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Aggressive August - World Predictions - USA Presidential Elections - July 17th 2016 (PDF)
>>The Planets
>>Predictions for America
>>Predictions for India
>>Predictions for the World - The Magnetic Shift (End of a Yuga)
>>Predictions for Individuals
>>U.S. Presidential Elections 2016
– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., July 17th 2016

Dear Friends,

The Planets:

solar system planets

I had written my last newsletter/prediction some time ago. I had also given a forewarning about the dangerous planetary configuration happening in August this year.

Some of my past predictions have already started happening. But there is more to come. As of today, Sun just moved into Cancer to join Mercury and Venus, Moon just entered Sagittarius, Mars and Saturn are together in Scorpio, Rahu in Leo with Jupiter and Ketu is in Aquarius. The month of August will have significant changes.

On August 11th, Jupiter will move into Virgo after being in Leo for about a year. Sun will move into Leo on August 16th and on August 23rd, Saturn and Mars will be at 15 degrees in Scorpio. On August 18th, there is a full Moon. Sun, Rahu, Mercury and Venus will be in Leo, Saturn and Mars in Scorpio and             Moon will be with Ketu in Aquarius. The planets will be in an 180 degree orb between Rahu and Ketu called Kaalsarpa yoga. This is a very bad combination. Saturn will be aspecting Sun, Venus, Mercury and Rahu, Mars will be aspecting Moon and Ketu.

These planetary combinations could bring major storms, Tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, major disasters, some crashes of modes of transportation and last but not the least, a situation of a war. These aspects also indicate a crash of the financial and economic situations of the country. Many places on earth may experience some disaster or the other. There will be some new inexplicable diseases which could originate from water and could become an allergy which will affect many people. It may affect the blood stream, lungs heart and kidneys.Whenever these powerful planets come in such combinations, the magnetic effects starts before the actual dates and sometimes occur at later dates.

But I warn everyone to be very careful at and around these days. Things to avoid:

1.    Travel

2.    Major investments

3.    Marriages

4.    Medical surgeries

5.    Stay away from alcohol, drugs and areas of trouble.


Follow the ABC of life.

Always BCareful.

Around the middle of September, these planetary wars ease out. BUT, I had written in my previous newsletters that whenever Jupiter came into Virgo, some big danger come upon the world. Apart from this, Saturn and Mars in conjunction together also spell violence in various parts of the world. Mars will move into Sagittarius on September 18th this year. So mid August to mid September is the danger time.


Predictions for America:

american flag

Things are not any better for America. The Moon sign of the American independence chart is Aquarius. And all these planetary energies are exchanging between Leo and Aquarius. Things look pretty grim for America. As it is, America is going through the major period of Rahu since October 2015. Friends and allies will betray the country. The leadership will be challenged and most of the treasury of the country will go in debt, health and war. From January 2017, things become worse. The next 3 years following, the country will face downfall. The only recovery time will be from September 2017 to September 2018. In this period, America will make a surprising and remarkable comeback. There will be many factors for this to happen. India will be a major factor.


Predictions for India:

indian flag

The seas and oceans could get rough. Hidden attackers will infiltrate into some countries through the water transportation this time. The South and West areas surrounded by water may get hit. The monsoons in India will cause floods and cause lots of setbacks. The Northern part of India may be under attack. Enemies posing as friends will enter from the east and Southeast coasts and spread terror. There may be explosions and damage to the ports or water coasts. Some famous celebrity will pass away soon. Some big financial scam may be uncovered. Some lady will be in question.

There will be some water borne disease which will spread fast. Floods will ravage some cities and boats will run on roads.


Predictions for the World - The Magnetic Shift (End of a Yuga):

solar system planetsI had written in my previous newsletters that there will be a shift of the magnetic filed around the earth which will change the weather, the geographical layout and the topography of some places around the world. Mountains will fall the some lands will go underwater. There may be huge natural destruction at different parts of the world and the climate and environment will change. The age of mankind of 25000 years is about to end the new age will bring many changes. Whenever the yuga or a new age happens, there are mass destructions around the world and God and nature sets in a newness in mankind which is endowed by peace, harmony and higher wisdom. Man evolves to a higher consciousness and lives as per divine revelation. Whenever the earth is about to be destroyed, either by man or by nature, God manifests Himself in human form to save the world, to reinstate righteousness and re-establish peace, love and goodness.


