brought you into my life for a reason after I have asked him for direction and answers to questions that do not have easy answers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You truly have a gift and I hope Swami blesses you for your ability to make others aware of their past present and future.

Thank you again.


Crystal - New York *


Hi Dr Kumar,

Good morning...

I can't believe what a tumultuous past few years have been. I'm in shock actually. I've had a lot of time to reflect, and I truly am grateful for Baba's mercy and love. I am so humbled. I draw closer to Baba and remain devoted.

Thank you so much for everything. Words cannot express what you have done for are truly a great guide and mentor ...but also a good friend!

Best always,

Esther - New York *


Dear Dr Kumar,

You also predicted I would have 2 daughters and a son 3 years apart.

This also came true.

Thank you.

Christian - New York *


One year ago I was going through difficult and stressful time in my life. Breaking up with my husband and financial difficulties totally drained my energy and I started to experience panic attacks. Once I got in emergency room because of tremor in all my body, heart palpitations and difficulty to breath I was told by physician that I should visit endocrinologist and psychiatrist. The perspective scared me even more because I was aware of side effects from hormonal and psychiatric therapy, and I also didn’t have insurance. So I decided to find alternative ways to recover my health and called Dr. Kumar. When I came for consultation Dr. Kumar said that I need to calm down and to support my nervous system by taking the herbs (STRESS FREE) and in 3 days I’ll be fine. And it was really amazing because even next day after I started to take the herbs I felt much better, the nervous tremor become less and less, and in 3 days Dr. Kumar’s prediction came true. I felt calm and relaxed, my fears disappeared and I had much more energy. Thank you Dr. Kumar for the healing and I hope your excellent natural products will help many people to improve their health as they helped me.

I also took HAIR TONIC herbal pills and noticed less hair loss and was surprised how fast my hair started to grow. Now my hair are long and shinny without use of expensive cosmetic products.

Liza M. - New York *

35 y/o



I am taking this opportunity to thank Dr. Kumar for his guidance.

Pryor to receiving treatment from Dr. Kumar I was taking 5 different Blood Pressure medications at various times during one day. Some of the

prescribed medication had side effects.

 Suggested by Dr. Kumar, I am now taking 2 BP FREE Natural capsules in the morning after breakfast.

 My Blood Pressure numbers are within normal range, and I do not have to remember at which time and which pill to take over the course of a day.

I am very satisfied with the results, I am also taking Cholestro with fantastic results.

Thanks, Jerry Covington, Jr *

New Jersey


Dear Mr. Kumar:

     Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns over the regulation of dietary supplements.  Like you, I believe that consumers should have access to safe and effective dietary supplements.


     Dietary supplements are largely defined as any product taken by mouth that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to supplement the diet.  Dietary ingredients in these products may include: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, and substances such as enzymes, organ tissues, glandulars, metabolites, extracts, or concentrates.  With all these different dietary supplements on the market today we must ensure that consumers are getting ones that do not endanger people’s health but keep safe dietary supplements accessible. 


     I believe that the Food and Drug Administration has a legitimate role to play in acting as an honest broker of consumer information and consumers have a right to all available, truthful information regarding products in the marketplace.  Americans should have access to the full effects and benefits of any dietary supplement they use, as is the case with any other processed food products they consume.  I will continue to work in Congress to make sure American consumers have choices when it comes to their dietary and food consumption, and I will work to make sure that these choices are safe and regulated.


     Again thank you for contacting me on this important issue.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can ever be of assistance to you on this or any other matter.



Charles E. Schumer

United States Senator - New York *


Dear Dr Kumar,

I have good news. My constipation problem healed!  I started having two full eliminations a day!!  It has been a long time healing and I am very grateful that your herbs finally did the trick.Hallelujah! I hope it continues in NYC.

My blood pressure has remained mostly stable in the 130's over 60's, but I am continuing to take your BP herbs. Of course I continued to take Livcon and SX.

Thanks again for  your help. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards

John (PhD) - New York*


Sai Ram Dr Kumar,

You are the most heartfelt person I have ever met. I so appreciate your responsiveness to emails. Deep gratitude for your attentiveness! 

