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July 4th Predictions & Remedies (PDF)
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– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., July 3, 2022


Hello Friends

I am writing this newsletter and predictions because of some planetary shifts in July.

As of today, July 3rd 2022, the Sun is in Gemini with Mercury, Moon is in Leo, Mars is in Aries with Rahu, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Aquarius, Venus in Taurus and Ketu in Libra.

On July 13th, Saturn will re-enter Capricorn by retrograde motion and Venus will enter Gemini to join Sun and Mercury. Moon will be in Sagittarius opposite. There will be a full Moon on July 13th night. This is supposed to be an auspicious day.

July 17th the Sun and Mercury will move into Cancer, opposite Saturn in Capricorn.

With the Sun and Mercury under impact of Mars and Saturn, the month of July to mid-August may be a challenging time for many countries and people.



Predictions for America:

american flag


There could be financial crisis and many will oppose the government. Inflation will become higher and financial institutions will be under pressure. The Wall Street will also drop and some shares may drop value. This will be because most of the country’s money will go for the war and common man will pay the price for it. In fact on July 17th, the Moon will be in Aquarius, which is the Moon sign of America. The debt of America will increase but there will be many secret debts which will not be known to people. America will only start to recover after March/April 2025.




Predictions for India:

indian flag


I had already written earlier that India's economy will grow very fast and soon India will become the leading economy and governance in the world. There will be lots of floods, rain, landslides in India between now and Mid-August. Nature will act mercilessly. Certain regions will be so badly flooded that people will have to relocate.


India will make great business treaties with at least 5 major countries and all these countries will look to India for friendship, cooperation and investments. India will become financially very stable and the west will start leaning towards India for the future.




Predictions for Russia-Ukraine:

indian flag indian flag

Russia – Ukraine:

I had written earlier that the war would be over by mid-May. Well the major war and intensity has decreased. Only aggression is going on in certain areas. I had also written that Russia will take over some part of land. This war would have ended by mid may had America and EU not supported the war. Instead of providing weapons and missiles, they could have played referee and subsided the whole war. Now America has lost face again.



World Predictions:

indian flag

The World:

Most countries in the world, specially the western countries will go through recession and high inflation. They will find it very hard to manage leave alone flourish. These countries will have to look towards the eastern countries for trade and business. Those days of American and the west superiority are soon coming to an end. I had mentioned earlier, that there will be a power shift from the west to the east. Unfortunately, the west will face recession and high inflation by supporting a war which was not theirs. I still say that America and the western countries should have played referee and brought around a peaceful resolution to the Russia-Ukraine crisis.




Predictions for Individuals

world predictions

Individual Predictions:

Now the general predictions for the Individual Horoscopes based on their Moon signs which in the Hindu system it is called Rashi. These are general predictions on the basis of the Moon sign, although for a detailed and accurate reading the entire horoscope has to be read, taking into account all the planets in the birth horoscope.

In addition, I am recommending some remedies that should help.

In the Rig Veda it says:

“To overcome human sufferings, man must adopt three measures:

·       1. Astrological gemstones (Click here to learn more)

·       2. Ayurvedic herbs (Click here to learn more)

·       3. Prayers for propitiation of evil planets."

Thus I have mentioned some genuine Ayurvedic formulas extracted from the ancient scriptures and treatise of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic herbs have proven to be very effective and beneficial and have no side effects whatsoever.



Those born under the Moon in Aries may face some challenges in their work front, and some disputes in their home life. They should be controlled in their mind and emotions until Mid-August. Aries people should take some herbal supplements to deal with this stress for a month or so.



Taurus moon signs will generally do good. Some may travel overseas. Some may get some increments or promotions. However they may experience some problems in their lower abdomen area. For men, it could be acidity, for women, it could be due to their reproductive system or periods. They can take these supplements which will really help:



Gemini signs are in a very positive time in their lives and careers. Some will get new job opportunities, some may get promotions or increments and some may get married. Mars is in a fiery sign, so they too may experience some stomach related issues and women may experience problems with periods, some may be susceptible to cysts or fibroids in their uterus. Gemini people should take care of their diet and not remain hungry for long.

Women may benefit greatly by taking this natural Ayurvedic supplement:



Cancer Moons may face some disruptions and disturbances in their work area. Their personal life may also be bland and cold. There could be marriage challenges for some. They may experience anxiety and restlessness in life. They are recommended to take this Ayurvedic Supplement:

Some may experience palpitations. Those who already have a weak cardio vascular system should take this:

Pregnant women should take extra care until mid-August. Avoid animal food.



Those born under moon sign Leo can expect to move or relocate soon. Or they may travel to some country. They may incur extra expenses so should be prudent. For businessman, payments may come a bit late, although business will be good. From October, their times will be good.



Virgo moon people should be having a great time with work business, finances, and partnerships. Those in the field of arts, music, entertainment, fashions, jewelry, and media will do very well. They should take care of their diet or may suffer from inflammation of the excretory system. For better business and financial gains, they should wear an Emerald set in silver. A good supplement for them would be an Ayurvedic product called Elimino, which will help clear the stomach and subsequently not cause any reason for problems in the excretory system.



Libra moons are going through a very stressful transit of the planet Saturn. Consequently, they are likely to be under tremendous stress and fatigue. Rahu also transiting their 7th house will cause some discord in family life and they are also likely to suffer from high blood pressure. I would strongly recommend the Libra people to wear a white natural Pearl set in silver and also take these two Ayurvedic supplements:



Scorpio moon people will have some mixed results. There may be some tension on account of children, some pressure on the Liver and blood pressure issues. Some may also develop diabetes. They are advised to take these Ayurvedic supplements:



The Sagittarius moons have been going through the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn. This can be very stressful. These couple of months may be financially challenging for them and they may also suffer from hyper acidity, ulceration and faulty bile secretion. All belly area problems. Women may have issues with periods. Therefore it may be beneficial to take these supplements:

Students and those studying should take:



Capricornians are going through the peak of the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn and they are likely to be stressed, depressed, low energy, lethargic and weak. Even their work is going to be challenging or some may get laid off.  They should wear an Emerald and also should take these supplements:



Aquarians are also in the last leg of the Saturn cycle. They may experience back stab or jealousy at the work place, problems with siblings, and some distancing from spouse. However financially they will be okay. I would advise them to wear a Cats Eye gemstone to ward off the evil eye effect from Ketu and do prayers on Saturday and be strictly vegetarian on Saturdays. They should also consider taking this supplement:



The Pisceans will have a very blessed time spiritually. They will have a very balanced and disciplined life and a quiet and peaceful home life. However with Mars and Rahu transiting their 2nd house, they could be susceptible to allergies, throat infections or viruses. I would advise them to take the following herbs:


In the ancient Vedic scriptures, it is mentioned that there are many herbs that have amazing healing properties. In the Rig Veda it says “To overcome human sufferings, man must adopt three measures.

·       1. Astrological gemstones

·       2. Ayurvedic herbs

·       3. Prayers for propitiation of evil planets.

Thus I have mentioned some genuine Ayurvedic formulas extracted from the ancient scriptures and treatise of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic herbs have proven to be very effective and beneficial and have no side effects whatsoever.


* Note: All these are general predictions based on each Moon sign. Every individual horoscope will be different as we have to consider all 12 zodiac signs, the placement and positions of all 9 planets, their aspects and influence on each house and other planets. It’s a bit complicated but comprehensive!


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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