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Total Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon - April 4th 2015 (PDF)
>>The Planets: Total Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon – April 4th 2015
>>Predictions for the World
>>Where Actually are the Planets?
>>The Equation of Time has changed – the Cosmic Time!
>>Predictions for India
>>Predictions for the USA
>>Predictions for Individuals
– By Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., April 2nd 2015


Total Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon:

solar system planets

Dear friends,

On April 4th, Saturday we will experience a full Moon and a total lunar eclipse.

The eclipse is happening in the zodiac sign of Virgo. We will have Moon in Virgo with Rahu, Mars and Venus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Sun, Mercury and Ketu in Pisces.

At 6 am, we will see Pisces rising (EST) and the major period of Moon will be in operation with the sub period of Ketu. This will be on until September 27th 2015.


Predictions for the World:

solar system planetsThese planetary positions show that there will be storms and floods in various parts of the world. There could be water related disasters, water related diseases and landslides. There could be destruction due to wars and deception amongst countries and people. There could be some secret plots which could cause alerts to governments and some new diseases could come to the people. This could affect the stomach, lungs or hearts of people. There could be food or water contamination, so everyone should be very cautious during these coming months.

Countries in the North West, East and South West could get worst hit. Thus North America, South America, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and neighboring countries could be affected. Even within these countries, the South West and South East coasts would be susceptible to the fury of nature.

Earlier, I had written that there could be many calamities around the world. But this is not like destruction of the world, or everything on one day. All these natural calamities will happen at various times at various places around the world.


Where Actually are the Planets?

solar system planets

I had also written that there is an error in time, and that the planets have not been moving at the same pace as earlier years. Subsequently, many effects on individuals and countries have been delayed. The exact time of delay cannot be calculated, but I feel the delay is anything between 9 to 12 months. This happened because of my earlier prediction that the axis of Earth has shifted, so the point of reckoning of planets entering the Zodiac signs has changed too. For example, if Jupiter were to enter the Zodiac sign of Cancer on June 19th in 2014, then it did not actually move into Cancer! 

So this brings us to the question “Then where are the planets actually?” And what effects are we supposed to expect when we don’t know the actual position of the planets? To that, I would say that the fast moving planets are still near and around the Zodiac signs, like Mercury, Sun, Moon, Venus to some extent and Mars somewhat. But the slow moving planets like Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter and Ketu are not in the same signs.

Venus to some extent and Mars somewhat. But the slow moving planets like Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter and Ketu are not in the same signs.


The Equation of Time has changed – the Cosmic Time:

time and spaceI had predicted in my earlier newsletters that the equation of time has changed and the new age is about to come. There will be divine manifestation on Earth and God Himself will bring about the transformation on mankind. This will happen, I assure you! Only, instead of 2014, now everything points towards 2015.

Whenever there is a turn of the tide, the currents first slow down, and then there are still waters and then the direction of the current changes. Similarly, the great Time has slowed down, but we are still calculating our times as per standard measurements. So effectively, maybe we are still experiencing the effects of 2014 while we are in 2015.

Scientifically, time is calculated on basis of the Earth revolving around the Sun. So are the seasons and other things too. But the Time I am talking about is not this clock time. This is the time of humanity, the age of mankind and the cosmic Time.


Predictions for the USA:

american flag

America will experience some major changes. As per the horoscope of America, the major period of Mars will get over on October 4th 2015, and then the major period of Rahu will begin, which will last for the next 18 years. Rahu is in the 8th house with Mercury in Cancer and that is not a good position. This country will go through many challenges in years to come.

Predictions for America’s President – Barack Obama

President Barack Obama will face opposition and challenges from his own party or allies. He too, should be cautious against accidents and fractures. He will lose his popularity by July this year and be pretty stressed out.


Predictions for India:

indian flag

India will face notorious activities from its neighbors and also experience many weather related problems. India’s neighboring countries like Pakistan will also face many challenges due to floods, diseases, terrorism, wars and people will be most unhappy.


Predictions for India’s Prime Minister – Narendra Modi:

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother will pass away and his wife too may face some problems. Mr. Modi should take care while traveling or he may have an accident. He may experience Blood pressure and blood sugar related problems. But the Lion will roar and not be down for long.


Predictions for Individuals:

zodiac signs

ARIES: Those born under Moon of Aries should take care of their digestive system and water related diseases. They should be cautious against secret enemies, and should make sure that they do not get in trouble with the law, IRS or any government department. They should be very cautious before signing any documents. This warning is hot until April 14th. They should be alert until Mid May altogether. Students should avoid appearing for any exams as the results may not come out to be good. Mothers should keep an eye on their children. Wearing a natural Pearl set in a silver ring or pendant would be very protective.

TAURUS: Those who have Moon signs of Taurus should also take care of their stomach and women should take care of their reproductive systems. Pregnant women should be very cautious for the next 2 weeks or so. There may be concerns about children and parents also, therefore be watchful and observant overall. Wearing an astrological gem called a Cat’s eye would protect you from bad energies.

