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Major World Predictions for Years 2023 - 2027 (PDF)

– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., written on July 17, 2023 (for years 2023-2027)

Hello Friends,

Lots has been happening in the world, and lots more to come.

I had written about the world and the cosmic situations in my previous predictions and newsletters. Just to remind you, about major climate change, floods and natural disasters, earthquakes, the shift of the Earth’s axes, Solar flares, the wobble of the Moon, and the change in the Earth’s magnetic field. All of these phenomena have happened.

The times are challenging and planet Earth is yet to experience some more crisis.

world mapAs of today, Jupiter is in Aries with Rahu and Uranus. Saturn is in Aquarius. These planetary combinations themselves create a lot of calamities. Rahu will move in November this year, thereby bringing some relief. But between now and then there will be unexpected and unforeseen calamities around the world.

There could be some dangerous or poisonous radiation that could impact people’s health and also affect the weather. There could be some unforeseen deaths due to unknown reasons. Spiritual and human values will be at its lowest ebb. I foresee dark negative energy surrounding the Earth.

As I wrote earlier, there would be some great solar flares which will bring extreme heat to planet Earth. I can foresee some dark smoky or gaseous air surrounding the Earth.

The Earth having tilted on its axis is now exposing the surfaces on earth to different solar radiations, because of which the northern hemisphere countries are experiencing great heat waves. I had also written quite some time ago, that people are digging the Earth of its minerals and waters which is also affecting the gravity of Earth, because of which the Earth is getting destabilized and not maintaining its natural axis.

Now even the scientists around the world have established that the Earth’s pole has moved because of so much water that is being pulled out from the Earth.

The coming times are not looking any better. From March 2025 to mid-April 2025 there could be some major calamities and destruction. I had written in September 2019 that there would be a new virus that would affect the entire world – and then Covid-19 happened. I had also written that this did not come from rats and bats, but that it was created in a lab in China. Now I’m saying some new kind of a poisonous gas may be spread across the world which might affect people’s nervous system, brains and respiratory tract.

The world will continue to reel under these man made disasters until April 2027, April 5th being one of the days to watch out for. Then with effect from April 14th 2027 I foresee a great Divine Manifestation taking place on Earth to heal and transform the world.

I also wish to warn the world and the people about Artificial Intelligence. This is going to be very dangerous and it can trigger off wars/cyber wars/wrong advice/wrong information and data. I strongly suggest man should rely on the God given intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.

As regards to the major countries, America is already in the peak of the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn and things don’t look very good for the economy, and general wellbeing of the country. America will only start doing better after June 2025.

As for India, I had predicted earlier that India would become very powerful and very prosperous in the coming years, but India will be facing a lot of floods and natural calamities which it just has to endure as per the country’s horoscope.

I had predicted earlier that China would be losing its power and India will soon become very strong and become a world power. Now major countries are moving from China to India. China till a couple of years back was the next superpower, but here we are now with India being on top of the list.

As for Russia, things don’t look very good until June 2025.

Whether Donald Trump will stand up for president or not is not known yet, but his time looks positive from May 2024 onwards. His horoscope shows he was defamed and dethroned by some of his own associates in his office.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is likely to go through severe opposition or criticism from the opposition parties. But his position looks good and strong from April/May 2024. I had written earlier and I am saying again that Rahul Gandhi will never become the Prime Minister of India.

So there is so much more going on, but we will leave that for the next newsletter. My next newsletter will also include predictions for Individuals as per their moon signs.


A Short Poem: Time/Karma/Destiny:

(~By Dr Kumar, 25 Dec 2022)

Times will come
Times will go
There will be highs
There will be lows

Some live in fear
Some live in faith
We all await the new year
Looking forward to a good fate

Mankind lives on hope
For there is so much scope
But you reap what you sow
Times will come
And times will go
It's time for us to know
Each one to their Karma
Do good, be good and follow your Dharma

~ By Dr Rakesh Kumar (Ph.D.)


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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