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Russia – Ukraine war: What's Next?

Predictions for: Russia, Ukraine, India, America, China and the World (PDF2)

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– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., April 2, 2022

In previous newsletter dated Feb 22, 2022 I had predicted that there would be the threat of a war and destruction and disaster. This already happened as you all know – the Russia vs Ukraine war.

I had also written that India will play a significant role in the world and India will make great strides by way of economy, right governance, and may become a power to reckon with. 

Already many prime ministers/presidents and leaders of the world have made a beeline to visit India to seek help from the Indian prime minister Modi to intervene and cause a ceasefire to end the war between Russia and Ukraine, where all other world leaders and super powers failed. Many countries have already pledged to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in India as they see a great future in India. World leaders from Japan, Israel, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, United States of America, Australia, China and Russia have already visited India in the last couple of weeks. And I assure you they have not come to India to eat mangos!

As I wrote earlier, India is going to become very strong and powerful from 13th April* onwards.

Starting from this year April, there is going to be a shift of powers from West to the East.

The Indian prime minster Narendra Modi’s planets show he will become very strong and his leadership will take India to great heights.

As for America, I see a decline in the economy and the country may go into a recession and will take a long time to recover. It’s only after April 2025 that America will start recovering.

I had also mentioned in my previous newsletters, that there is not going to be a world war. And that there will be a divine intervention to save the world and bring peace, harmony and happiness to all.

In this war of Russia and Ukraine, I think Russia will regain some part of land.

During this year China will also become very strong, and it will be stupidity of America to take up arms with China.

I had also written earlier that the time is not good for Joe Biden. America will lose its dominance over the world due to bad leadership and governance. In fact, America will lose face in this current situation.

As per Ukraine’s chart, it shows there will always be an aggressive military presence around its neighborhood. But also indicates that after mid-April this year there might be some kind of a cease fire or respite from the war. But overall the cessation of the war will only happen from 17th May* onwards after Mars leaves Saturn in Aquarius and moves into Pisces.

*Note: The dates of the planetary transits may vary, as different almanacs show different dates i.e. some almanacs show Mars moving on 26th of February, some showed a couple of days before and after. And also, depending on the geographical location of the countries, the date and time of the transit will vary by country due to different time zones.

So this is all for now. Will keep giving you updates in my next newsletter.

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God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
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