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The Real Story of Coronavirus (COVID19) & The Next Two Years that Will Change the World (PDF)
>>The Real Story of COVID19
>>The Next 2 years that will Change the World

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– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., May 3rd, 2020



The Real story of COVID19:

This virus was created in China. The plan was implemented on November 4th 2019 and executed on Christmas day, December 25th. The next day, December 26th it was let out with full intent and effect. Yes, it was a biological attack on the world, especially U.S.A.

I believe that this was a biological warfare launched by China upon the world. Especially against the super powers and rich countries like U.S.A. They also attacked other countries with high G.D.P. like Japan, Germany, India, United Kingdom, France, and Italy, Brazil, Canada, Russia, South Korea and Spain, in that order. China comes 2nd after the U.S.A. But now China wants to become the world leader and control the whole world by way of power, money and economy.

This virus was spread out throughout the world via carriers. Yes, human carriers. Thousands of carriers from Wuhan carried the virus in vials or other materials and traveled to various countries and spread the virus all over through human to human transmission and also by way of spraying the virus in different ways. Maybe water, liquids and sprays were used. Thus began the 3rd world war! The whole world is at war with COVID19.



The Next 2 years that will Change the World:

There is an annual solar eclipse on June 21st 2020 and that is going to be bad for many countries. China may spark off something this time, again. The virus may spread more and something new will come up. It will start to impact masses of people. Funds and finances of America are going to become zero. From July 4th, America will pull up its sleeves and start the fight back. Things will start becoming positive after September 23rd.


This year 2020 is going to be the year of major energy and power changes around the world. The west is not going to be the best anymore. The Eastern countries and some European countries will do well. Many countries will have severe problems in days to come and some super powers will unite together to defeat the beast.


There may be scarcity, wars, earthquakes and storms and many natural calamities. Nature has had enough of man’s greed and will wash away a lot of man-made structures that pollute the world. There is going to be a shift on the Earth’s axis and the weather around the world is going to start changing. Man has created a time measurement to suit the calendar but the actual time is quite different from the calendar/clock time. Time will reset itself and the world will be offset. The magnetic field around the Earth will change and consequently many graduated instruments will not be accurate anymore.


America will start becoming prosperous from April 2021. October and November 2021 will be a bit of a setback but this country will pick up again and will be good right until May 2022. Thereafter USA will do very well at home based businesses. The India-America friendship will continue to get better and stronger. Or shall I say, the Donald Trump-India friendship! There will be some significant ties between the two countries in 2020.


China will have a really hard time beginning of 2023. I can see most of the business and factories having a cold shut down. No business. They will probably start some of their own fiscal programs along with some eastern rogue countries.


From April 2022, India will emerge as a world leader, become very prosperous as at least 5 big countries will start huge trading businesses with India. India will be getting huge export orders and will replace China as the best world business partner.


Around that time, there will be a great spiritual energy that will bless India and many other countries around the world. Some higher beings will be born on Earth with very high consciousness and they will play an important role in raising the human consciousness in the world. They will have some special powers beyond human capacity, endowed by God for preparing the earth for the new age. They will appear in different parts of the world but will start their divine mission from India as directed by God Himself. This will be the time for the descend of the divine!


But getting back to today, let us be prepared to handle this pandemic in the best possible ways and make some changes in our lives. One of them is becoming vegetarian. Please do not eat any kind of non-vegetarian food. Time has come as a tamer. It’s time for humanity to value life, nature and mother earth. Why don’t we become, human again? Why can’t we develop love and compassion for all humanity and all living beings? Live and let live. Love all, serve all. Help ever, hurt never.


God bless the world.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar



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