Predictions for Individuals:

zodiac signs

Now a brief about individual Moon Signs. These are general effects to be expected for all 12 Moon signs. The actual and precise effects may be different on basis of the horoscope of the individual. For example, its not necessary the all Aquarius Moon signs will experience the same effect. The other planets in the horoscope may have some countering effects as well.

First of all, please understand that it is not that no good will happen to any of the 12 zodiac moon signs. As mentioned, the good and the bad effects will depend on the individuals' planets at birth. Here we have only outlined some difficulties and challenges that may be experienced by everyone due to the these difficult planetary aspects during the month of mid-August to mid-September. Forewarned is forearmed and therefore timely measures can avoid and avert many difficulties in our lives.

1.    Aries: Those born under Moon sign of Aries should keep an eye on their health relating to the digestive and reproductive systems, may have some concerns about parents and children. Better to have vegetarian foods and try to be home. It would be better to wear a natural Pearl of about 7 to 10 carats set in silver.


2.    Taurus: Taurus Moon signs should attend home matters as they may experience problems in marriage and at work as well. In addition, there could be danger or problems to mother. Should also take care of lungs and heart.


3.    Gemini: Gemini signs should surely avoid travels. They could expect some altercations or misunderstandings with siblings or trouble with neighbors. They could lose money or valuables therefore should be calm and alert. Children could become disobedient or out of control. It would be good if they wore gemstones for Venus, like White Sapphire, White Opal or Blue Topaz.


4.    Cancer: Cancer moon signs should avoid spending money or buying expensive stuff, including vehicles or jewelry. They should be careful when outing or socializing as they may encounter some dangers. Ketu in their 8th house could invite hidden dangers. Therefore they should try to stick to routine and get back home and stay away from open places or parties. Wearing a Pearl and Yellow Sapphire may be good as these protect and guard against negative energies.


5.    Leo: Those born under this Moon sign should be very cautious because they have Saturn and Mars in 4th house and Moon and Ketu in 7thhouse. For some, marriage may be in crisis. Keep away from alcohol, drugs and any intoxicants. Beware of deceptive relations or partnerships. Do not sign any documents without legal advice or properly studying it. In short, be careful of everything. Wearing a Blue Sapphire or an Amethyst may be a good idea.


6.    Virgo: Virgo signs have the benefic Jupiter with them, so not so bad. But they should keep their purses tight, not trust strangers and not to start some overseas business. Or even try to make foreign friendships which may be deceptive. Virgo signs should wear a Hessonite to protect against the dark planet Rahu.


7.    Libra: Libra moon signs are going through the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn. It would end by January 2017. Libra people should take care of their digestive system, be very cautious when driving or may end up in accident or damage to vehicle, could have other expenses and could have concerns about children. They should wear a Hessonite of about 5 carats or so set in silver.


8.    Scorpio: Saturn and Mars are both transiting the sign Scorpio. While Mars moves away on September 18th but Saturn continues to remain until January 2017. They could face problems at their work area and personal life as well. Some will lose jobs or have losses in business. They could also experience mental unrest and some problems in the chest area. Therefore they should try to be calm and pray on Saturdays and Tuesdays and be vegetarian on these two days.


9.    Sagittarius: Sagittarius Moons should avoid marriage, foreign alliances, business partnerships and contracts. These are only for the time between mid August to Mid September. Rahu may cause some mental uncertainties or headaches. It would be good to wear a Hessonite and an Emerald to enhance Mercury.


10. Capricorn Moon sign should also be careful when driving and in dealing with partnerships and relationships. They may also experience some problems with the mouth, teeth or throat area or in the region of the excretory system. It would be best to wear a natural Pearl set in silver.


