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Predictions for Year 2023 (PDF)
>>World Predictions^
>>Predictions for America^
>>Predictions for India^
>>Predictions for China^
>>Predictions for Individuals^
>>A Short Poem: Time/Karma/Destiny^

Note: We recommend that you read this prediction newsletter in a flow, rather than by section, since some information in the prior and next sections are interconnected.

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Important: Covid-19 source and purpose was predicted and written about in by Dr. Kumar on April 2, 2020. It has now been established, and it is being spoken about in the news.

– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., written on December 25, 2022 (for year 2023)

Hello Friends,

Everyone looks forward to a New Year, new life, and new opportunities in the New Year. I am writing the predictions for the year 2023 for countries and for every moon sign. Of course for individuals, their personal horoscopes will give exact details depending which planets are placed on which zodiac signs.

As of January 1st 2023, the Sun and Mercury will be in Sagittarius, Mercury being retrograde. Moon will be in Aries with Rahu, Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn and Venus in Capricorn, and Ketu in Libra.


World Predictions^:

world map

The first half of the year is going to be challenging, as people are going to be afflicted by mental stress, fear, uncertainty. I had already written in my previous newsletter, dated Dec 11th 2022, that a new kind of virus variant would emerge which would be difficult to control. This has already happened, as you all must have heard that millions of people in China got affected and almost 5000 people dying every day.

This virus will also spread to other countries, including America. Travel and transportation is going to be restricted and limited, and the weather is going to be bad mostly due to snow/floods. Lots of people are going to develop some allergies which are going to get embedded in the throat or lungs. This kind of a situation will be there till November 2023.

Foreign travel are going to become difficult for people.



Predictions for America^:

american flag

On January 18th the planet Saturn will move into Aquarius. Saturn will be in Aquarius until April 2025. This will not be good for America, as America will enter the peak of the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn.

As I wrote on my previous predictions, America will go through a recession, and there will be financial hardships and there will be a lot of loans and debts which the country will be burdened with. The financial situation and the general progression of America will only pick up after June 2025.

Unfortunately, America has been dishing out billions of dollars of loans and weaponry to other countries, whereas the country’s treasury itself is in doldrums.

A new kind of leadership and administration will come in after June 2025, and thereafter the country will see good days again. Or maybe the newly elected President who will take over From Jan 2023 will propel the country to prosperity again.




Predictions for India^:

indian flag

As per India’s chart, the challenging times will be over by 3rd week of January, and India will do very well in trade and commerce and foreign relationships, and will get great support from 5 major countries.

I do not see India getting into war with its neighbors, nor any problems to do with the financial stability or governance.

I also wrote in my previous newsletter that the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will do pretty well. But after January he may experience some health issues, and also in time to follow his mother will pass away.

The year 2024 looks very powerful for him, and he will definitely be re- elected as the Prime Minister.




Predictions for China^:

chinese flag

As per China’s horoscope, things don’t look very good as China is in the peak of the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn. And it does show masses of people will get affected.

There may also be some land related problems in China.

The Chinese president may be susceptible to hypertension, heart problems, or even cancer. As long as he is in power, he will always be the enemy of America.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that I had written quite some time ago that this COVID-19 virus was created in China, and somehow it is backfiring on the Chinese people. Another reason, I feel, is because the Chinese eat a lot of pork and some other animals which are not good for the human body as they contain a lot of viruses and the flesh is impure. Subsequently, the immune system of the Chinese and other hard core meat eating countries is not very strong. Also, I feel, the curse of the Animal Kingdom hit mankind. So I would advise people to stop eating animal food.

I wrote earlier that the war between Russia and Ukraine (America?) will get over after January.

On April 20th Jupiter will be moving into Aries, which will be a good thing for many people. So we see 2 major planetary changes coming in 2023. First the planet Saturn moves into Aquarius on January 18th, and then Jupiter.  



Predictions for Individuals*

world predictionsNow the general predictions for the Individual Horoscopes based on their Moon signs which in the Hindu system it is called Rashi. These are general predictions on the basis of the Moon sign, although for a detailed and accurate reading the entire horoscope has to be read, taking into account all the planets in the birth horoscope.

Now as per the individual moon signs, everyone is going to be affected in some way or the other. But please keep in mind that these are just general predictions based on the Moon sign. But the actual effect on the individuals will depend on their personal horoscopes.



Those born under the moon sign of Aries are likely to be mentally and emotionally affected, because their Moon will be under the impact of Saturn and Rahu both. The Aries moon is also going to be susceptible to health issues like virus, ENT problems and disturbed home life.

They will get some reprieve after 20th of April, and after that their lives are going to be better. Many will travel to foreign countries. For many there will be some good news about their children, like someone graduating or someone getting married, or getting a job. Their financial situations are going to be good overall.

