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– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., April 4, 2021


Dear Friends,


Dear Friends,

I write my predictions and send out my newsletters whenever there are some significant changes happening in the stars and the cosmos. Well this is one time again.

A major change and relief for many is going to happen on April 6th this year, 2021.

The planet Jupiter is moving into Aquarius, freeing itself from the clutches of Saturn. Jupiter has been in conjunction with Saturn since January 2020. Lots of evil effects have happened because Jupiter was in its sign of debilitation and therefore the world and people experienced lots of calamity and hardships. But all that is going to change now.

Saturn will remain in Capricorn until January 2023. Rahu will remain in Taurus until April 2022. Then it will move to Aries. As of April 6th 2021, Jupiter will be in Aquarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Rahu and Mars in Taurus, Venus, Sun and Mercury in Pisces and Ketu in Scorpio. Sun, Mercury and Venus will be under impact of Saturn until April 16th. From April 17th onwards, there will be good times for many people and many countries.

People born under the Moon sign of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will benefit the most.

Now for other predictions:



Predictions for America:

american flag

As per the horoscope of the United States, times are going to be good very soon. There will be growth, businesses will do well, and there will be financial growth as well. The travel industry will start to boom again, the Wall Street will pick up and stocks will soar. The medical field will also do very well people will start recovering their health issues. This is what will happen to America, no matter who the President is. And yes, Donald Trump did really win, but corrupt politicians and millionaires rigged the whole election. I had written in my previous newsletter that the day of election is not good and that there would be chaos, confusion, treachery and people will be disoriented. All this happened!

So Americans can be happy as good times await them and the country will head towards prosperity and useful collaborations with other countries. I feel India will be the focus.



Predictions for Russia:

american flag

Russia was declared independent on December 25th 1991. As per the chart on that day, the planets look strong with Jupiter and Moon together in Leo. Sun in Sagittarius and Mars and Mercury in Scorpio. Looks like a very strong military power but economy not so good. However the country has stability and this year is going to be good for Russia. I don’t see Russia going to war anytime soon. Vladimir Putin has a strong chart. His Jupiter and Mars exchange houses giving him power and position. Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Virgo makes him wealthy. But from April 2025 within the next 2 years, he will face some danger to life and that may end his tenure as a leader.



Predictions for China:

american flag

As per China’s chart, the aggression and disputes with waters will continue until June 2022 or January 2023. China will do better after April 2022. But after 4 years from now, the leader and the country will face hard times. Xi Jinping, the President will do well this year into next year. He has Sun, Mars and Mercury together in Gemini and that’s what gave him power and position. He will undergo some mental issues which will be a cause of concern. He may have some memory or mind related problems. Sometimes these planetary combinations can also give diseases like cancer. His Moon with Ketu can be the cause of health issues, apart from blood pressure and palpitations.



Predictions for European Union:

american flag

The European Union was formed on November 1st 1993 in Netherlands. The chart has Venus and Sun in debilitation, Moon with Ketu with Rahu and Mars opposite in Scorpio. A strong Saturn impacting Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. The very day of formation of the European Union spelled doom. I think it was a big mistake to form this union and there will always be some uncertainty and weakness about this Union. Different members will be sparring with each other and there will be no harmony. As of today, the times look bad for the European Union. This may collapse by January 2023 latest.



Predictions for India:

indian flag

As per India’s chart, things have been bad and very challenging and will continue to be such. The government will be strong but they will face many challenges from neighbors and later, may experience floods and natural calamities. Between now and March 2022, some famous personality may pass away. Someone like a movie star, some politician or some rich businessman. No matter how much the country tries to progress, there will be obstacles and delays and oppositions. But after April 2022, it will be India’s time. From April 2022, India will become very prosperous and will become a world leader.



Cosmic Plans For Earth:

world predictions

It is also during this time (2022-2023) that there will some great cosmic energy that will cover the world and this will bring about a transformation on earth. Between April 2022 to April 2023, a divine incarnation will be revealed and people all over the world will become aware of the great spiritual energy and that’s when the process of transformation on earth begins.

God has many plans for humanity and earth. Man and science cannot possibly explain the divine phenomena. There are many things that science cannot explain or see. For example, there are rivers and craters on the moon. But it is not possible for man to see them or experience them because man’s senses are limited to the terrestrial world.

I had written in my previous newsletters (as early as 2014-07-04, 2016-01-24, 2016-07-17, and more recent ones 2019-09-15, 2020-05-03) that there is going to be a shift of the earth’s magnetic field. Consequently, there will be many changes coming on earth. This will surely happen with the next 2 years. The scientists are already recently observing the reversal of the earth’s magnetic field happening much faster than they were expecting.

The earth is now ending a southern elliptic cycle of 12,500 years. Soon it will start the northern or upper elliptical cycle of 12,500 years. This is when the great changes will come and the earth will be ushered into the new age. People will develop a higher consciousness and many spiritual beings will be born on earth to help mankind. The age of mankind on earth is about 25,000 years.

There are 7 Lokas. Meaning, 7 levels of beings and consciousness or worlds as per the Hindu scriptures. They are: Bhu, Bhuvah, Swaha, Maha, Jana, Tapah and Sathyam.

We are in the Bhu loka, meaning, mortals. Bhuvah is the world of spirits. Swaha is the world of higher souls. Maha is the world of demi Gods. Jana is the world of divine souls, who have a oneness with God. Tapa is the world of enlightened souls who have Godly powers and are in constant communion with God. Sathyam is the world of highest abode, where the souls are merged with God. These can also be related to the 7 chakras and 7 levels of consciousness.

Now for the individuals and how these planetary changes affect them, please await my next newsletter.


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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