And I am simply humbled once again by your generous spiritual gift of the Sri Yantra! Thank you for explaining the significance. Yes I am sure it will bring much healing to those whom Baba sends. 

Thank you so much for your kind spiritual support. May Baba continue to bless your work a thousand fold. –

Kimberly - North Carolina *


I had suffered from IBS for many years. I tried many doctors including Mayo Clinic doctors but nobody could help me.

Somebody recommended that I try an Ayurveda doctor and I found very good one, Dr Kumar ( his office is in Queens)

He helped me a lot using Ayurveda herbs. I forgot to thank him for curing my wife's terrible night cramps which woke her up 3-4 times each night. 

Jehuda - New York *


Dear Dr. Kumar,

My IBS is much better. I have regular normal stools twice a day with no pain an no diarrhea. I have to thank you for that. I suffer of this problem for 20 years and the Western medicine gave me medications to treat the symptoms and not to cure.

Jehuda - New York *


Dear Dr. Kumar  

Once again, I thank you for your great help to me.

You are a Savior to me.

I hope many will also benefit as you do these events.

Good luck getting thru this big eclipse ahead next month,

God Bless,

Mary - California *


Dear Dr. Rakesh Kumar,

 I trust you are well.

It’s been quite some time since I have been in touch and I am writing today to give you an update as I have been thinking to write for a while now.

I have not had any Herpes attacks what's so ever since the treatment, which is amazing! I can't thank you enough. I have been through quite some intense and stressful life transitions of recent times and this would be a time of repeated attacks, so this is quite something and I am so very happy about this.

Many thanks and Blessings,

Best Wishes,

Joanna - London *


Dear Dr. Rakesh

Hope you and family are well.

I just returned from my cousin's wedding whose horoscope you had read. With God's grace the wedding went well and everyone was very happy.

I wanted to thank you for your guidance and predictions. All the things that you mentioned came true including that she will get married near a water body. (her husband) lives in Liveoak (California) next to Feather River and very close to the Oroville Dam.

Her marriage visa is likely to be applied soon and we hope her to be in the US in a year or so.

Thank you very much for everything.

Kind Regards

Manav - London *


Hello, Dr Kumar,

I want to share some very positive news - I did as you directed last night,

and I have seen its effect overnight!  This morning, the blood flow has been reduced almost to 0 level.  As of yesterday through evening, I was still losing a lot of blood.

I will keep with your directions diligently, but wanted to share the "miracle" effect your remedies have given me.

Thank you sincerely.  I am truly amazed and awed by the healing power that you

channel, with Sai Baba's blessing!

Hester - Washingon DC *


Sai Ram, Rakesh,

Congratulations on your accurate prediction for president. It sure wasn't looking like it was going to happen.  Was surprised to see you saying Trump is not as bad as Hillary.  Will be watching to see how your predictions work out, especially regarding Hillary having mental problems. 

Allen Keding - Malaysia *


Hi Rakesh,

 Yes, I have been meaning to write you.

You had me a little nervous after your last email but I decided I was just going to have faith in your original prediction.

Dan & I didn’t turn on the TV until about 10:30 Tuesday night & Trump was already winning, so I was very excited.

 We were jumping up & down cheering at 2:38 am when they called Pennsylvania & Fox said he was now the new president!!

I said “See, Rakesh was correct once again!!”

Congratulations to ALL OF US!! America WINS!!!

Take care my friend!,

John - Huston, TX *


Dr. Rakesh Kumar has been instrumental in advising me since my undergraduate days following my mother's passing, from which I was in a very bad position. He has known me since my start at Baruch College, and has guided me to completing my BBA in accounting and CPA exams. After I graduated with my accounting degree and passed the CPA exams, he also entrusted the accounting responsibilities of his organization and business to me.

Victor - New York *


Hi Dr. Rakesh,

It's been a long time since we've communicated.

Thankfully, I still get your newsletters!

I like your predictions a LOT!!!!,


"Her stars do not show a leader of a country"

"Shall we say Donald Trump?"

You have always been right about the presidential outcomes, as far as I know.

I hope all is well with you!!

Many Thanks!!

