BLUE SAPPHIRE - (Specific gravity- 4.03, refractive index - 1.76)

Sapphires come in many colours, but the three principal colours are – Blue, Yellow and White. Sapphires belong to the Corundum group of stones and can be pink, violet, light blue, dark blue, yellow or green. The main source today is from Sri Lanka . The best Blue Sapphires were found in Jammu and Kashmir , in India . They have a beautiful Peacock blue colour, and are dazzling stones. This is the Gemstone for the mighty Saturn. The required size to wear is minimum two carats. There should be no black or red spots in it, it should be even coloured, should be clear and transparent, and worn in Gold or Silver. It is generally worn on the middle finger. Sometimes, it is also worn on the little finger.

Blue Sapphires can also be very light blue in colour, but clear and transparent, without any cracks or spots. They also come in violet colour, and these resemble an Amethyst. Actually, Blue Sapphires show a Violet colour, when seen through a prism. Therefore, astrologically, it does not matter if the Blue Sapphire is dark blue, light blue or violet. You would only receive violet colour from it. This colour has many healing properties. Because of the precious category, there are many duplicates in the market, and one has to be careful in buying one. Nowadays, there are many synthetic and chemically treated Gemstones available, which are sometimes passed off as real to some unfortunate customers.

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