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GLOBAL WARNING - World Predictions - January 24th 2016 (PDF)
>>The Planets
>>Danger from Islamic Terrorists
>>Financial crisis
>>Volcanic eruptions and Earthquakes
>>Danger time
>>God - The Savior
– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., January 24th 2016

Dear Friends,

No, it’s not a spelling mistake.
It’s a global warning, not about global warming.

Some people asked me as to why I write these kinds of predictions which are scary or spell dangers and difficulties. My answer to that is – I say what I see.

The Planets:

solar system planets

The planetary positions as of today, January 24 th 2016, are as follows:

Sun is in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer, Mars in Libra, Rahu in Virgo, Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius and Ketu in Pisces.

The full Moon already did the damage by this huge snow storm in the East coast of USA. There will be some significant and major changes happening this year. This year will be the year that may bring many dangers to the world.

Rahu and Ketu will move on January 31st this year. They move after 1.5 years. On February 14st, Sun will move into Aquarius. And Mars will move into Scorpio on February 20st. This will create a very negative planetary aspect for the world. Mars will be with Saturn and aspecting Sun and Ketu. Saturn will be aspecting Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon and Rahu. I feel that this will be the beginning of some great challenges for the world. There will be more to come in August.


Danger from Islamic Terrorists:

american flag

These planetary aspects indicate some grave danger from hidden Islamic terrorists who may cause some attack to some places. The names of these places could begin from the sound of M or S. Or N and the K sound. I also feel that there could be a buildup of some plans during this time and that the attack could happen later.- August/September. A war will follow that will affect the whole world. There will be a fall of some leader or death of some politician. There may be conspiracy and uncertainty in the government.




Financial crisis:

indian flag

This will also create some great financial crunch for USA and subsequently for the world. There may be a great recession and depression, worst than 2008. America will lose all its power and grandeur and will face serious financial challenges. As per the American Independence chart, the country has started the major period of Rahu which is with Mercury in the 8th house in Cancer. This indicates that America will lose some of its allies, partnerships, and businesses. The Wall Street will crash and will be more debts which will become unshakable. From February 2017, until February 2020, the United States will face many downfalls, wars and total economic crisis. This will not only affect the United States, but many other countries around the world. From November 2018 until November/December of 2019, India will become the land of miracles for the world. The world will see many great manifestations by the grace of God.


Volcanic eruptions and Earthquakes:

solar system planetsThese planetary positions will create a huge energy shift which will cause earthquakes on many places around the world and volcanoes will erupt, Snow Mountains will come crumbling down. There will be a great change and reversal of Earth’s magnetic fields. There will be many changes in the world weather conditions. Due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, there will be some reversal of weather conditions. This will not be due to global warming. This is a global warning, for great changes that planet Earth will experience. There may be a lot of calamities and destructions this year. These will be due to terrorism, wars, Tsunamis, storms and earthquakes.



Danger time:

zodiac signs

The most dangerous time comes from August 16th/17th 2016. Sun will enter Leo on 16th, Mercury will enter Leo on August 1st, and Jupiter will enter Virgo on August 12th. Around August 23rd, Saturn and Mars will be at 15 degrees in Scorpio. Mars is going to be in Scorpio this year for an unusual amount of time with Saturn; February 21th to June 17th and then again from July 12th to September 19th. Jupiter in Mercury’s sign will cause decline of righteousness, prosperity and peace.

Around the time from middle of August to 3rd week September, the planets will be in very evil aspects. Sun, Venus, Mercury and Rahu in Leo will get the full aspect of Saturn and Ketu. Mars and Saturn are in conjunction. All planets will be between Rahu and Ketu – 180 degrees arc and the other half of the Zodiac will be totally empty. This will create a huge imbalance of cosmic energies, which may result in calamities. There could be a great war of nuclear countries and some Islamic countries that can bring the world to utter destruction. God alone can avert this crisis to come upon Earth!


God - The Savior:

It is written in the scriptures that God incarnates on Earth for the following 5 purposes:



  1. To fulfill the prayers of His devotees.
  2. To reinstate righteousness in the world.
  3. To protect His devotees and revive truth.
  4. To save the world from destruction
  5. And to herald the new age.

Of all of the above, the two most important points are to save the world from destruction and to bring in the new age. God Himself will usher the age of truth, righteousness, peace, non-violence and love. Amidst all calamities and destructions, He will save His true devotees who will be fit for the golden age. The ancient Hindu scriptures speak of God incarnating on Earth from time to time, from age to age. God incarnated at the end of the first Golden Age and the beginning of the Silver Age. Then He came again in the Bronze Age. Now this is the Iron Age, the age of darkness. He will come again, this time to save the world from utter destruction and then signal the new age for the world. The whole world will witness the greatness and glories of this great Avataar. There will be huge transformations of people’s hearts and minds and consciousness. Thereafter there will be no more wars, hatred, crimes, violence, greed or any evil. There will only be peace, harmony, love and prosperity. This will be for 1000 years to follow.



zodiac signs

But as of now, we all have to pray for peace and calm in the world. Prayers have a lot of power and positive energies released in the universe can mitigate a lot of negative energy. Because there is so much of negative energy, therefore we must all pray most sincerely, do good deeds, have good thoughts and good feelings. Even a thought, and a feeling create karma. Every action of ours should be good, for good and positive. We should abandon bad energies like anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, attachment and wrong desires and try to emit only good and positive energies in the universe. Just like fire can only be dissipated by water, similarly negative energy can be neutralized by positive energy. The Lord can only be compelled to come through sincere love. Therefore love God, cry out for God, call Him every day, think of Him every day, remember Him at all times. Just like a mother comes running towards a crying child, so too, the compassionate Lord will come to us, if we sincerely cry out to Him for His love.

Love all, serve all. Help ever, hurt never. Service to man is service to God. Thank God every day for whatever He has given us. Be content, be happy. Live in love, live in peace and harmony. God is love. Love is the greatest and the most powerful energy. So we all should start with these basics at home, with family, with neighbors and friends. It will recharge some positive currents into the universe and that can make a difference.

I pray to God to protect the world and to shower His grace upon humanity.

Om Shaanthi.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)


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