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New Year's Predictions 2017 - January 5th 2017 (PDF)
>>The Planets
>>Predictions for America
>>Predictions for India
>>Predictions for Individuals
– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., January 5th 2017

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to all of you.

The Planets:

solar system planets

Happy New Year to all of you.

The New Year has begun and I though all of you must be waiting for my newsletter and predictions for 2017. I am also writing about all 12 zodiac signs basis their moon signs.

First of all, the planet Saturn will be moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius on January 26th.

This is going to be a major shift. Many will get relief while many will be facing some challenges in time to come. Saturn moves through a zodiac sign in about 2 ½ years.

Secondly, the orb of all the planets between Rahu and Ketu will be broken on January 20th as Mars moves into Pisces. This also will be a good thing for many people as they can break free of the shackles of restraints.


Predictions for America:

american flag

Let’s start with America:

Between January 26th and middle of September, the country will face many challenges. There will be financial challenges, problems in the Whitehouse due to differences of leaders, standoff with some countries, and trade restrictions. The country’s supremacy will be questioned and there will be some reshuffling of the military. More money will be spent in arms and ammunitions and financial deficit will mount. America will prepare for war.

From mid September 2017 onwards, things will start improving remarkably. New policies will come in and there will be greater trades and commercial transactions and the country will boom once again. America will get support and big business contracts from all four quarters.

Donald Trump will fulfill his promises and prove true to his words. But his own finances will dwindle and he may have some differences with his children, maybe because of businesses.

Hillary Clinton will experience great mental problems and she will experience real torrid times.

Mike Pence has a good chart and he will come into limelight and gain popularity. Bernie Sanders never had it his chart to become President. In fact he should take care of his health as he may have a heart problem.

 America’s fortune will not hold for more than 1 year. After September 2018, again there will be challenges and difficulties in the country.


Predictions for India:

indian flag

India will be facing a threat from its close neighbor. A threat of war. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s seat will be on fire as some of his own members will back stab him. There will be a conspiracy to dethrone him and there may even be a threat to his life. He may survive the threat for 1 year but after that it will be a very difficult time for him. He has to immediately resort to some spiritual remedies to overcome this difficult time. After 2 years from now, India will become a great country in the world.

As I wrote in my earlier newsletters, there will be accidents, storms, terrorist attacks and earthquakes in various parts of the world. These will continue for the next 3 years.


Predictions for Individuals:

zodiac signs

Now without going into other areas, I will start with individual moon signs which you all are waiting for. Everyone wants to know how this year is going to be for them, so here it is:







Those who have the moon sign of Aries will be relieved as their work area becomes positive. Many will get jobs and many will start new business ventures. For some, there will be promotions and increments and also new opportunities. So go for it Arians! Now is the time.

But keep away from any litigations, loans or debts. Wear a Hessonite gem to protect against the negative energy of the planet Rahu so as not to get enticed into any difficulties.



Taurus moon signs may face challenges at work. They may not find the work atmosphere harmonious and may be prompted to leave. I would advise them to wait for 1 year before making any changes. But your Jupiter is going to favor you. Some good karmas of previous birth will give good results now. Also take care of stomach issues. It would be better if Taurus moon signs wore a Blue Sapphire. This will really help them in many ways. This will also help keep the work intact. Good time to gain from spiritual pursuits and gain from good karmas.



Those born under Gemini moon signs may face some challenges with spouse and may also have a situation to move their residence. They may move to a new place with a new business or a new job. Those who are single may find it hard to find a partner. Parents might be a cause of concern. Gemini signs may take to a peaceful and spiritual way of life at home. Good time for them. All the above situations are not necessarily bad. They are just situations. Those desperately looking to find a partner should wear a Yellow Sapphire gem.



Cancer moon signs will heave a he sigh of relief as their personal life challenges get over finally after almost 2 ½ years or more. They can move on in life without constraints. Some who have been separated may reunite while some may just about finish getting divorced. But luckily, a new relationship or marriage may be in the offing, so cheer up guys!