John (& Dan) - Huston, TX *


Dr. Kumar I am going to be getting my license this Monday and starting my practice. Thank you sir for your predictions which time has shown them to be extremely accurate. Thank you.

B.S. Sandhu - Vancuver, Canada *


Dear Dr. Kumar,

Hope all is well with you!! This is Erika, wife of Ian C. and the mother of two daughters. I would like to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement and guidance through one of the most difficult times of my life.  Per your prediction, Colin has now returned home, and we have ended our divorce proceedings.

Thank you, Dr. Kumar!  Your words saved my life this year. 


Erika - New York  *


Dear Dr. Kumar,

I swear on my life, I don't wish any sadness to come in your life.

You are worthy of being called God. You deserve to be loved and respected. I hope all your karma becomes good. Not even prophets have been like you.

Zar - New York *


Dear Sir

 As per your predictions year 2015 is good for my daughter. She completed MS from University of Arizona.

She got job also in Texas Austin. Thank you very much for your predictions and also for your advice.

Best regards

Shiva - China *


Dear Dr. Rakesh Kumar,

Today I started to walk without cane. I fill myself better and better. The Inflammation of esophagus and stomach is good too. Psoriasis is much better too.

Thank you very much Dr. Rakesh Kumar. Your treating is best in world. With all problems regard my health I will follow for your recommendation.

Best regards and warm wish,

Nikolay Udovichenko *

Vancouver, Canada.


Dear Rakeshji,

Just wanted to share some good news about my visa. I got my visa.

I really want to thank you for all your support and encouragement.


I have been off work for a year now and will start looking for a job.


I am really grateful to you.

I hope I get a chance to meet you in person and take your blessings.

With Best Regards,

Dinesh - London *


Dear Dr. Rakesh,

I am pleased to inform you that my A1c blood sugar test has reached a reasonable range. I had been to the doctor for the tests today.

He was also quite surprised to see the results.  It has been very high all these years even with the doctor's prescribed medications.

It's is only because of your Diabcon it has reduced. The doctor wanted to put me on insulin in my previous trips.  My Bp results are good as well.

Thank you so much Dr. Rakesh.

Just thought of giving you some feedback!

Regards, *

Latha - Michigan


Dr. Rakesh,

Good to hear from you. I am feeling a lot better as you predicted. June 15 and then Mid-July was a major improvement in health. Astrology is pretty cool because lot of issues magically reduced/disappeared.

Feeling more positive now in terms of actively looking for a guy. Will pass on birth details to you as and when I get close to something. Thanks again as always for your guidance and help. *

Shachi - New York


Sai Ram Dr Rakesh,

The last two readings you mentioned that I will be travelling to Parthi between Mid July to Mid Aug. In fact it may not be possible due to my mom's condition coz I cant leave her alone and travel.

Just yesterday I was inspired to go to Parthi and happened to see my old neighbor. She offered her help to look after my mother so that I can go to Parthi.

Your words came true and I will be going to Parthi and will be there from 9th Aug to 12th Aug. Myself and Suba will be there for the full moon. Suba also did the reading with you and also mentioned that she will be going to Parth during this time. Is there anything you want us to know or do since we are there for the full moon?  Also you did mention I might get nerve related disease or diabetes. I got diabetes too.

Rgds *

Sumi - Singapore


Dear Dr. Kumar,

I want to thank you in this e-mail for all that you have done for me. I am now beginning some more yoga lessons and meditating as often as I can.  Practicing mindlessness has made it easier to hold the reins and control my five horses. With mindlessness, I can reach for the for the stars! In addition, I have learned a chant in Sanskrit from my yoga instructor to achieve peaceful mind. Thank you for teaching me the power of awareness. Now, I can always carry peace in my heart and  I can deal with situations more easily than I used to. 

I am truly grateful.

Best wishes and God bless *

Vivi - New York


Dear Dr. Kumar,

Thank you again for everything! Everyone who comes across your path are very lucky. We are one of the lucky ones! *

Reetha H. - California


Drear Dr. Kumar,

Another year has come and gone and I am so truly happy that you are still in my life. You have always gone out of your way to help me and I truly appreciate it. I can't imagine how different my life would be if you were not in it. I have made it this far because of you and I will continue to thrive once I know you are there to guide me, and keep me at peace. I pray that we are closer this year to a cure for me. I keep my hope and faith both in you and in my prayers. I am both grateful and thankful for you and your faith based gifts to help others. I will never forget what you have done for me, and I only wish there was something I could do in return for you to show my gratitude.From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you for everything. *

Veronica - New York


Dear Dr. Kumar,

Hope you're well!

