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Major Predictions for 2023 in Just Points. (PDF)


Dear Friends,

Major predictions for 2023 in just points. Detailed predictions will follow in 2 weeks.


1.     The war between Russia and Ukraine will end in January.


2.     Recession will hit America in 2023. I already predicted this in my past few newsletters.


3.     India will make great strides between January to April 2023.


4.     India will become the peace maker with support of 4 big countries.


5.     America will face financial and other hardships from January 2023 to April 2025.


6.     Some new virus variant will emerge which will be difficult to control.


7.     There will be huge floods and natural disasters in 2023. Mostly water related.


8.     Joe Biden’s career and life will be eclipsed starting December 31st 2022.


9.     China’s clout and pressure will be over after April 2023.


10.  As per Russian Federation chart – 12/25/1991, Russia will face many internal problems and unrest from January 2023 until June 2025.


11.  As per Putin’s chart – 10/7/1952, he will do better after January 2023.


12.  Any time after January 2023, the Indian Prime minister’s mother will pass away.


13.  The Indian Prime minister will be facing some health issues himself, but his power and prowess will continue. He will be in power until 2028.


Rest, in my next newsletter.


God bless the world.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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