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What's in store for 24? - Predictions for Year 2024 (PDF)
>>Predictions for America and Individuals
>>America/ Joe Biden/ Donald trump
>>Putin, Xi Jinping, Modi
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Note: We recommend that you read this prediction newsletter in a flow, rather than by section, since some information in the prior and next sections are interconnected.

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Important: Covid-19 source and purpose was predicted and written about in by Dr. Kumar on April 2, 2020. It has now been established, and it is being spoken about in the news.

– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., written on December 29, 2023 (for year 2024)



world map

Hello Friends,

Everyone has been eagerly awaiting for the predictions for the year 2024. I had already written the world predictions on July 17, 2023 for the years 2023-2027. But now let’s focus on the year 2024.

As of today, January 1st 2024 at sunrise, we have Sagittarius rising with Mars and Rahu in it, Saturn in Aquarius, Rahu in Pisces, Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Leo, Ketu in Virgo and Venus and Mercury in Scorpio.



Predictions for America and Individuals* – 2024 and beyond

*Italics font used for Individuals' predictions.

american flag world predictions

The year starts strongly with people having hope and exuberance looking forward to a good year. In the coming few days, there could be some restrictions or limitations to do with modes of transportation. And from the first week of February there could be more concerns to do with the public unrest and wars in Gaza and Ukraine. The US government will be under a lot of pressure and the financial strain will start telling on the government.

The government will also face some problems from mid-March to mid-April.

Those born with the moon in Taurus will do well in their Careers, barring some health issues and some discord or disagreements with life or business partners.

Things to do with the financial situation of the country do not look good. I can foresee some accidents or some problems to do with the transportation system.

Those born with moon in Gemini will however do very good in their personal lives as well as career.

Those with moon in Cancer will do well in their careers no doubt, but some health issues may bother them from mid-March right till mid-May.

From April 23rd onwards the countries at war will sort of disengage but there will be a lot of humanitarian crisis to be taken care of.

Those born under the moon of Leo will have to face some challenges in their personal life during the month of April and May. For some, there may be some problems to do with the parents. Some may end up in separations, while for some marriages or relationships may become difficult.

On May 1st 2024 Jupiter moves into Taurus thereby moving away from the influence of Saturn which will be a good thing for many people especially so for those who are born with Moon of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The country’s financial crisis continues until end of May.

There will be some remarkable changes and great opportunities in the month of June for those born with Moon in Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Mid-June to mid-July will be a very positive for those born under moon in Aries, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius for love, romance, friendships, prosperity, growth etc.

Mid-June to mid-July will also be a good time for America, and people will look forward to a new leadership and a prosperous country.

Mid-July to mid-August will be a very good time for all those who are born under the moon sign of Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Mid-August to mid-September will be a great time for those born with moon of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. This will be good for love, romance, marriage, friendships, prosperity in business, some may get promotions/increments. Although for Leo and Aquarius people their personal life may hit a bit of a discord and disagreement.

Mid-September to mid-October will be a stressful time for the government and some woman leader may become a cause of a problem. Some unpleasant/dark secret and some financial scam may be revealed and is generally going to be a depressive and stressful situation period.

Mid-September to mid-October Those born under Aries should watch out for their health during this time and also in their personal life some may experience problems pertaining to their cardiovascular system. For some ladies there may experience problems with their reproductive system, and for some just a phase of depression and anxiety.

Those born under moon of Taurus may face problem in their personal life/marriage/relationships. They may also face problems to do with the stomach/digestive system and I advise these people to be on a vegetarian diet. Non-vegetarian food can be harmful and also invite parasites and too much of a heat in the body.

Those born under moon of Gemini may have a bit of an agitating time, but prosperous. Some may have to travel overseas while some may find their spouse/happiness soon.

This period may be a bit of a sluggish/gloomy for those born with moon in Cancer.

The Leo people will really have to be tolerant and patient in their marriage/personal life as this period can cause a kind of an isolation or coldness between partners. So while money grows, honey goes.

Those born with Moon in Virgo will also do very well. Some of them may travel overseas. Some of them may get overseas appointments. Some may find their partners of a different race/nationality/religion.

The Libra moons may have to travel from mid-September to mid-October for some businesses or matters pertaining to property/marriage/some inheritance.

The Scorpio moons may be concerned about their mothers and also may have concerns about their children and their own health which may be related to the stomach or the reproductive system/kidney/bladder/urinary track.

Those born with moon in Sagittarius are going to be pretty busy in their work/career/business. And generally do well.

For those born under Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are going under the 7 ½ year of Saturn. So they should expect some sluggishness or challenges in their lives.

Those born in Pisces may encounter some love/romance in their lives. But they should be careful of deception. They may also have some contact or communication with someone long distance or overseas. So while it’s a good time for alliances/relationships/marriage, at the same time they need to be prudent about selecting their partner.

Mid-October to mid-November is a breezy time for the country and for many. Around mid-November I see a shift of power and a very powerful leadership in the government. But as per America’s chart the country will start getting back on the track of prosperity only after May 15th 2025. Right till December things are going to be okay.

