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An Astrological Analysis of Corona Virus - COVID19 (PDF)

– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., March 26, 2020

Please also read the predictions of March 18, 2020 and Sept 15, 2019, in the Archives folder (please click here to access).


Dear Friends,

I had already written in my September 15th 2019 predictions that there would be a new kind of virus that would affect the whole world. On December 25th, Saturn, Ketu, Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mercury all got clustered together in the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius with Rahu opposite. The very next day, December 26th was the solar eclipse. With the Sun and Moon both entrapped with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, humanity got exposed to a grave dark energy that engulfed planet Earth.


It is written in the ancient Hindu scriptures that whenever there is a Lunar or Solar eclipse, many negative, destructive and dark energies are emitted into Earth. We were told to stay indoors, not to look at the Sun or the Moon on the eclipse days and eat only fresh pure foods. Food that is left exposed to the eclipse day should not be consumed. People were told to pray and be holy and pure during the eclipse. But over the period of time, man choose to forget these principles people got more engrossed into materialism.


The cluster of all these planets created very volatile dark energies and impacted Earth. I had warned the world that there would be disastrous effects in the world. Such planetary combinations could cause world wars or cause destruction to the earth. Apart from the above planetary wars, Saturn and Pluto also were in conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius On January 10th 2020 they were at exactly 28 degrees. It is said that whenever Saturn and Pluto come together, it causes mass human extinction.


Who is most affected?


I feel people of some blood groups may be more susceptible than others. A study needs to be done on this. I also feel that those who eat animal flesh are most vulnerable to acquiring this disease. Corona virus came from animal flesh. Astrologically, the planet Rahu governs poisons, stinging insects, rats, reptiles, bats and some other species of the animal kingdom. Snake is one of them. Rahu is depicted as the snake’s head and Ketu is depicted as the serpent’s tail. So this virus is like a mass of poison that spread across the world. This is like a curse from the animal kingdom to mankind.


Why some countries got most affected?


Countries that have a hugging and kissing culture are most affected due to close physical contact. The Indian way of greeting with a Namaste from a distance is the safest way! India did not get hit so badly because Indians eat lots of spices some of which make the body immune system stronger against viruses and common infections. I would like to give you a natural formula that can strengthen you immune system and also help fight against viruses and other infections.


What now? And when?


The planet Jupiter is badly afflicted with Rahu and Ketu until March 30th 2020. Thereafter Jupiter will move into Capricorn. This will be the first positive change. Then on April 14th, Sun will move into Aries. A very powerful combination of Jupiter, Mars, Moon and Saturn will form in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn on April 15th. This will create a very positive and powerful energy which will oust out the evils from Earth. Thereafter this virus will start to die out. This may happen because they find a cure or just cosmically. By April 25th, life will start to get back on its feet and then there will be a recovery period of the economy, jobs and businesses.


Around June 30th, Jupiter will come back into Sagittarius by retrograde motion and will be in conjunction with Moon and Ketu, opposite Sun, Rahu and Mercury. This period can also spark off some difficult situation for about 15 days or so but not even half as the present one. There will be a great magnetic energy that will effect planet Earth during this time which could bring huge storms and floods and disasters. I had already predicted earlier that these planetary combinations were going to be bad for America.


On September 23rd 2020, Rahu will move out from Gemini and enter Taurus. On November 20th 2020, Jupiter will re-enter Capricorn and remain there until April 5th 2021.


What is the Remedy?


Some Ayurvedic herbs that can fight this virus are like Ocimum sanctum, Azadirachta indica, Curcuma longa, Withania Somnifera, Cinnamomum Camphora, Berberis aristata, and Zingiber officinale.


(Tulsi, Neem, Haldi, Ashwagandha, Purified Camphor, Daru Haridra and dried Ginger powder.) These herbs have to be in specific ratio to be effective as a formula.


These herbs not only have natural anti- viral/anti biotic properties but also boost the immune system.


Western medicines work on body symptoms. Ayurveda works on body systems. That should say it all. More so, Ayurveda is healing through nature with herbs, therefore totally safe to consume with no side effects whatsoever. Unlike western medicines that can cause very severe and damaging effects to your body.


People with a strong immune system cannot contract any virus or flu and such. Everyone should drink plenty of tea with Ginger, half a teaspoonful of holy basil powder and a tiny pinch of black pepper and quarter teaspoonful of Turmeric powder in it. Or just make a glass of boiling water with one teaspoonful of ginger juice, half teaspoonful of powdered black pepper, half a teaspoonful of holy basil leaf powder, quarter teaspoonful of turmeric powder and one tablespoonful of honey. Diabetics should avoid honey. You can add salt instead. Drink this tea several times a day.


You can use lemon/lime water with a little salt in it to wash hands. This is a natural anti septic and good alternate way to sanitize your hands instead of alcohol.


Do not eat animal food. Eat only vegetarian food. Non veg food can invite many diseases and infections. Sars, Aids, bird flu, chicken flu, mad cow disease, corona virus all came from animals. Some say these viruses came from many wet markets where meat, poultry, and seafood are sold alongside live animals for consumption. The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan may have been the starting point of this outbreak.


Ishwar Center in New York is coming out very soon with an Ayurvedic formula which contains all the above benefic herbs in vegetarian capsules, bottled and manufactured in New York. These are registered with the FDA and manufactured in CGMP compliant facilities. To know more, you may contact the Ishwar Center at ishwarcenter@gmail.com


Words of Wisdom:

Don’t live in fear, live in faith.

Don’t panic, just prepare.

This crisis too shall pass.

Let’s all connect to God again, to intervene to help us and protect humanity.


Samastha Loka Sukhinu Bhavantu

Om Shaanthi, Shaanthi, Shaanthi


“Let the entire world be happy”

Let there be Peace, Peace, Peace.


God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)



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