TOPAZ – (Specific gravity - 3.53, refractive index - 1.61)

Topaz is a beautiful golden – yellow coloured stone, and is generally clear and transparent. It has a very rich look and is comes under the secondary precious stone category, as it is on the slightly expensive side. It composes of fluo-Silicate of Aluminium, and the natural crystals occur in a prismatic form, with pyramid like ends. These Gemstones come from Brazil , Scotland , Ireland , Japan and Sri Lanka . Topaz comes in Blue colour also. Sometimes these are sold off as Aquamarine, as they look similar.

Topaz is a good substitute for the Yellow Sapphire and is worn for the planet – Jupiter. It can be set in gold or silver, and is worn on the ring or the first or the ring finger. The weight of Topaz should be anything between three to six carats. You may wear a larger one too. It should be worn all the time.

Citrine is a Gemstone, which can be very similar in appearance and colour to the Topaz. These belong to the quartz group, and are much cheaper. The yellow colour in a Citrine is due to traces of Ferric oxide. However, One should be careful and not get fooled by picking up a Citrine and paying for a Topaz.

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