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Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024 - Predictions (PDF)
>>Predictions for the Total Solar Eclipse and America
>>Predictions for Individuals
>>Predictions for the Countries

Note: We recommend that you read this prediction newsletter in a flow, rather than by section, since some information in the prior and next sections are interconnected.

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Important: Covid-19 source and purpose was predicted and written about in by Dr. Kumar on April 2, 2020. It has now been established, and it is being spoken about in the news.

– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., written on April 3rd, 2024


Predictions for the Total Solar Eclipse and America:

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Hello Friends,

Predictions for the Total Solar Eclipse and America:

So I’m here writing my latest newsletter and this is mostly about the so much of a hue and cry about this great solar eclipse which is coming on April 8th 2024. It seems the peak time of the eclipse is going to be around 3:16 PM up to 3:29 PM New York time.

Let’s look at the planets now. The planets around 3 o’clock. You will have Leo rising with the planet Ketu in the 2nd house in Virgo, Saturn and Mars in the 7th house in Aquarius. Venus, Rahu, Sun, Moon altogether in Pisces in the 8th house. So it will be exactly the New Moon to the degree. And Jupiter and Mercury in Aries in the 9th house. So these are the planetary positions then. During that time there will be the Major period of Mercury and the Sub-period of Rahu.

So obviously whenever there is any Solar or Lunar eclipse, there comes some kind of disturbance to the planet Earth. During this time, because the Sun and the Moon are both eclipsed by Rahu and Ketu, and a Total Solar Eclipse is happening, it will affect the tides, the oceans, the weather, animals and humans in some way or the other. Also with Mars and Saturn together in Aquarius can create some major earthquakes, landslides, and shift of some lands in some countries. Some places of land can go under water and some water will appear from below the Earth at some places on Earth.

The moon will spin at inconsistent speeds and will wobble on its axis, resulting in unpredictable weather on earth. Invites storms, rains and earthquakes. The Earth too, will shift on its axis, affecting the weather. Our solar system will experience huge electromagnetic waves and storms. All planets will emit different cosmic energies, because of which human life will get affected. Man has interfered with nature. There is so much evil on earth. The law of karma will take effect.

I feel this whole Solar eclipse effect is going to be until April 10th. This kind of an eclipse and planetary combination can also result in some after effect in days to come. On April 10th this same kind of position remains. The Moon will still be under the impact of Saturn.

These kinds of planetary combinations can affect people’s health by way of the nervous system, mental health, circulatory system and also aggravate some chronic health issues for some. There could be effects of negative energy radiation, which could impact people and also animals. Children and infants definitely have to be guarded in these days.

There would be a great disturbance in the atmosphere and some electromagnetic effect which could impact some essential data, communications, even the traffic system including road and air.

These planets can also create some secret enemy attacks which will be veiled as the effect of the eclipse, but can be something dangerous (like the Covid-19 virus).

The modes of transportation could also be at risk, be it road, air or oceans. There could be some disruptions in traffic, or failure of traffic signals which could lead to accidents. I would advise everyone not to travel during this time.

I would not advise anyone to travel, but to stay at home and not to get exposed to the Sun at all as the rays of the Sun are going to be very harmful. In fact, do not even eat any food or drink any water that has been exposed to the eclipse, because even that food may be harmful. Even though there may not be any actual Sun rays, great evil is still generated in such eclipses. (Read my newsletter in September 2019 – during that time I had predicted about the great Total Solar Eclipse that was to happen on Dec 26th 2019 and subsequently about a new kind of a virus which would come and affect the whole world; Covid-19).

Here I would like to point out another thing. Many people think “Oh the Eclipse is not affecting that other country, so it won’t affect them.” It’s a big mistake to think like that. Basically, if the Sun or the Moon in the Universe get affected, it will affect the whole world even if the eclipse does not happen in your country.

Astrologically, this eclipse is also not good for America. Apart from some health issues, there could be great challenges for the economy, for the health sector, and also for the immigrants that America has “imported”. During these days I would advise everyone not to travel, not to indulge in any adventures, not to start any new businesses, not to invest money into anything, and most important for those women who are looking to get pregnant not to conceive during these days at all (April 8-23).

Also during such planetary clusters, there could be some enemies who might plot something harmful for America. So the country’s intelligence should be on high alert.

It is also possible that some Muslim countries may unite together against America.

There may be some disruption of communication systems since Mercury is also with Rahu and Ketu. Or there may be some power grid breakdown. But NOT to the extent as some news is going around that it may go on for a very long time, that the country shuts down, and that there would be no food and water, and that most of America’s population would be wiped out. And there is no need to buy hundreds of candles and gallons of water and tons of food to store, as some people have been suggesting. At the most the effect can be up to April 13th and after that everything will start clearing up.



Predictions for Individuals*

world predictions

Aries: Those born under the moon sign of Aries are likely to have some foreign travels. Some may also have problems or misunderstandings with their life partners. Some may get stuck during a travel or transit. Therefore it is advised for them to be a bit tolerant and patient during this time, especially with their partners.

