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World Predictions - October 10th 2016 (PDF)
>>The Planets
>>Predictions for the World
>>Predictions for America, India & Pakistan
>>US Presidential Candidates
>>A Few Words of Wisdom
– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., October 10th 2016

Dear Friends,

The Planets:

solar system planets

Since August mid August this year, all the planets are between the zodiac sign of Leo and Aquarius and hemmed between Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon. Its only every 15 days when the Moon moves into the Zodiac sign of Pisces and transits up to Cancer that the energies of all other planets break free of the strangle of one sided placement called Kaalsarpa yog. This planetary combination will happen and remain until January 20th 2017, when Mars moves into Pisces.


Predictions for the World:

solar system planetsThis combination is not good for the well being of people and the world. This will cause storms, floods, natural disasters, situations for war and terror attacks and much more. There can be Tsunamis and earthquakes also. Nature is going to be unbalanced and there could be many catastrophes. These kinds of things are already happening in various parts of the world.

These dangerous planetary aspects can create energies for a war. There could be a war between America, Russia and some Middle East country. The war could escalate to a world war also. I am not saying this will happen. I am saying that it could happen.


Predictions for America & India & Pakistan:

american flagindian flag

The planet Saturn will move into Sagittarius on January 27th and will go back into Scorpio in July 2017 and then go back into Sagittarius in November 2017. Saturn will then remain in Sagittarius until January 2020. This not going to be good for America.

This country will have many downfalls during this period and the government will fall. There would be great financial crisis and wars. America would be fighting one big country and four others combined together. These could happen until September 2017. This will happen no matter who becomes the President.

All the above are seen to happen unless there is divine intervention or leaders of countries adhere to great positive transformation. But greed, lust, fanaticism, hatred and violence can destroy the world. Pakistan may go to war with India also anytime from January 2017. Or they may be facing a war crisis or a civil war.


US Presidential Candidates:

zodiac signsIf Hillary Clinton comes to power, she will prove to be a bad choice. She will get mentally affected and either get some mental ailment or become mentally corrupt. Her stars do not show a good leader. And yes, she has many hidden secrets! Dark ones! I would say even her nomination over Bernie Sanders and the present media rating is all rigged. The Clintons made a deal with the Obama administration so she could win. How come the natural candidate for President Joe Biden was never nominated? Corruption, bribes and back door deals! Hellory Clinton?

zodiac signsDonald Trump is going through the peak of the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn. His Moon is debilitated in Scorpio and he has all the planets between Rahu and Ketu.

He is at the point of make or break. He too has some secrets, but not as bad as Hillary’s. He will be a better statesman and a better leader than Hillary. He should wear a Yellow Sapphire to enhance his Jupiter and a Ruby to enhance his Sun. These astrological gemstones may help him win. Right now his reputation is tainted.

The thing to observe is that Hillary has Saturn and Mars in Cancer, Donald has Saturn and Venus in Cancer and Mike Pence has Venus and Mars in Cancer. The vice president candidate for Democrats Tim Kaine has Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. This Saturn-Mars combination is not good. George Bush has Saturn, Venus and Mercury in Cancer. Barack Obama has Sun and Mercury in Cancer and Saturn and Jupiter opposite in Capricorn. So all these people had some Cancer connection.

Donald is not a bad guy as the press projects him to be. He is just not so appropriate and outspoken. He needs some wisdom of Jupiter and some positive Moon. But he is not corrupt. His chart shows most of his money came from properties. Hillary’s chart shows that most of her money and repute came from her husband and from influential friends and foreign connections. DO-NATIONS - Distant Overseas NATIONS!

Please click here to read my previous predictions on the US Presidential Candidates and the Elections.


A few Words of Widsom:

I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I don’t believe in politics. I believe in policies. Policies so that the world can be at peace and there could be progress in the country.

No country in the world can afford a war. Especially the nuclear powered countries. Therefore only wisdom, patience, perseverance and righteousness can save the world.

Countries or States with names starting from the sound of Sa, like Syria, Ma, like Missouri, Pa like Pakistan, Ba like Baghdad and Da like DC should be very vigilant.

We are at a time when the world is tearing apart due to terrorism, wars and natural disasters. The end of the age is already here. Lets pray to God to intervene so as to save humanity and mankind. When the world is on the brink of destruction, HE will come and with a mere wave of His hand, all evils and wars will stop and the new age will begin. The age of peace, love, harmony and divinity. All creations will then live in peace. HE will come to establish Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence.


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)


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