RUBY – (Specific gravity - 4.03, refractive index - 1.77)

Ruby is the Gemstone for the planet Sun. Rubies come in colours ranging from light pink to a dark maroon shade. They are not entirely transparent, but translucent. Clearer the stone, dearer the value .The best colour of Ruby is that of a pomegranate fruit. They come from various mines, but the ones from Burmese mines are the best in quality. They can be very expensive. The Rubies that come from Thailand and India are not very expensive. A Ruby should be even coloured, unbroken, with no black spots in it. Rubies are generally set in Gold, Gold mixed with Copper, or in Silver. They are always worn on the ring finger. Size of the stone depends on the quality of the stone. Anything between 2 carats to 6 carats can be generally worn.

It is said that a good Ruby will emit red colour rays in the early morning sunlight. Burmese Rubies that have a very bright ‘pigeon blood' colour, and are transparent without flaws are very expensive. Siamese and Indian Rubies are darker in colour, and are translucent. These are of a very good quality, but can be affordable. There are imitations of Rubies in the market, and some try to pass off an imitation as a Burmese Ruby. It is always better to get a Gemstone checked by some experienced and competent person, or get a laboratory test done for such precious Gemstones.

Astrologically, one can wear a Ruby of the cheaper category, provided the above mentioned flaws do not exist in them. In such a case, one should wear a bigger stone.

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