Leo signs will also be hugely relieved due to a bad Saturn transit. But Rahu and Ketu continue to afflict their moon sign until September 2017. This can cause mental gloom, misunderstanding with spouse and children, bad health and a feeling of restlessness. It would be good if they wore a Ruby and also a Cat’s eye for protection and maintaining harmony in relationships. Financially however, things look good. There could be increments.



Virgo signs have a very positive Jupiter influencing their lives. Saturn can be a bit of a spoilsport, therefore it would be good if you wore an Emerald and also did some prayers on Saturday mornings and be vegetarian on Saturdays. You should also wear a big white natural pearl to protect against the depression of Saturn. Prospects for children is good this year.



Librans are going to be happy because they finish their seven and a half year period of Saturn. What a relief! There will be new happiness from new homes, harmony, happiness and prosperity shall prevail. Children may be a cause of worry or concern but only until September this year. After that there will be good times and many opportunities. There will be long distance travels and fortunate times. There may be gains of property. Wearing a Red Coral and an Emerald would prove to be lucky for their work and business.



Scorpio moon signs will also be so relieved as Saturn finally moves away from over their head! They will experience all tensions fade away as their minds and moods become positive. Their work area can be a bit sticky or shaky until the summer of this year. Children will do better and they will be more social now. Moon becomes debilitated in Scorpio therefore Scorpio moon signs should always wear a big natural pearl of about 10-12 carats set in silver only. Some would like gold but pearl is not compatible in gold. Scorpio signs were going through the peak of the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn and they still have another 2 ½ years remaining. But the peak and intense period is over. Mother’s health or situation may cause stress or concern.



Those born with Moon in Sagittarius will be in the peak of the 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn, the middle part. Therefore they are likely to be stressed out on account of health, relationships and some shift or change in job area. Work may become tiresome also. They may have misunderstandings with their siblings and neighbors as well. All these are expected between now and the next 2 years or so. Intermittently there will be better times also. At least till September 2017, there would be no financial worry and job or business will be good.



Capricorn people will also start their 7 ½ year cycle of Saturn from January 26th this year. But this year will be good for them for relationships, marriage, partnerships, travels and general well being. They can look forward to some happiness for or from children and be fortunate. I would however recommend Capricorn signs to wear a natural pearl in silver for better relationships and partnerships.



Aquarius signs may go through some mental health issues. They may experience some hair loss, or migraines and such headaches. They will not be able to figure out what the problem is. But after September, they will get relief and they can relax thereafter. They will do much better from the summer of 2018 onwards. The good thing is that they will do very well financially in 2017. I would recommend them to wear a Blue Sapphire.



Pisces signs will have to focus on their relationships, marriage or partnerships. There may be situations that may cause some parting or separations. In some cases, it would be work related so that the partners are not able to spend time together. This will come in effect specially from September onwards, therefore to be prepared for such situations. I would suggest that they wear an Emerald and a Yellow Sapphire to strengthen their good planets.


The predictions for all 12 zodiac signs are just general. Actual and deeper predictions can only be made after studying the birth horoscope of the individual.

*These predictions are general based on the Moon signs. The exact effects can only be determined by accurately studying one’s individual horoscope in details. All 9 planets, the constellations, the major periods, sub periods and transits of planets, position of planets, their strengths and weaknesses, the significators and many such things have to be studied for a complete reading.

prayersI would like to write about the Saturday prayers. One should do prayers every Saturday morning, after bath or washing up before eating anything. Each one must follow their own faith, as God only understands the language of the heart. So from the deepest of your hearts, pray to God to protect you from the negative energy of the planet Saturn and as a resolve, for balancing of karma, you should be strictly vegetarian every Saturday. As per the Hindu calendar, the day starts from sunrise and ends on the sunrise the nest day. You may have milk, cheese or butter. But should not have eggs, fish, chicken or meat and no alcohol. This is a spiritual remedy to balance bad karma.

May God bless you all, and may He bring peace, harmony and happiness in the world. All of you are recipients of God’s love.

God Bless ALL!

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)


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