But I strongly recommend for the people born under moon of Aries to war a big white natural pearl set in silver to help them deal with this assault of Saturn and Rahu, and to bring stability to their lives, mind and health.

Also, until 20th January the Aries people may be facing some challenges in their personal lives/ relationships/ marriage.


Those who were born with moon in Taurus are going to be doing well in their careers and finances. But those who have important planets like Venus, Moon, Sun or Jupiter in Aries or Scorpio are going to be impacted with challenges, especially in their personal lives. They need to follow up on certain protections and remedial measures.


Those with moon in Gemini are going to be having a very good time in their careers, their personal lives and family lives. Especially under 20th of April they can expect good news. Those waiting to be married, can be married. Those hoping for children will be blessed with children. So overall only good news for them.


The Cancer moons will get a big relief as a lot of locked situations open up for them, especially in love, romance, relationships, partnerships, marriage. Somehow their doors of fortune are going to open up for them. However, there may be some challenges or changes in their careers, and where applicable matters pertaining to children.


Those born with moon in Leo are also in for a bit of a challenge as Saturn enters Aquarius. They would mostly be concerned about their relationships/marriage and some risks or concerns about parents. Some may have to move home. Some may have to travel due to commitments.


For Virgo moons it may be a good time to buy homes and their financial situation is going to be good. Some may have increments in their salary. And those who are long awaiting for marriage, will finally find their partners and settle down.


The Libra moons are going to get over a very difficult transit of the planet Saturn, which will be good for their health, career and get relieved of a lot of mental stress. Between January 20th to April 20th there may be some challenges or risks to their partners. Some may also have some kind of a parting or separation or differences with their partner. This part can only be overcome if Mars in the birth horoscope is very strong.

After April however, I see a lot of healing and a fixing and new opportunities opening up for the Librans.


Those born with moon in Scorpio are likely to experience some stress or challenges about their mother. They are also likely to go through mental and emotional stress and strain. And therefore I would advise them to wear a pearl to boost their Moon as moon in Scorpio is debilitated.


Those born under moon in Sagittarius will heave a sigh of relief as they finish their 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn after a long time. There are going to be mentally and emotionally happy. And many will develop new friendships, many will find new careers, and some may find their marriage partners.


The Capricorn moons are presently in the peak of their 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn, and their lives seem to be locked and blocked in many ways. But after Saturn moves on 20th January, things will open up for them. Those looking to get married will find their partners. Those looking for jobs will find jobs. And for some, new business opportunities will open up. Some will also travel or relocate. All for good reasons.


Those with moon in Aquarius will be entering into the peak of the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn from January 18th 2023. They are likely to go through mental and emotional stress, some may also go through depression as they may have challenges in their marriage/relationships and also challenges in their career. Some may lose their jobs, while some may experience stressful time at their workplace. Some of this will be applicable if there are some planets in their 7th house and 10th house from the moon sign.


Those born under moon in Pisces will begin their 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn on January 20th 2023. After 20th April many will be doing better in their jobs, get some increment or promotion. And many may find new jobs. Some may have to compromise on their income, while some may have a lot of expenditures. Thus savings are going to be less. Some may experience some problems in the mouth, teeth or throat area. It would be a good idea for them to wear an emerald and a pearl.

I would like to say that the transits of major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, which move after a long time, will impact everyone in some way or the other. And Saturn, being a hard task master is likely to trouble more for those who have Moon in Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Scorpio.

But it’s not just the Moon that matters. As I mentioned earlier, if your important planets are also placed in the sign of Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, then also Saturn will impact the areas which are owned by these planets. It’s a bit complicated to understand and explain, since Vedic Astrology a very deep science. There are also people who in spite of going through difficult planetary transits became prime ministers and presidents, while many have faltered.*


Those who want to know about their individual charts, remedies and astrological gemstones, they may do so by contacting us at . 


^When we make predictions for the countries and leaders, that information is gathered from the internet as to their dates of birth and the date of formation of the countries. The predictions are made assuming the information to be true and correct.

* Note: All these are general predictions based on each Moon sign. Every individual horoscope will be different as we have to consider all 12 zodiac signs, the placement and positions of all 9 planets, their aspects and influence on each house and other planets. It’s a bit complicated but comprehensive!


A Short Poem: Time/Karma/Destiny:

Times will come
Times will go
There will be highs
There will be lows

Some live in fear
Some live in faith
We all await the new year
Looking forward to a good fate

Mankind lives on hope
For there is so much scope
But you reap what you sow
Times will come
And times will go
It's time for us to know
Each one to their Karma
Do good, be good and follow your Dharma

~ By Dr Rakesh Kumar (Ph.D.)


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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