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Planets that Control the Destiny of the World (PDF)

An Astrological study and research on planets that have caused mass destruction to mankind and changed the world situations. And some brief predictions for America, India and China.

– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., April 6, 2020



Whenever the planet Saturn came into conjunction/opposition with Rahu and Ketu, there was some major calamity in the world.

Whenever the planet Pluto came in conjunction with Saturn, there was mass destruction to humanity. As per the ancient Hindu Vedic Astrological scriptures, the planet Pluto was referred to as Yama, the God of death. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are planets that move one zodiac sign in about 30 years.

On Dec 26th 2019Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Ketu were all together in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius with Rahu opposite in Gemini. This formed a very dangerous planetary war and would have created huge blasts of negative energy on Earth. It was also a total solar eclipse. This is when the COVID19 was created in China. I had written about this in my newsletter dated September 15th 2019.


Now let’s go back in time.


World War 1 – Started July 28th 1914 but actual action began on August 4th.

Saturn was in Gemini with Pluto and Mercury. Rahu was in Aquarius influencing Saturn, Mercury and Pluto. Jupiter was debilitated in Capricorn with Uranus and Neptune opposite in Cancer. So the good planet Jupiter became severely afflicted and the bad planet Saturn got enhanced boost from Pluto, the planet of mass destruction. The war continued until Saturn was with Pluto and then with Neptune until Saturn moved away into Leo and Jupiter the great benefic was already in Gemini overpowering Pluto. Thus ended the planetary war and the World War 1 in November 1918.


World War 2 – 1939 to 1945

Saturn was in Aries, the fiery sign in debilitation in conjunction with Ketu and Uranus and Rahu opposite. A very powerful Mars was in Capricorn. Both Mars and Saturn had exchanged their houses and both attacking each other. Pluto was opposite Mars. This already created a planetary war to bring mass deaths and destruction and much bloodshed to humanity. Evil was at its peak and that’s how Adolph Hitler emerged as the most powerful evil man on Earth. The war ended when Uranus had moved into Taurus and Saturn and moved into Gemini and Jupiter became very powerful in Leo and Sun was in exaltation in Aries. This war lasted 6 years and changed the history and geography of the world!


SARS – 2002 – Corona Virus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

Although records say the worldwide pandemic of SARS spread in November 2002, but as per the planets, it shows that it originated somewhere in July 2002 in China. This also came from bats and cats and reptiles that are sold in the wet markets of China. It affected 24 countries where thousands died.

That’s when Saturn and Rahu were in Taurus opposite PlutoMoon and Ketu. Here again we see the axis of these planets sparking off some great danger to humanity. Adding to this, there was a total solar eclipse on December 4th 2002. It finally started subsiding around April 2003 when Saturn moved into Taurus away from Rahu, Ketu and Pluto. Jupiter was also in Cancer, granting healing rays on Earth.


The great recession – 2008 (December 2007 to June 2009)

December 20th 2007, Saturn and Ketu were in Leo opposite Rahu and Uranus. Pluto was with Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius with Mars opposite. This already created a planetary conflict which would impact the world financially. Some governments would fail and there could be huge financial fraud while the countries around the world would crumble in recession. This continued throughout 2008 and until June 2009.

You must have heard of the Lehman brothers who filed for bankruptcy amounting to a whopping 600 Billion dollars! This happened on September 15th 2008.

On August 1st 2008, there was a total solar eclipse. Sun, moon, mercury and Ketu were together in Cancer with Rahu and Neptune opposite in Capricorn. Pluto was with Jupiter and Saturn and Mars were conjoined together in Leo. This must have been the day the Lehman brothers already hatched the plan to file for bankruptcy. This caused the biggest financial collapse to America since September 11th and it is also the largest bankruptcy filing in the history of America.

In fact on March 10th 2008 the planets aligned themselves in a very unfavorable pattern which indicated a grave danger and collapse of the world order. Not to forget natural calamities, hidden dangers and huge losses. Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Rahu conjoined together in Aquarius and Saturn and Ketu stood opposite in Leo. Jupiter was with Pluto. This also indicated a great treachery and deception planned by some people/companies that would shake up the government and shatter the economy.