On March 29th 2025 Saturn will move into Pisces. We will have the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Saturn all together in Pisces. This planetary cluster can create a very chaotic situation for some people and countries. That very day is a Saturday and a new moon. It’s a day to watch out for. Evil will be maximum during this time. It is also a combination as per the Vedic charts called Kala Sarpa Yog wherein all the planets are within Rahu and Ketu occupying half the Zodiac, while the other half is empty.

During such combinations a lot of evil is generated and in September 2019 I had predicted  that on Christmas Day a great new virus would come which would affect the entire world. A similar planetary combination is forming again. And this virus too will come from overseas. And this could affect people’s minds and nervous system, like something poisonous.

A group of Muslim countries may unite and declare a war/warning to Israel/America.

Even as per the ancient predictions, the next big war is going to spark off from the Middle East.

Much to follow, the days after. Like April 10th to April 20th 2025 could be days to watch out for.

I will write more in details about this in a later newsletter.

In the coming years the Earth will see a lot of aggression and regression. But finally towards 2027 we will see transformation.


America/ Joe Biden/ Donald Trump

Now for America. I had already predicted earlier that America is going through the peak of the 7 ½ hear of Saturn. I had also said in 2020 that if Joe Biden becomes president, the American economy would be destroyed. Joe Biden’s horoscope is just not harmonious with America’s chart. Call it an irony of fate or destiny, whether by hook or by crook Biden got elected as president and America went into a doom. From Biden’s chart it does not appear that he will be re-elected or run for president. His time is up.

I had also written in my last newsletter, IF Donald Trump is allowed to stand up for president that he would win. He is in the major period of Jupiter and his sub-period of Venus will begin from February 11 2024. He is also going through a bad transit of the planet Saturn which will continue for some time. But from May 1st 2024 Jupiter comes into a favorable transit for him which can make him win again.

I had written earlier that some of his very own associates and colleagues stabbed him in the back. And he should learn not to trust everyone blindly.

Mind you, these predictions are on the basis of comparing the two charts. If there is a 3rd candidate that stands up for president, then that person’s chart will also matter. So we will look into that when the candidates are announced.


Putin, Xi Jinping, Modi

Contrary to what people say about Putin, I think his position also becomes very strong after May 1st 2024 assuming his birth information on the internet to be correct (Oct 7th 1952).

As per president of China, Xi Jinping’s horoscope, his time also doesn’t look very good. So his power is going to weaken. As per China’s horoscope, from May 10th 2025 China is going to lose its supremacy and there may be a very chaotic situation in China, in the sense that the whole governmental system can be toppled.

As per the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, his time also looks very good. And in all probability he is going to win the elections again in 2024. And from April 2025 all his opposition will die out. As per India’s chart, the country is going to progress more and more. And from June 2026 onwards within the next 1 year, India will be the leader of the world in so many ways. But that’s another story.


To keep in mind

These predictions are general, and on the basis of the moon signs for people. But there are millions of people who were born under the same moon sigh, but their horoscopes are different from each other. The position of the other planets in the birth chart, like Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Moon, etc. also matter. Giving predictions for someone just on basis of the Sun sign of the Moon sign is incomplete. A complete analysis and an accurate prediction can only be made after studying the entire horoscope of the person.

And just to let you know, it’s not just about predictions. There are remedies which are also mentioned in the ancient scriptures. There are 9 astrological gemstones recommended for the 9 planets. Also there are some rituals and propitiations which are recommended. Just like when you go to a doctor and on basis of your health condition he prescribes certain medicines, diet, exercise and other things, similarly there are recommendations given to overcome challenges in our lives and to boost and enhance the good areas in our lives.

Vedic Astrology is a very deep science, and it includes many other things like the direction of the house you live in, called Vaastu Shastra. The importance of time, and the right action and direction can change a lot of things. To understand all of these in details it is advised to have a detailed individual reading.


Wisdom from a Jyotish

So my friends, life goes on year after year. Times come and times go. The Earth and all of us have our destinies interwoven in Time. And all we need to do is to be aware of what is to come. And prepare for it with wisdom, with intelligence and take all the necessary actions and precautions so that we can wade through difficult times and make the right choices at the right time. Some things you can change, some things you cannot. But precautions we can take to protect ourselves from difficult planetary transits. It might help us like an umbrella in the rain.

There are many who died during the pandemic. And there are many who recovered while there were also many who never even contracted the virus. This itself shows each one of us have our own karmas and destiny. Sometimes we have a purpose in life. Sometimes we live for others. Some things are meant to be, some are not. We cannot just get everything in life as per our will and wish.

But to know what to expect and to accept, would be wisdom.

That’s how a true Jyotish (Vedic Astrologer) would advise. It’s like watching a trailer of a movie and getting you ready with your popcorn and ice cream to watch the main show.

So here I end my newsletter, praying for the world, and praying for every one of you. May God give you good health and a good life.


A poem for Everyone

I see the Stars, and I see the Signs.

I can foresee the coming times.


It may sound a little strange,

But there are things you can change.


Into darkness you can bring light,

With some wisdom and some foresight.


Maybe some things can be averted,

If you are timely alerted.


Maybe it’s time to pause and think,

Destiny may bring around some link.


We can do something to overcome our sorrow,

Some remedies may bring a better tomorrow.


You can have success, happiness and hope.

Maybe it’s time to read your horoscope.



God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Founder & Chairman
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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