11. Aquarius: Aquarius moon signs will also be susceptible to same negative energies as Leo since the whole axis of these planets is aligning between Aquarius and Leo. Relationships and marriage will be under stress or breaks. Parents could also face some dangers or health issues. Some may have to leave home or relocate. They may experience mental anguish and lots of stress. The protection for Aquarians would be a Moonstone. This emits blue color cosmic rays which bring healing and peace.


12. Pisces signs should focus on health; watch out for litigations, accidents, and personal life challenges. They should pray on Saturday mornings and remain vegetarian for the day. Wearing an Emerald and a Cat’s eye will prove helpful.


The predictions for all 12 zodiac signs are just general. Actual and deeper predictions can only be made after studying the birth horoscope of the individual.

*All the above predictions are on basis of the Moon sign alone. The results may vary depending on how all other planets are positioned in your horoscope.

prayersI would like to write about the Saturday prayers. One should do prayers every Saturday morning, after bath or washing up before eating anything. Each one must follow their own faith, as God only understands the language of the heart. So from the deepest of your hearts, pray to God to protect you from the negative energy of the planet Saturn and as a resolve, for balancing of karma, you should be strictly vegetarian every Saturday. As per the Hindu calendar, the day starts from sunrise and ends on the sunrise the nest day. You may have milk, cheese or butter. But should not have eggs, fish, chicken or meat and no alcohol. This is a spiritual remedy to balance bad karma.

May God bless you all, and may He bring peace, harmony and happiness in the world. All of you are recipients of God’s love.


U.S. Presidential Elections 2016:

There is much speculation about the next U.S. President. The last two candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Lest have a look at their horoscopes. The birth information of both these candidates was obtained from Wikipedia but the actual time of birth is not certain. Therefore I will make the predictions on basis of their Moon signs.


zodiac signs Hillary Clinton:

Born on October 26th 1947 in Illinois. Her Moon is in Aquarius, Rahu in Taurus, Mars and Saturn in Cancer, Sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra, Jupiter and Ketu in Scorpio. She is presently in the major period of Sun and the sub period of Rahu. Mars and Sun are debilitated. Since she is in the major period of Sun, she has a government position. Previously became the secretary of State and now heading for President. Hillary Clinton’s luck is entirely due to her husband. On her won, she does not have much planetary strength. Jupiter will not be favorable for her after August. Something about her will taint her reputation and she may also have some health issue which may affect her mental state or blood circulation. Her stars do not show a leader of a country.



zodiac signs Donald Trump:

Born on June 14th 1946 in New York. His Moon is in Scorpio with Ketu, Sun and Rahu in Taurus, born on a full moon day. Mercury in Gemini, Venus and Saturn in Cancer, Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo. He was also born under kaalsarpa yoga, which happens when all the planets are within the orb of Rahu and Ketu, 180 degrees apart. Thus half the horoscope is empty and the other half has all the planets. People born under such combinations can have extreme ups or downs in life. There are some people with these combinations who became great, including some world renowned sportsman, one of the greatest singers and a couple of Presidents. Donald Trump has some fortunate combinations and luck favored him. His father was instrumental in his fortunes. His Mars is very strong in the 10th house from the Moon, which creates a yog called Ruchaka yog. This is a position where it makes the person great and powerful. His Sun is in the constellation star ruled by Mars, which is again good. Ketu and Mars aspecting his Moon gives the outspoken attitude, sometimes short temper. He is in the peak period of the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn, but also started the major period Jupiter from March 2016 which will last for 16 years. Ironically, he will be in Jupiter return from August this year. Jupiter will come into Virgo as was in birth chart. So looks like the tide will turn in his favor from August onwards. If Michael Bloomberg was a candidate, his changes were very good. Even Barack Obama’s planets are looking good from August onwards. In the unexpected event of a war, he could continue as President until the war crisis is over. But between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, shall we say Donald Triumph? He should wear a natural white Pearl and a Yellow Sapphire for success and to give him a balance of mind and for the Jupiter wisdom.


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)


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