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– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., July 4, 2021


Dear friends,

Many have been waiting anxiously for my newsletter. Finally, decided to write it today.

As of today, July 4th 2021, around noon, the planets in the universe are as follows:

Moon is in Aries, Sun in Gemini, Mars and Venus are both in Cancer, Ketu in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury is in Taurus with Rahu. Uranus is in Aries, Neptune in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn. FYI, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are very slow moving planets and will move one sign in about 30 years. These planets are more applicable to countries and world situations rather than individuals. Right now, our concern is Pluto and Saturn together in Capricorn. I had written in my earlier newsletter that whenever Saturn and Pluto conjoin together, in certain zodiac signs, then there would be a very chaotic situation for the world. Saturn and Pluto both bring mass destruction, death and very challenging circumstances.

The next planetary changes happen when Mercury will move into Gemini on July 7th and then Mars will move into Leo on July 20th. Both these changes will be a good thing for many people and many countries. Jupiter and Saturn are both moving retrograde and Jupiter will enter back into Capricorn on September 14th. It will move into Aquarius again on November 20th. Saturn will become direct on October 12th and Jupiter becomes direct on October 18th.

Jupiter will move into Pisces on April 10th 2022 and Saturn will move in Aquarius on April 28th 2022. But will move back to Capricorn on July 10th 2022, to be there until January 17th 2023.  Rahu will move into Aries on March 15th 2022. Therefore we are going to experience some major positive changes and energies in April 2022.



Predictions for America:

american flag

As per America’s chart, Jupiter is transiting its own Moon sign, Aquarius. Jupiter also has its benefic rays on Mars, Venus, Sun and Jupiter. This is very good for America. The country will do good progress economically and financially. After Mars moves into Leo, on July 20th, things will be better. The fact that America is in the major period of Rahu will still impact people’s health. Sub period of Saturn will slow down some progress but from April 2022, things will recover and everything will be generally good.


JOE BIDEN: President Joe Biden may have to seek some medical help. Things to do with his blood circulation and some nerve in the brain may affect him. He begins his major period of Saturn from December 2022. His time is not good. After January 2023, there can be a danger to his life. Even now, there can be some danger to him.



Predictions for India:

indian flag

I have been writing that the time for India is very bad and will continue until April 2023.

Right now India is going through a real crisis time due to the planets in the horoscope of India. The major period of Moon is in operation with the sub period of Saturn which is bad. From July 7th, the sub period of Mercury will start which will give some relief. But overall, India is in danger from its neighbors, from natural disasters, floods, disease and death. Everything will start becoming positive from April 2023. This country will then become very prosperous and all problems will be over.



World Predictions:

indian flag

 The new age will begin for India and for the world April 2023 onwards. This will bring so much of spiritual energy into the world.


Regarding Covid-19 virus, I had already predicted in my previous newsletter on March 26 2020, that this was created and did not come through rats or bats or any other natural means. This was created by man. I had also predicted that the virus was created quite some time ago, but the plan to execute it began in September 2019, and on 25th December 2019 it was launched to various countries around the world. Scientists around the world are now suspecting that the virus indeed was created in Wuhan by China.



Predictions for Individuals

world predictions


Those born under Moon sign of Aries will do well professionally but they may have to move location and accept changes. Personal life may become challenging and some may have separation from their spouses.



For Taurus Moon signs, there may be some overseas opportunities or foreign travel coming soon. Some may have to leave their families and go away. Some may have to deal with issues of home/property. And some may connect with a partner romantically. But Rahu in their Moon can cause some uncertainties or fears.



Gemini Moon signs will have a favorable time from next week. Their planets are well placed and the transits are good. Love, romance, friendships, businesses, jobs are all there to take. Saturn can cause some challenges or changes in their work area.



This is the sign owned by Moon itself. Cancer people may experience some pressure and stress mentally and emotionally. Jobs may be difficult for them to handle. It’s better if they did some business. Soon after July 20th, they may get a home or property. Change of home or residence is imminent. They will settle down in life after April 2022.



The Leo moon signs may get some progression in partnerships/relations. Good period for them financially. Business dealing with arts, music, entertainment, beauty related businesses will be good. Some may buy vehicles this time. Generally life will be good. Working or doing business with foreigners will be good.



Virgo signs may have to face challenges with their home life. Some may have problems with their spouses, some may part ways. Change of home is indicated. I would advise them to wear an Amethyst and a Moonstone to protect against negative energies.



Libra Moons are going through a Saturn transit which can cause them trouble in health and home affairs. Watch out for cough/cold/chest congestions and sinus congestions. But Jupiter is in a favorable transit which can grant them some exemptions and will not let obstacles hamper their progress. For Libra Moon people also I would recommend wearing an Amethyst plus a Pearl. These two astrological gems will help and protect them.



Scorpio Moon signs are not in such a great time. They may face challenges with their children or stomach problems. They will also experience some fears and uncertainties due to Rahu influencing their Moon. For work, business or finances, they should wear a Ruby. Moon becomes debilitated in Scorpio, so Scorpio people should wear a big white natural Pearl of 10 carats or bigger set in silver.



Those born in Sagittarius Moon are going through the last phase of the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn. This Saturn will cause them mental stress and emotional pressure. After a couple of weeks, things will start looking up for them. Those who have a weak Mercury in their birth charts should wear an Emerald. Those with weak Mars should wear a Red Coral.



Capricorn Moon signs are in the peak of the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn and their times are very sluggish. Work area may be challenging or some may have to leave their jobs. Even marriage or partnerships may be difficult to handle and some may part their ways. I would advise them to wear a Blue Sapphire or an Amethyst to protect against the Saturn effect.



Those born under Moon in Aquarius also began their 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn. They may face some financial challenges, some health issues and some people’s father may get affected or face some danger. Specially between mid-September to mid-November this year or then from April 2022 to January 2023. They are advised to wear a Blue Sapphire to counter this malefic effect of Saturn. They should also pray every Saturday morning and be vegetarian on Saturdays.



The Pisces Moons may go through some mental glooms or dualities of minds or decisions. May be due to children, or stomach related issues or career related. It would be good if they wore a big white natural Pearl to give stability of the mind. This will also have a cooling effect to their minds.


Note: * All these are general predictions based on each Moon sign. Every individual horoscope will be different as we have to consider all 12 zodiac signs, the placement and positions of all 9 planets, their aspects and influence on each house and other planets. It’s a bit complicated but comprehensive!


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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