RED CORAL - (Specific gravity - 2.65, hardness - 3.25)

Corals come from the deep seas, and are a natural growth. Coral is a calcareous skeleton like deposit of the Coral polyp and mostly composed of Calcium secreted from the seawater. They come usually in Red colour, but they are White coloured too. The Red colour is due to a pigmentation effect. The best of the Red Corals come from the Mediterranean waters. They are also found in waters of Spain , France , Sardinia , Corsica , The Great Australian Bight and Japan.

Corals are also not very expensive, and are easily available. These are blood red in colour, opaque, and are soft. They too can be scraped with a sharp instrument. Red Coral is the stone for the fiery Mars, and can be set in Gold or Silver. Worn always on the ring finger, or they can be set in a pendent and worn around the neck, but should be touching the body. The size of Red coral should be at least five carats in weight. It should be worn, touching the body, in ring or in pendant. The Red Coral should be of an even colour and shape, it should not have any perforations or spots, there should be no black coloured bore in it. Bores or tiny holes are inauspicious.

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