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– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., October 14, 2020


Dear Friends,

There have been a major planetary change on September 23rd this year. The planet Rahu moved from Gemini to Taurus. This will be a big relief for many, while worrisome for some.

Jupiter will move on November 20th 2020 into Capricorn, joining Saturn and Moon. This will also create some conflicting energies in the cosmos.

As of today, Mars remains in Pisces. Sun is in Virgo, Venus in Leo and Mercury in Libra.

On October 17th, we will have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Libra under full impact of Saturn. The following day may bring some storms, floods and heavy rainfall in some places and countries. This may also bring a dip on the Wall Street and the countries financial situation may look grim. No, this will not be because of Trump or Modi! It’s the planets that will bring about these situations.



Predictions for America:

american flag

Come November and we have the US elections coming up. November 3rd does not look like a good day. Sun will be debilitated in Libra with Mercury, Moon will be in Taurus with Rahu, creating a lot of uncertainty, and Venus will be in debilitation in Virgo opposite Mars.

These planetary positions show financial deficiency, weakness of the government, and some missing papers/documents/votes. Some government official will have to leave or will be ousted. Maybe some female.

Joe Biden’s health will be impacted. He will feel much depleted in energy and will have some nervousness/ nervous exhaustion. His power will become weak. Transit Rahu in Taurus will eclipse his power, position and health. He should take care of his heart.

Donald Trump on the other hand will become mentally strong as the Moon in Taurus boost up his birth Moon of Scorpio. Transit Mars will empower his birth Jupiter in Virgo. Transit Jupiter in Sagittarius boosts up his birth Mars and Mercury. Transit Saturn in Capricorn already is strong for him. He is in the major period of Jupiter.

The time looks good for America from April 2021. This country will bounce back strongly and businesses will be booming again. Nothing will stop the progress of this country. 

As far as who will win the 2020 US Presidential elections, although the polls today may be telling their prediction in favor of Joe Biden, today I still stand by my astrological prediction made in April earlier this year. Although there are many talks going on about the mail-in ballots that may be manipulated or may go amiss, which would then amount to manmade corruption and declare a false winner.



Predictions for India:

indian flag

Times are not good for India as I wrote in my earlier predictions. The country will go through severe financial crisis, trouble from neighboring countries, floods, rains, disasters will be affecting India for some more time now. Things will improve after the 3rd week of November. The best time for India will come from April 2022. There will be great transformation in the country and by God’s grace, India will become a world leader.



Now for individual horoscopes:

zodiac signs

Those who were born under the Moon signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are most likely to be impacted by these major transits. Every personal horoscope will read differently, depending how and where their planets are placed.

We should all be cautious, controlled, exercise wisdom, patience and faith in God. There are some astrological gemstones which can help protect against some malefic planets. You can know this by getting your horoscope reading done.

May there be peace in the world.


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



For more information on astrological gemstones, you can read here:


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