GEMINI: Gemini Moon signs need to keep cool in their work place and also at home. The energies around both these places will be disturbing, so try to keep calm, and practice patience and peace. There may be complaints or conspiracies against you, so you should be extra vigilant at work. There could be some change or new job openings.

CANCER: Those of Moon of Cancer may have some problems with or to their siblings or parents. They should not try to do any business with siblings or else there will be misunderstands and bad will. Foreign travels may results in losses or cheatings, therefore they should avoid any kind over overseas travels. Personal life and business will be good though. Wearing a natural Pearl set in silver would prove to be beneficial.

LEO: Those born with Moon in Leo should curb the tendency to spend money and should control their food and diet or else they may experience health problems. For some, opportunities may open up for foreign travels or jobs. For some, there may be a change of residence and some may get married. Leo signs should watch out for problems in the moth or throat area and also the excretory system. Wearing a Ruby would be beneficial for good health and saving money.

VIRGO: Those who are born under the Moon sign of Virgo, and particularly under the star called Delta Corvi (Hasta Nakshatra) will directly be under the influence of this lunar eclipse. They really should be very careful in handling their relationships or marriage. There may be problems with or to their spouses. There may be misunderstandings, differences and fights or even separations. For some, there may be serious health issues while for some there may be difficulties at work, or some may lose their jobs. The best solutions for Virgo Moon sign is to go away on a 2 week vacation somewhere, away from spouse and away from job!

On the other hand, some may get new jobs and some may find their life partners and new businesses. This depends on the other planets in your individual horoscopes. Virgo signs should wear an Emerald to enhance all these good things in their lives.

LIBRA: Libra Moon signs are in their last leg of the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn. Their only concern this time could be mother and home affairs. Jupiter becomes direct motion on April 8th from being retrograde since December 8th 2014, and Venus will move into Taurus on April 7th. Thereafter, there may be travels and some progression in their lives. They will also have some great spiritual experience soon. Libra signs should take care of their eyes and ENT problems. Libra signs should wear a natural Pearl and a Blue Sapphire. An Emerald would also be very fortunate for them.

SCORPIO: Moon becomes debilitated in Scorpio, and those born with Moon in Scorpio are also in the peak of the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn. They keep away disturbing friendships, bad company and guard their children. They may also experience acidity, ulceration and other stomach problems. Those who are pregnant should take utmost caution. Those with existing children should try not to let their children hang around outside after sunset April 5th. They will also hear some good news about their children, like someone getting a job, or graduating, or selected for a college or a job and even marriage. Overall, there will be good social life. Scorpio Moon signs should wear a Pearl of about 10 – 12 carats in silver and also a Cat’s eye. This is for protection against the ‘evil eye’ of the planet Ketu.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius Moon signs began their seven and half year cycle of Saturn since November 3rd 2014 and they have a long way to go. They may face challenges in their home affairs, relationships and job front. That leaves out nothing much does it? Well, prayers are one answer to many problems. They should pray every Saturday morning and be vegetarian. Saturn is a planet that humbles you, therefore those who live in ego and arrogance shall be humbles. They may face firings from their bosses and there could be trouble at home. Do not get into arguments, disputes or fights. Keep away from any kind of criticism and just do your job and fulfill your duties. Wearing an Emerald would enhance positive areas in your life and by wearing a Cat’s eye, you could avert many negative situations.

CAPRICORN: Those born under Moon in Capricorn will have some foreign connection, both professionally and in relationships. They will be very busy with internet and communications all over, but should be careful as they will be deceived by their friends/relationships or partners. They should exercise discrimination and wait for a month or so and then everything will be good for them. Since Venus is the most important planet for them, they should wear either a White Sapphire, or any of its substitutes like White or Blue Topaz, Aquamarine or White Opal.

AQUARIUS: For Moon Aquarius signs, the time is not good now. Be careful of your health and accidents and keep away from running water as water may be dangerous for you. But soon the time will be good and within a week or so, you will be bubbling with activity. Those who are looking for relationships or marriage may have to wait for another year and a half. Existing relationships may have rifts and drifts. It would be better to wear a Ruby for the planet Sun, which rules your house of relationships.

PISCES: Those who are born under Moon of Pisces may experience problems with family, children, litigation, enmities, loans and ill health. They need to watch out for 2 months and take all precautions. They are advised to wear a natural Pearl and an Emerald to improve important areas in their lives.

*All the above predictions are on basis of the Moon sign alone. The results may vary depending on how all other planets are positioned in your horoscope.

prayersI would like to write about the Saturday prayers. One should do prayers every Saturday morning, after bath or washing up before eating anything. Each one must follow their own faith, as God only understands the language of the heart. So from the deepest of your hearts, pray to God to protect you from the negative energy of the planet Saturn and as a resolve, for balancing of karma, you should be strictly vegetarian every Saturday. As per the Hindu calendar, the day starts from sunrise and ends on the sunrise the nest day. You may have milk, cheese or butter. But should not have eggs, fish, chicken or meat and no alcohol. This is a spiritual remedy to balance bad karma.

May God bless you all, and may He bring peace, harmony and happiness in the world. All of you are recipients of God’s love.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Tel: 718-429-1892 (New York)


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