Taurus: Those born with moon in Taurus should be careful of their diet as they might contract some stomach infection or even catch some parasites. So avoid eating animal food. Also, they could have some issues with their children, their health, or activities. Women who are pregnant, should be very careful and cautious during this time. They should definitely not step out at all during this eclipse period. Also not to eat food which is left out exposed during the eclipse time, and also eat only pure vegetarian food. Some may also some distancing from or clashes with their spouse. So they should be patient and tolerant so that this difficult planetary transit passes away and does not impact their personal lives any more.

Gemini: Those with moon in Gemini are likely to be distracted in their work area. Some may have some kind of disorientation or communication problems with their colleagues. So they are advised not to get into any kind of altercations or arguments as they may be a victim of misunderstandings.

Cancer: Those with moon in Cancer should guard against stomach digestive system, reproductive system, excretory system, and possibly some issues with children. However foreign travel will be good for the Cancerians. Be careful with the food, as they may get some stomach infections.

Leo: For those born with moon in Leo may experience some challenges in their personal lives or marriage. Some may come to a point of separation and they should also be careful of travels and driving as they may be susceptible to some vehicle mishap. Some may also face issues relating to their home and property. So generally a challenging time for those born with moon in Leo. But their individual horoscopes can be more descriptive.

Virgo: Those born with moon of Virgo would generally be fine during this period barring things to do with food, digestion and some concerns about children which may be the children’s health or wellbeing or some concerns about their school or education.

Libra: Those born with the moon of Libra should generally be cautious of their health, it can be a mentally stressful couple of days for them, and they could also have some concerns about their children and also spouse. They are likely to have more differences or maybe fights with their spouse. So the key word is “restrain”.

Scorpio: Those with moon of Scorpio are likely to be mentally stressed out with conflicting circumstances at home. And they too may have some concerns about their children because this eclipse is falling on their 5th house, which is the house of children.

Sagittarius: Those with moon of Sagittarius generally are going to be all right in every way except that they could experience some conflicts with their blood relations, or maybe something to do with their properties. But this is just for a few days.

Capricorn: Those with moon in Capricorn should take care of some problem in their mouth, teeth, throat area. Also something to do with their home, their home front/ property. For some a foreign travel may be stalled or delayed. For some there could be some issues with their mother. And the Capricorn moons are also going through the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn. So some challenges are to be expected.

Aquarius: Those with moon in Aquarius should be careful of viruses and water borne diseases. Liquids, fluids, and alcohol can cause them harm. I do not advise anyone to consume any alcohol or intoxicant or anything left out exposed during the eclipse period, especially so for the Aquarian moons because they are in their peak of their 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn. They are likely to experience challenges in their work area as well as their personal life. Some may have to leave their jobs while for some the jobs will leave them. So for them it is advised to be more vigilant, more focused, more dedicated in their work area and be compliant rather than complain. I advise these people not to consume any alcohol or drugs, or get into any fights or disputes especially so because they are in their peak of the 7 ½ cycle of Saturn. So they are generally advised to not be aggressive and be more controlled and humble. Some of them may experience some problem with their brother or father. While some may experience some problems with some properties back home if they have any. So generally the Aquarians should pull up their socks and handle things in their lives with patience, intelligence, and foresight.

Pisces: For those with moon sign of Pisces things will generally will be good for them with their jobs and careers and their family life. The only area of some concern or challenges may be either to do with their brother or father. Some may be getting some increment or promotion soon.


Predictions for the countries:

Now for the countries:

As per China’s chart, they are definitely likely to get affected by this eclipse. The leadership will get weakened. Their finances will get affected and China will continue to pick up problems with their neighbors which in time to come will become their undoing. Exactly one year from now China will go through a very severe crisis. But that’s another story.

Now we look at India’s chart. India may experience some interference and some comments from some foreign countries and some may try to taint India’s image and even the leadership. This is going to be because of some bad journalism and misinformation and some jealousy. India is the fastest growing economy in the world today and many western countries find that very hard to swallow. But India is a very strong country now and it is a force to recon with internationally. From October 2025 onwards India will become a world leader in many ways. After 1st of May this year Prime Minister Modi becomes very strong.

Some additional predictions for America now.

Joe Biden’s moon is in Aries and as per his chart it shows that his mental faculties, his speech, his memory and central nervous system will all get affected especially during the Eclipse period. And I have been saying this before, and saying it again that he should look after his health rather than his chair.

Donald Trump is going through a stressful time, no doubt. But from 1st of May onwards his position becomes strong and he may become President again.

As per America’s chart things don’t look very good at all. America is going to have a lot of debts and economic crisis and a Recession. There is already a high inflation and this is going to get worse. All the printed money is soon going to run out and the treasury will become empty. The common man will bear the brunt. America will only start gaining its uplift momentum from May 2025 onwards. But that’s another story.

While the situation for America doesn’t look good, that does not mean all Americans will fail and fall. Some will still do very well if their birth charts are strong. Like many people died during the Covid pandemic, many recovered, while some did not contract Covid at all. Many people lost their businesses, while some also became millionaires. So it comes to your own individual horoscope and planets. But whenever a huge cosmic event takes place, like this Great Solar Eclipse, everyone should be cautious in life because you never know in which area of your life it will affect you.

So Friends and Folks, I hope you all take precautions for this great Eclipse and do as much as you can to protect yourself and your families from any dangers, illnesses, or difficulties.

Lokha Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

May Everyone on the Planet be Happy!


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Founder & Chairman
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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