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Science, Spirituality and Predictions (PDF)


Here we cover the topics of: Climate Change, Life on other planets, Black holes, Reincarnation

Here we cover the topics of: US-China relationships, US government and officials, Nov 8th USA elections, India

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– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., August 4, 2022



Dear Friends,

This time I thought of writing a combination of various topics related to Science, Spirituality, Philosophy and World Predictions. I will start by some previous predictions I had made, and how they came to pass, and then continue with the other two main parts (Science & Spirituality, and then World Predictions).

Predictions fulfilled:

You all must be aware of the great tensions between America and China. Already there is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. There is tension all around the world. I had predicted that there are going to be lots of floods and landslides in India. All that happened. It happened in some other countries also.




Climate change:

There is a lot of speculation, talks and resolutions about climate change and that’s why everywhere, including America the heat has been intense. Let me tell you that this so called “climate change” is not permanent and neither is this caused by pollutions or emissions. This is due to a Solar flare that came pretty close to Earth.

I had written in my previous newsletters that the Earth’s axis has shifted a bit and certain parts of the world are more exposed to the Sun and some parts gone further away. In years to come, Northern hemisphere will become warmer and Southern hemisphere will get cooler. The Moon also has shifted a bit from its orbit and that has been causing these huge unprecedented floods and disasters. Whenever some major planets align in certain positions from each other, there will be disturbances on Earth.


Life on other planets:

Science may not have determined it yet but there are higher forms of life in other planets. There are also rivers and craters on the Moon! Yes, but these cannot be seen by human eyes, nor by telescopes or other scientific means. Science says that for life to exist on other planets, there has to be water and oxygen on those planets.

Who says that these higher forms of beings should be dependent on water and oxygen?

These higher forms on life are invisible light forms, astral beings and exist in light and energy forms. They are beyond the comprehension of science.


Black holes:

Now there is this talk about black holes in the universe. Science has yet to establish exactly what and why are these black holes. They say that black holes have very powerful gravity and can devour any star that comes close to it. The theory is that whenever a star dies, a black hole is formed in place. We are now talking about other solar systems and galaxies. But I feel these black holes are ‘outlets’ for life energy that leaves Earth and goes out into the universe. These are the ‘exit’ points of life and energy on this planet.



The other debate that people have is about reincarnation. Well, there are thousands of cases of people who have remembered their past lives and research has proven them to be true. So reincarnation does happen, proven beyond doubt. The question is – how come there are millions of people being born now in today’s times?

‘The population of the earth is around 7.5 billion people. Sounds like a lot but it’s only 7% of all the people who have ever lived. According to the Population Reference Bureau, some 108 billion people have lived and died on earth since Homo sapiens appeared on this planet roughly 50,000 years ago.

10000 years ago, the world’s population was around 1 million. Today, it is around 7.5 billion. So all those people who lived many thousands of years ago, are being born again in today’s time. It’s not necessary that when we die, we must be born immediately. It all depends on our Karma. Sometimes souls take birth within a few days or months. Some souls have to wait in oblivion until their karma permits them to be born again. Some souls also go to other worlds to fulfill their karma. So that should answer the question as to why so many people are being born in today’s time.

Another reason could be that since we are at the end of the age of humanity which lasts for about 25000 years, all ‘wait listed’ souls are being born quickly to finish off their earthly karma before the beginning of the new age, the age of light and truth where only good and enlightened souls can live. Those souls which are evil will have to wait for thousands of years to be born again on earth, when materialism, greed, hate, violence come back to earth.  It is going to be like a wipe out of the previous ages before God starts the golden age. (Very soon!!!)





indian flag

Current Planetary Positions:

As of today, August 4th 2022, the planets are follows:

Sun is in Cancer, Moon in Libra with Ketu, Mars in Aries with Rahu, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury in Leo and Venus in Gemini.

The dangerous position is Saturn and Sun in opposition, Mars and Moon in opposition, Saturn impacting Jupiter, Sun, Ketu and Mars and Mars impacting Sun.


This is not good for the government and already creates a very aggressive situation for the world. America is already in bad times with the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn since Jan 2020, China is also in the peak of this Saturn cycle, with Moon in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer. China will always be aggressive with the dragon spitting fire. But economically, both America and China cannot afford a war. Pluto with Saturn in Capricorn will bring mass destruction.

Xi Jinping (President of China):
Xi Jinping was born on June 15th 1953 in China. Jinping is jumping with war and threats to everyone. He has Sun, Mars and Mercury together. Big ego, lots of anger! His Moon is in Cancer afflicted with Ketu and Rahu. Shows unsound mind or hidden plans. He is in the major period of Mars since 2019 and that’s why becomes dictative and angry, and controlling. His major period of Mars will last until 2025. After that he will fizzle out. His mind will get affected in some way. He may move and settle down in some other country or place away from his birthplace.

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris & Present Government:

I already said earlier, Joe Biden’s time is bad. He will not survive beyond December 2022.

Nancy Pelosi may lose position from December 2022.

Kamala Harris is running the major period of Rahu. With transit Saturn impacting her Mars, Sun and Mercury, her ruling time is also not good.

Donald Trump will be able to regain lost grounds and cases against him will fizzle out. His Sun is afflicted with Rahu and Ketu, indicating conspiracy against him did him in. On November 8th, 2022, the present government will fall. Donald Trump can try his luck again in 2024. Of course if there are other candidates, their horoscopes have to be studied to see if they can win. But this present government will surely fall and there is going to be a severe economy crisis in America. Nov 8th will be a full Moon day and there will be great uncertainty about the next president. Some female may also come forth.



India has been going through some fury of nature because of which there has been lots of floods, landslides and as I predicted earlier, many had to relocate. There will be pressure from the neighbors, be it China, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. But India will prevail. India is the fastest growing economy in the world today. While America may go into recession, India will grow by leaps and bounds and will do a lot for other countries.

Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India):

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is just going to become stronger and stronger and give a tough fight to all his adversaries, be it the opposition party or China.

Rest, in my next newsletter.

God bless the world.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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