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– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., July 5, 2020


Dear Friends,

Previous Predictions coming True:

I had made some predictions in my last newsletter dated May 3rd 2020.

Some of those predictions have already happened:


There may be some new kind of Virus that will come from China”…….

>> https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/30/world/asia/h1n1-swine-flu-virus-china-pig.html

>> https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/30/asia/china-swine-flu-pandemic-intl-hnk-scli-scn/index.html


There may be some change in Earth’s magnetic field”…….

>> https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/environment/a32702425/magnetic-field-anomaly/

>> https://phys.org/news/2020-05-swarm-probes-weakening-earth-magnetic.html


There may be earthquakes”…….

>> https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/23/weather/mexico-earthquake-southern-coast-intl/index.html


The will be storms and many natural calamities” ……..

>> Massive floods in North east India: June 30th 2020

>> Floods wreak havoc in China and India” June 30th 2020
& https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_9LfPan178


There may be wars” …..

>> India-China on the brink of war: June 2020


The COVID 19 may be affecting people having a particular blood group” …..

>> https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200603/Blood-group-type-may-affect-susceptibility-to-COVID-19-respiratory-failure.aspx 



Predictions for America:

american flag

I already said that the day of election is inauspicious. It's better no elections take place on Nov 4th this year. I already predicted about Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Let's wait until the election time. There will be many political games and treachery that politicians will try to do. What this country has become is not because of one President. It’s because the common man has become a pawn of the politicians and a victim of delusion and greed.


The people of the country are destroying themselves and the great country itself by arson, violence, loot, and causing massive destruction all over. Americans should love their country. God will not ask whether your skin was black or white. He will only see whether your soul is golden or dark. 


Americans and immigrants have themselves caused so much damage and harm to the country. How can they be patriotic and how can they have the good sense to vote for the right candidate when they themselves are wrong? Remember, don’t go by false publicity and don’t just follow the herd just because everyone is doing so. You are good, safe, alive and healthy because your country keeps you that way. Have respect for your own country. Immigrants should respect the country that gave them status, food, shelter and a life to live. The world is at its worst karma days. Very soon it will be judgment day. God gave us enough time to resurrect and uplift our lives so mankind may live in peace, harmony and love. Every living being matters. Love all.


July 5th is a full Moon day. This is going to stir up some backdated cosmic energies. Some woman in the government will act up in an evil way and try to ruin the finances and/or the government. There will be some accusations and fingers pointing towards the leadership. But the leadership will emerge stronger and will be very clear by September. Funny that both India and America have a woman as a prime opposition. :-)



Predictions for India:

indian flag

India will continue to face threat from its neighbors, especially from the North east side where there may be a military action. From all three sides it will face battles.

The Government will continue facing brickbats from the opposition party. But soon there may be a split within the opposition party.

Storms and floods will continue to affect India until September.

The Virus will be taken care of by September as there will be few different remedies and one Ayurvedic remedy. After that there will be a recovery period.

In the event of the war, India will get support from 5 different countries.

In the event of a war, it will last for 2 years. There will be much loss to India and China both. Until June 2022 the time for India and some countries will be bad. After that India will emerge victorious with the help of its allies which include super powers of the world.

Then there will be peace in the world! There will be blowing of a conch and ringing of bells as a divine manifestation comes to earth to bring the world into the new age, a new world of peace and harmony.



Predictions for the World:

world predictionsIt all started on December 25th and will last until June 2022. There will be loss of lives, death, and destruction by natural calamities, wars, floods and disease. All of these will happen as long as Saturn and Pluto are together in Capricorn. The world is yet to see even darker times until April 2022. This is happening because there is so much of evil, treachery, hatred, violence and unrighteousness in the world. Come to think of it, even the churches, temples, mosques and all places of worship are shut down. The evil is so much that man cannot even pray! Tremendous evil around the world shut down everything. Today, man is desperately trying to survive but many are still arrogant and destructive.  There is no comradeship, no brotherhood. There is only hatred and destruction. This has to go. Or those who practice these evil virtues will have to go.

All those who are good souls will be around to see and experience the new age. People will get one chance to transform into righteous and live as per divine principles. The days of power and politics and slaughter and greed is soon coming to an end. There will be new guidelines for everyone to follow. If we follow that we will migrate into the new age.

There HAS to be a major transformation, because as per many ancient scriptures, it is written that the golden age is soon to come and people will live in peace, harmony, love and prosperity and everyone will live by God’s will and teachings. For the next 1000 years there will be peace, progress and man will live practicing the brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God. There will be only one Race – The Race of Humanity. There will be only One Religion – The Religion of Love. And there will be only One God that all will believe in. No more racism or religious fanatics.