It's been almost one year since we met.

So just wanted to say thank you for being in my life and being there for me when I didn't have anyone.

Hope God recognizes the good human being that you are and helps you to help others that are also in need.

Take care, *
Zar - New York


Dear Dr. Kumar,

When everything seemed to be in turmoil, a dear family friend introduced us to Dr. Kumar. With his support, we have seen a huge difference in these past few years. My family has gone from hopelessness to one of optimism, and we are now doing much better thanks to him. Yet, Dr. Kumar does not sugar coat anything, but always gives us practical and sincere advice. Not only has he helped us in the astrological aspect, but also as a humanitarian advisor, ayurvedic consultant, and a trusted friend whom we can always call for anything. I strongly believe that seeking Dr. Kumar's help is by far more valuable for our time and money than anywhere else.*

VS - New York


Dear Dr. Kumar,

Thank you for your reading yesterday at the NEW LIFE EXPO. Your words are resonating with me still. I remember very clearly your advice to "MAKE CONNECTIONS NOT ATTACHEMENTS." The words had an immediate effect upon my thoughts and goals. I recall you saying you would save my reading for me. I took the LIVCON this morning, FEM HEALTH will be this evening.
I will definitely be in contact.
Thank you, again.*

Linda - New York


Since I have been using the services of Dr. Rakesh my life has been more focused and fulfilling.
His wide array of Ayurvedic herbs have also contributed to me maintaining good health.
Dr. Rakesh is versed in his field, cooperative, accommodating and a good listener who goes the extra mile for you.*

Ronald Braithwaite - New York


Hello Dr. Kumar,

Happy New Year to you and the best wishes for you and your family in this coming year from the bottom of my heart. I can't believe it has been seven years now that I have come to know you. As I have always told you, words can never describe the gratitude that I have for you in my life. You have been the rock and words of wisdom that has helped me through my most vulnerable times. When I have felt most defeated and drained, you have been there to help me back to where I needed to be by your kind, wisdom filled words of truth. I can never repay you for your time or many prayers you have given to me. But please know there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for putting you in my life. You are truly a blessing to not just me but many others you have healed in more ways than one. Thank you for sharing your gift from God with us. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. I am ever so grateful and sincerely appreciative for you in my life. You will always have a special place in my heart.*


Rachel - New York


Dr. Kumar,

You ARE the best in so many ways. You're compassionate, practical, helpful, effective, wise, loving, inspiring, "present" and trustworthy, to say the least. Add faith to this and you're the blessing that one's been seeking. The results include increased faith. And, phone calls whenever there's hardship.

Someday I hope to compile your successes on paper so that they may also serve as a source of faith.

I'm grateful to know you as this, and for the blessing of knowing you.*

Jean - New York


Good morning Dr. Kumar:

Please accept our sincere thanks for the reception of our Office of Mental Health's Bureau of Cultural Competence staff by you, your staff, and those on your Board of Directors. We were quite enlightened by the way in which you have been able to transform your service delivery to meet the needs of the Jackson Heights and the adjacent neighborhoods.

We will be mindful of your presence as we move forward with our creation of regional multi-cultural advisory committees.

Thank you once again for your outreach and uplifting hospitality.


Frances S. Priester - NYS Office of Mental Health.


Dear Dr. Kumar,

I can't begin to thank you, thank you, and thank you for all that you have and continue to do for me. You will never know the gratitude that I have for you being in my life. Since I have left you today, I have felt a sense of lightness, a weight lifted off me, and happiness. I feel so very good right now, and I promise from today onwards to think more positive and be more thankful for all the blessings in my life(as I have always been), and also to be a better person towards Davi and Danny. I pray that my illness goes away, and my marriage and family life can have a new beginning. I long so much for a peaceful life with my husband and family. But once again, thank you for everything. I am eternally grateful to you.*


Regina - New York


Thank you for your leadership and your participation in yesterday's webinar. Your work for humanity is inspiring. I look forward to meeting you in person in the very near future.

