DIAMOND - (Specific gravity - 3.52, refractive index - 2.42)

Diamonds are the most expensive of all the precious stones. Chemically, it is just plain carbon. White Diamonds of a flawless quality are considered the best, and the most expensive.

Astrologically, you may wear a Diamond with small inclusions, but no red, brown or black spots. These are considered inauspicious. The Diamond would only be astrologically effective, if worn in a ring, touching the finger. Diamonds are worn for the planet of love and happiness – Venus.

Diamonds emit Indigo colour, when seen through the prism, which is one of the colours of the rainbow. It is well known that Diamonds are the hardest substance, thus there is no danger of them breaking or cracking up. Cubic zirconium is a cheap imitation of the Diamond. Small finely cut zirconium resemble a Diamond. But zirconiums are brittle, and can break or chip easily. Then of course, it does not have the rays and energy of a real Diamond. Diamonds emit strong energies, and affect a person's aura. Tiny Diamonds are not effective astrologically. A single Diamond of at least 50 cents in weight can be worn to be effective. Wearing a very large Diamond is not recommended (Even if you can afford it) Anything between 50 cents to two carats is recommended.

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