Now let’s get back to today, April 5th 2020 and the future.

As of today, the situation looks grim. There could be many more cases and deaths due to COVID19. On April 15th, Sun moves into Aries in exaltation. The Sun will finally get power after the terrible eclipse on December 26th 2019.

This will be the first cosmic effect that will set to dilute the grave negative energy of corona virus. Then on April 24th, Moon gains strength as it enters Taurus in exaltation. The very next day Mercury will also move out of debilitation from Pisces into Aries conjoining Sun. On May 4th Mars will move out from Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. May 14th Venus also moves in with Sun and Mercury in Taurus. This shows businesses will start to pick up again. I feel this is going to be good for the world.

June 21st 2020 there will be an annual solar eclipse. Sun, Moon and Rahu will be at around 5 degrees in Gemini. This could be ominous for the coming months. Jupiter will come back into Sagittarius on July 4th. This will not be good as Jupiter will join Pluto, Moon, and Ketu, opposite Sun, Rahu and Mercury. For the next 10-12 days there may be some financial crisis, or relapse of the virus or some storms, earthquakes or a war like situation. Will be bad for America and India both.

September 23rd Rahu and Ketu will move into Taurus and Scorpio. This will be a big relief for everyone. Then Jupiter will move into Capricorn on November 20th with Saturn and Moon. I feel this conjunction will bring a big change in the world order. Very important for India and China. December 14th 2020 will be another total solar eclipse. January 27th to 28th 2021 there will be a full Moon. This will auger the signs of a new world, and maybe inaugurate the new age. But not before wiping out the sins of earth!






China declared as the republic on October 1st 1949 at 15:15 hrs. Beijing.

China’s chart has Capricorn rising with moon in it. Mars and Pluto are in the 7th house in Cancer and Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Ketu in the 9th house with Rahu opposite in the 3rd house in Pisces. Because of the Moon/Mars and Pluto axis, time and again there will be military action and mass deaths in the country. Most of China’s money comes from foreign country as Sun and Mercury are in the 9th house and Saturn in the 8th house is blessed with Jupiter.

China is going through the peak of the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn until June 2022. Presently Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto are all in China’s Moon sign. China’s major ruling period of Saturn is over and the major ruling period of Mercury started in September 2019 which will run for the next 17 years.

Looks like China is going to have problems with some foreign countries and its finances will be troubled. China may face severe consequences from America from June/July this year and the conflict will continue until the end of the year. China will also have conflicts with India. Maybe other countries as well. China’s power is going to shift to India as in the coming year, India will emerge very strong. Both economically and by governance. India’s military will be total strong.



Presently there is a churning and turning time for India. The country has to be very careful from July 4th 2020 to September 20th 2020. Same for America, as the previously mentioned planets will cluster in the 7th house in Gemini which will not only cause a relapse of the virus and economy but also severe some ties with its allies or other foreign countries. 



America will become prosperous again from April 2021 onwards.


OUTER PLANETS - Which ones they are, and what they mean to us:  

I have written about the effects of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus as they affect countries, times and ages. In individual charts, these outer planets are not taken into account and they do not transit all 12 Zodiac signs in a man’s lifetime. They would take 254 years to complete the entire Zodiac transit. However they may represent the collective consciousness in man. The conscious, sub conscious and the unconscious. For some evolved souls, Neptune can open the doors to the super conscious plane. This can give spiritual wisdom, intuition, knowledge from the depth of the cosmic ocean, from the planes of higher Beings. Uranus transmits cosmic energy from outer space into earth from which science, technology and electronics developed. For higher souls it can give the ability of telepathy and communication with the astral beings. Pluto is the planet of death, destruction, transformation, revolution and change of time and age.


Times will come and times will go

We learn so much as we grow

While most of us await our fate

We must all live in divine faith


Keep yourself safe, Keep our world safe.

Love all, serve all, help ever, hurt never.


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)

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