Frances S. Priester - NYS Office of Mental Health.


Dear Dr. Rakesh Kumar,

Thank you for our new friendship.
We had a wonderful visit at Ishwar Center, where we were so impressed by the excellent program you gave us. Thanks you so much to you, Dr. Laina Karthikeyan and all other people we met.
A fantastic element in our week in The Big Apple!
The whole week was a success, so I’m sure Finn and I will try to make a reprise in one year or so. I’ll let you know!
If your ever come to Denmark, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll help you in any ways.*

All the best
Lars - Denmark


Rakesh: I was in CA for a meeting last week and spent about four days with my parents.  I noticed a remarkable difference in my mother during my visit.  My father also confirmed that for the past month she has been much better related to her mental well-being.  I attribute her wellness directly to the pooja you did on her behalf in India.  My family is very grateful for your services.*

Sai Ram,
Manny - California


Hi Dr. Kumar,

So we've made it through one more year, and of course once again I could not have made it through without you.  The words "thank you" could never really express my gratitude towards you for all you have done for me. I truly am lucky that you are in my life and it is because of you that I have made it through the past five years.  So please know that I am extremely appreciative and grateful to you for everything in my life.  You keep me grounded and able to carry on, with your encouraging words and belief in me.  Once again thank you, thank you and thank you.*

Debra – New York


Good morning Dr. Kumar,

I just wanted to remind you of how thankful I am for you and all the help you have provided me with in the past 6 years. I know that I would never have made it this far without your help. I feel I have come to his point due to your support, prayers and belief in me. So thank you very much for all that you do for me and my family.* -----

Chris – New York


Respected Rakesh Sahib,

Om Sairam

What a pleasure to have spoken to such a learned man. - I am humbled by your knowledge and the love you have for the society at large. Great souls do not come often on this planet who do so much for so little in return.

Also I plan with God's grace to visit with you soon and we can have a strategy to expand on the journey of building the temple which you have already initiated.*

Kindest regards

S.S. Sharma – Pennsylvania


Good evening Dr. Kumar.

Today, I heard you speak on WBAI radio and I was very impressed by your knowledge, expertise and sincerity.  I would greatly appreciate some time speaking with you about karma and detachment from a very difficult relationship with my partner who is a psychologist.  I am a seeker of truth and my only desire is to be in God consciousness.  I have read your website and feel that your center can be very helpful to me in my search for truth, love and compassion!  I follow the teachings of Ramana Marharshi though I am Roman Catholic and love Jesus!  I am very devoted to Bhakti yoga and to being of service in this life. I seek to work with the dying. I know that I am not living my purpose yet and seek your Vedic teachings to help guide me.  I have been to India and feel that it is "home" to me.  I hope that I may seek your advice at your convenience.  I will call your office tomorrow.*


Dr. A. Martin (PHD) – New Jersey


Dear Dr. Rakesh,

Thank you so much for the mail. I just want to take a moment to thank you for your help & guidance. I believe Baba brought you to me, to guide me. My connection to you has brought back a lot of memories of our experience with Baba, which I think in some small ways, I’ve taken it for granted how powerful it really is. 

Thank you for all that you do for others. Your gentle nature & your soothing voice itself is a healing tool for people who come to you. I think that’s why you are so connected to Baba & he is using you to help others.*

Thank you again.

Rita – Nashville


Dear Dr. Rakesh,

I have long wanted to connect to you but ever since last October 2009 I have been going thru hell. You had made many predictions about me years back, which have all come out correct 100% but you left me half way by say that my life starts from 34 yrs. Well indeed my life took a drastic change from 34. I started learning the realities of life. . . . . . . *

Thanks & best wishes

J.P.Singh Deo – Calcutta


Dear Dr Kumar,

Thanks for this and your newsletters with such accurate predictions about the future.  May you prosper and continue to be of service to humanity.*

Ira – New York


Dear Dr Kumar,

Can't thank you enough for all that you do. You are a wonderful gift to others & hope someday I'll have an opportunity to meet you in person.

