PEARL – (Specific gravity - 1.5 to 2.86, hardness - 3.5 to 4)

Pearls are found under the sea, and are formed naturally, over the period of years. They are a product of Mollusk, a shell fish. They are therefore of an organic origin. The Pearl Oyster belongs to the Mussel family. Pearls come in various sizes and shapes. Their colour is usually white, but may also come in cream, pinkish, bluish and mauve tinges. The best Pearls are the ones which are white, or slightly creamish or pinkish tinge, are smooth, round and have a shiny appearance. They are soft, and can be scraped with a sharp instrument. They form in layers, and have a high deposit of Calcium. The luster of Pearls is nacreous, resembling the mother of Pearl.

The best of Pearls came from Persian Gulf . Now they come from many places like Sri Lanka , Australia , Panama and India . Japan and China produce the largest number of Pearls. Pearls are not very expensive, and are commonly used for jewellery. Astrologically, Pearl is worn for the planet – Moon. It is worn on the ring finger, and is set in Silver only. It should be worn touching the body. Pearls should be at least of four to five carats in weight to be effective.

Moon governs the mind, fluid system of the body, the emotional and psychic balance and also the breadth control over the left side of the body. The Pearl has a very good cooling and balancing effect on the human body. It's good for the body luster, youth and general metabolism of the body.