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– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., February 22,, 2022

Hello Friends,

Today is a very special day. Tuesday, 22 February 2022 will be both a palindrome and an ambigram. The date will read the same left to right, from right to left AND upside down!


This can be a symbolic date for the coming days. All for good let me tell you.

As of today, the Sun and Jupiter are in Aquarius, Rahu in Taurus, Moon in Libra, Ketu in Scorpio, and Venus and Mars in Sagittarius.

Mars will move into Capricorn on March 1st, and will be there until the end of the month. During this period, there could be a possibility of a threat of a war, destruction/disasters. Rahu, after one and a half years, will move into Aries on March 21st. This will be a big relief for many people.

Next major shift is of the planet Jupiter, which will move into Pisces around mid-April. Soon thereafter, the mighty Saturn will move into Aquarius, which will also be a great relief for many. But Saturn will come back by retrograde motion into Capricorn by mid-July.

Thus we see, 3 major planetary changes happening in the universe which will be great for the benefit of mankind:

  1. The Covid-19 virus will finally leave planet Earth, and we don’t have to worry about people dying any more.

  2. Some countries will make great strides by way of economy and right governance, and may become a power to reckon with, India being one of them.

  3. A Great Spiritual Energy will descend on Earth to resurrect Righteousness, Peace and Prosperity on Earth. You could say that between April this year until April 2023 the manifestation of a Divine Incarnate will take place on Earth. This will also be the judgement time for many people and their destinies. Within 1 year from now, or maybe until January 2023, the evil will start dissipating and there is going to be a great transition for mankind. Mind you, things are not going to happen overnight as if with a wave of God’s hand. But the transformation and the unmaking and remaking of man will start.

So let’s all be prepared to experience the great change on planet Earth, as we approach the New Age.

I will write more in my next newsletter.

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God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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