Thank you once again.
Sai Ram.*

Richard - TN


Hello Dr Rakesh Kumar,

Thanks for this message and blessing. I think you are exactly right about the state of things. May your words of wisdom inspire our leaders to act in unison to solve the world's problems.

In peace and love,*

Dr. Bindman – New York


“What a wonderful joy to have listened to your discourse on Human Mind and Human Relationships, this Saturday, at the Ishwar Center. I remembered when we first met five years ago; you stated that one day you would have a place for people to come and do their spiritual practice.

Congratulations! On creating such a beautiful, energy full and divine place. I was delighted to attend.

I will always be grateful to you for your teachings you gave me through the years since we first met. What clarity you gave for my first session. What Divine Grace to have received! You gave me hope, understanding and faith to continue with all the force needed to learn, developed, unravel the ego, and unleash my inner consciousness to the highest level. It all began with going to see Sai Baba. What a Divine experience!

Now, five years later, although I may still slip and slide, I will not stop until I am FIRMLY seated in the Divine seat of the GOD SELF (Self-Realization). Peace & Blessing, thank you my friend, my spiritual brother.”*

Pawnee – New York


“Yesterday I had a dream. The dream was very intense… I saw you in my dream, and you told me something about a message that I have to give to the other people, through music. Your VOICE went deep into my head and filled up my mind and soul. But it was not a regular Voice. It was like a Message in a Musical Divine Voice. It was so Natural, Real and Strong that I woke up in a second… The feeling was so strong and beautiful, that I never in my life had such a feeling. All this happened in 10 minutes, from the time I laid in bed to the time I woke up… It was different than any regular dream. It was something totally different!

I am very thankful to you for this amazing feeling that I get from your person.”

Yaro – New York


“Although I have not visited your ISHWAR center, I have had the good fortune of knowing you and the immense benefits of such a great contact. Your advice and your spiritual healing have helped me immensely, and I am eternally grateful to you for that.

As you know my life was in turmoil for a long time and it is thanks to the path you have shown me and the prayers you have suggested, that things have slowly begun to improve.

My life would be fully enriched if I were able to visit your center but as you know, I live many continents away, in Australia, so a bit hard to get there.

I pray that your center and temple flourish, so that all may benefit from it.”*

Gina - Australia

“Your knowledge is totally amazing. The story is wonderful. What I liked the most was the full form of “WATCH” and definition of Satsang.

I just can't express in words how joyful/happy/excited I felt when I read the definition of life and WATCH. It just changes the outlook of life. Thank you so much for this knowledge.”*

Vaishali – Los Angeles

"I have been thinking all weekend about how grateful I am for having met you. I was going to call to thank you, but I know I will forget all the things I want to say. So I decided it would be best to e-mail you to say thank you, thank you, and thank you for all the help, support and advice you have given me in the past two years. You have been a great source of support, and strength for me when I needed it the most. You have given me so much hope, and while I have always had my faith, you have been an extension of my faith. I know I can really never repay you for what you have done for me…

I hope you will always be there not just for me but for so many other people's lives you have made a difference in. I know I feel you have been a guiding light for me, and I am sure many others feel the same way. Once again, thank you for everything, and may God bless you always."*

Minakshi - New Delhi

“Since I started ISHWAR visitations I am happy to say that my overall health and moral well being have improved immensely. The techniques and teachings that I was exposed to have helped me to become more focused and given me the ability to cope with the vagaries of life.”*

Ronald – New York

“You have initiated a drastic change on my evolutionary path, I've been experiencing everything at once, unconditional love and anger, light and suffering...but now I know it's only because there are some alterations happening.

I'm very grateful for your presence, much appreciated. Thank you for the Divine Discourse...