Now for individual horoscopes:

zodiac signs

Now I will tell you briefly about all 12 Zodiac signs and what you should expect.

All these are general predictions based on each Moon sign (and not the western sun signs). Every individual horoscope will be different as we have to consider all 12 zodiac signs, the placement and positions of all 9 planets, their aspects and influence on each house and other planets. It’s a bit complicated but comprehensive!







Those born under Moon in Aries may have some flip flop changes in their careers. They may also have to travel and for the next two months be busy. They may experience some concerns about parents or siblings. Wearing a natural Pearl will help bring some stability.



Taurus Moon signs may want to watch their health. They should eat only vegetarian foods and avoid intoxicants. Their digestive system or Liver may cause problems. Home life may be disturbed but after a couple of months things will stabilize. From September their life will be good.



Those born under Moon of Gemini are under the transit of Rahu and Ketu and may be susceptible to anxiety, allergies and sleep disorders. Their personal life may also be ‘smoky’ and not really connected. There may be misunderstandings with spouses, some financial scatter and the job front may be under some unknown pressure. It would be a good idea for them to wear an astrological gemstone called Hessonite. Those who are single may find their life partner. Maybe from a different nationality or race or religion!



For Cancer signs, this may be a period of uncertainty about source of income and work. Their health will be sluggish soon from Mid-July they will be fine and focused. However, their father may experience some danger or serious health issues. Some will indulge in holistic or spiritual practices while some will work towards a humanitarian cause.



Oh you lucky Leos! You will have it all. Good money, good business or job and great social life. While you have a good heart but your biological heart may fluctuate, so it would be great if you changed your diet and wore a natural Ruby on your body. This will be like a pace maker for you!



Virgo Moon signs will be dealing with challenges at home front as well as work area. There will be some complications which may boggle their minds. But this will last for 2 months after that all will be clear. It would be good if they wore a Yellow Sapphire to give strength to Jupiter which can enhance the work and home fronts positively.



Libra Moon signs will also be susceptible to digestive problems. They should not eat non veg food and take care of allergies and respiratory tract. They are in a transit of Saturn which is challenging for their wellbeing. I advise them to wear a Blue Sapphire to counter the malefic effects of Saturn which will bother them until June 2022.



Moon is weak in Scorpio and therefore scorpions should wear a natural pearl set in silver to balance their minds and emotions. They may be susceptible to thyroid or ENT conditions and some sleep related issues. They should take Valerian herb for sleep and not brood too much about their lives. Children may cause some stress and they may experience some digestive and excretory system related issues but diet can change that.

Financially they will not have to worry about anything.



Those of Sagittarius moons are in a very powerful stage personally and career wise. But they may face some challenging news about their mother, home/property related matters and health which could be due to existing circumstances. It would be good for them to wear an Emerald to strengthen their work area, relationships/spouse and also their central nervous system which may be under pressure.



Capricorn moon people should be ready to travel overseas or even within the country. They may have to be away from their spouses. (Some may be happyJ)

Job or money related they will not have any problems. They will probably have their next change from 3rd week of November this year. They are in the peak of the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn and should be extra vigilant in their work area.



Those born with the moon in Aquarius have begun their seven and a half year cycle of Saturn and this is bound to bring some challenges. Honey and money will both be hard to get and they may also face some health challenges. But look, this Saturn cycle comes in everyone’s life. Many people got great achievements during the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn. Two most prominent people that the whole world knows are yours truly – Donald Trump, who became President in his peak of the Saturn cycle and Narendra Modi who became India’s prime minister. Eventually it's your birth horoscope that matters.



Ah the fishes! Great time for the Pisces. They will be very successful in their careers and some will either pursue a spiritual path or will be divinely guided. Money, career, and home life everything will be stable. (Although when married, life is always shakyJ)

Some get a shake up while some shake and dance! But it’s also a wake up and responsibility and maturity and stability.


Note: * All these are general predictions based on each Moon sign. Every individual horoscope will be different as we have to consider all 12 zodiac signs, the placement and positions of all 9 planets, their aspects and influence on each house and other planets. It’s a bit complicated but comprehensive!


Words of Wisdom:

Don’t live in fear, live in faith.

Don’t panic, just prepare.

This crisis too shall pass.

Let’s all connect to God again, to intervene to help us and protect humanity.


Samastha Loka Sukhinu Bhavantu

Om Shaanthi, Shaanthi, Shaanthi


“Let the entire world be happy”

Let there be Peace, Peace, Peace.


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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