WHITE CORAL – (Specific gravity - 2.65, hardness - 3.25)

White Coral is another substitute for the Diamond and White Sapphire. This is worn for the planet Venus. White Coral is always set in Silver, and is to be worn on the middle finger, or else in a pendent. The recommended weight is anything between six carats to fifteen carats. They are opaque, shining white, and have a porcelain – like appearance when polished. They should be worn touching the skin. Since this is a second substitute stone, and is also not expensive, therefore the prescribed weight is higher. Apart from the astrological effect, White Corals have good medicinal properties. These too, can be cut or scraped with a sharp instrument. In structure and formation, they are similar to the Red Coral, but purpose is different.

Strictly speaking, White Corals are not much in vogue as an astrological Gemstone, but for those who cannot afford a Diamond, or a White Sapphire, this is the best alternative. Although chemical property wise, a White Coral is different, but it is said to give strength to the planet Venus. Like wise, White crystals are also said to be a cheap substitute to give strength to Venus.