Also, I want to thank you for Your Help & Energy. Since our meeting on Friday, something is happening, I feel different, free and so balanced....I feel electricity & different vibrations around the body but mainly head and forehead. It's something impossible to describe....I'm extremely grateful for this state… I once again thank you for your spiritual guidance and help. I would like to attend the weekly meetings regularly.”*

Anna – New York

“It was great to meet the man who changed my life and sit down and talk with you in person. I thank God every day for sending me to you or you to me. I have finally relaxed about my future, though it took a while to change my worrying habits. I happened upon a book, but I couldn't grasp it then; "The Power of Intention" by Dr Wayne Dyer. It reminds me a lot of some of the things you say aout the power of the mind and a spiritual plan for all of us. I would still like for you to find me some good meditation music, and books on Yoga meditation and exercise, and proper vegetarian nutrition. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.”*

John P – Texas

“I had the privilege of visiting your website and was thankful to God that people like you are there doing so much of good work for humanity.

People like us look to messengers of God like you in our times of Crisis when we feel lost and seek direction. You have the power to provide guidance and the right path. Thank you and God Bless.”*

Vimal Agarwal – New Delhi

“I would like to take this opportunity to say that you have helped and guided me and other member's, and friends of my family. Your support and vision have enabled us to reflect carefully before making important decisions. Now you have a platform to extend this invaluable Service to many other people who will most certainly benefit from your caring guidance. I pray to "SAI" that in time and years to come your dedication enables the centre to grow and flourish. You believe in yourself... and the Lord is surely guiding you. My Ernest prayers for your invaluable work in your new home USA.”*

Mokshpriya – New Delhi.

“Your services have been invaluable to me. When I first came to you in December of 1996, I was emotionally exhausted. You spent an entire Sunday afternoon with me, and gave me hope before I left. Your analysis of my chart was accurate with respect to events occurring as we spoke – for example to do with my father’s health. So much so, that your guidance regarding the future gave me hope and direction. The homeopathic remedies helped as well. Your subsequent guidance continues to help me and my family.

Today, my life is significantly better than when I first saw you. I attribute this to your guidance and prayer.

I recommend your services and would be happy to serve as a reference.”*

Armida – New Jersey

“When you assured at our meeting 2 weeks ago that my hiccups would go away in 3 days and I would be fully healed in a week, I was, frankly, deeply skeptical. Yet, since I had faith in alternative medicine, I gave your Ayurvedic treatment my honest and faithful trial with the whole-hearted investment of my emotional and psychic energy.

What happened, however, is beyond words for it is nothing short of a miracle. Within 36 hours, indeed, I began to notice a significant improvement, which continues to this day. Today, I can say I feel cured of the chronic hiccups by 95%.

So, dear Rakeshji, please accept my deepest gratitude for your wonderful healing! I am so impressed I have started recommending you to all my friends!”*

Uday C. Naval, PhD – New York

“I wanted to thank you once again for your spirited talk at ASP. I think that your word formulas are so no nonsense, witty and profound. I hope you will be including them in your website and outgoing messages, and publications. Continued success on your journey of enlightenment, your support and energy has made a difference to those who attended.”*

Georgina Galanis - ASP VP, ASP Network Chair

“Thanks so much for sending these eternal truths. It's always good to be reminded about Karma and Dharma--they apply in the present as much as they did in the past. I appreciate our ongoing connection and look forward in sharing more with you in the future.”*

Ira (Psychotherapist) – New York

“Your prediction about my father came true. My father passed away on July 24th 2008. Your prediction helped me to prepare myself to absorb the shock, and helped me deal with many situations in life.”*

Vikram – Los Angeles

“It's very heartening to know that "ISHWAR" center and the temple of Sri Satya Sai Baba is established in Queens, New York. Many congratulations and the very best wishes for your endeavor and work. I also pray to BABA to give you success in your future endeavors.”*

Ravi Gupta - Delhi

“I am delighted to learn of the opening of the temple. When I was with you last time, I overheard some conversation on the subject and am happily surprised that within such a short time you have come up with this concrete result. So, congratulations! Doubtless, you have a great future ahead of you.”*

Uday C. Naval, PhD. – New York

“Heartiest Congratulations!! Your hard work is finally paying off. I know it will be a GREAT SUCCESS because of your sincere efforts and Baba's blessings. I wish I could be there for the opening. Next time I am in NJ / NY, I will come by the center / Temple for prayers and receive blessings.”*

Vandana - California




* These testimonials are from actual emails from those who have consulted Dr Rakesh Kumar. Some of the names have been changed to protect their identity. Your results may vary.

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