Swami shows the power of His Will

Narrated during the summer course 2000, by Devsen sir -- a personal experience of his, occurred when he was a student)

Swami has many times said, whether during discourses or during private sessions with devotees, that HIS will is infinite. Baba takes many of His students to Kodaikanal with HIM. Likewise He has taken some students to the Mysore sanctuary once in their summer vacations. Devsen was lucky to be one of them.

The students had already reached the sanctuary and it was nighttime. Swami was discussing the secrets of nature with students assembled at HIS feet. He was talking about the start of creation from the primordial sound OMKAR, the emergence of the MILKY WAY, PLANETS etc. He was describing in detail as to how the clouds got formed and the emergence of the SUN, the MOON etc.

As Swami was explaining so, He suddenly looked around and said, "Isn't the night beautiful today.”  "Yes, Swami" replied the students, “It is blissful here in your immediate presence. Even the moon seems to want to make his presence felt here in your physical proximity". As soon as this was mentioned Swami looked upwards at the moon. He kept looking for sometime and then started explaining the different features of the moon -- that there were so many craters on it. He even mentioned that there were rivers flowing on the moon.

As He said this, students started asking "Swami.... Rivers on the moon? "Yes, why not? Don’t you know rivers existed on moon"? Asked Swami. "But Swami" students questioned "Something of this sort has never been mentioned in any of the documentaries recorded by astronauts who have visited the moon.” "Oh that...." replied SWAMI "How can they see ... They saw with physical eyes ... Can their eyes see all that divinity has created? They did not see ... but it is there." So saying Swami stopped.

As Swami stopped speaking, there was silence for a while but the friction in the minds of students persisted. Fully aware of this, Swami asked, "Would you all like to see all that I mentioned were present on the moon?" "YES SWAMI" replied the students in one voice. Swami immediately got up from HIS seat and pointed towards the moon and waved His hand. In a moment the moon disappeared from the sky.

Shocked at what they saw, the students wanted to ask Swami as to what had happened to the moon, but before they could they saw a circular object appear in HIS hands. "This" Swami said, "is the moon ... (Silence for a while) ... now clear all your doubts about the feature of the moon". So saying He started showing the craters and the rivers on the moons surface. As long as the 'moon' was there in Swami's hand there was no 'moon' in the sky. When asked what would happen when anyone looked up and did not find the moon present as usual or questioned the disappearance of the moon all of a sudden, Swami said, "Nothing happens without my will. As long as the moon, which I have reduced to a size enough to fit into my palms, is in my hand, no one in the world will dare look up in the sky. I have willed that".

There was silence for a while as the students tried to grasp the phenomenon they had just witnessed. Swami then asked" Has everyone seen it. Ok, come closer and see. Ask for doubts if any". All those present came closer and looked ... they were all there. The craters, the rivers, the mountains.... All in the miniature form of the moon in Swami's hand.

Swami then said, “OK, now I shall send it back". So saying Swami let go the 'moon' from His hand by thrusting it upwards. In a moment it was there ... again resplendent as before. 

As students retired for the day, they reminded themselves of an important lesson they learnt that day. Everything in this Universe is functioning in full awareness of Swami as per His will.

All we see is HIS will... What doesn't seem to be is so simply because HE hasn't willed it that way...

The Belgian Princess meets Sai Baba and gets a gift

The Belgian Princess from childhood has always been a devout Christian. She had always followed her individual duty and duty towards the society i.e. what Baba termed later her Dharma. She used to regularly have Baba’s dream where He used to tell her repeatedly to visit him in Puttaparthi. She was not very inclined to do so since she thought going to Baba would be against the Christian faith, which she had been following for so long. She was of the opinion that her dreams may not have anything serious to think about since she was nothing even remotely connected to India and she had never heard of Sai Baba and hence no question of going to India.

An old friend of hers’ once met her during one of her outings. Meeting after a long time they both talked for a long time. During this conversation, her friend mentioned to her in passing that she had met a spiritual teacher in India whom she had accepted as her Guru (preceptor). Having heard her friend mention India, the princess asked her as to whether she had heard of someone called Sai Baba in a village called Puttaparthi. Looking a little surprised, she said

“Well, He is the one I am talking about. Sai Baba is my master, my Guru.” So saying she showed the princess His photograph. She looked at it and was aghast. The features of the man in the photograph were exactly the same as that of the person, who in her dreams was asking her to visit him. Were the dreams leading her to something? She didn’t know.

A week later the Belgian princess was on her way to India, with her friend accompanying her. All through their journey, the princess and her friend talked about nothing but Sai Baba. The more she heard about him, his miracles (which Baba often says are his visiting cards) and his work, the more curious she became. The princess alighted in India and as she moved closer to Puttaparthi, her heart beat faster and she asked herself --

“Who is Sai Baba? And how on earth does He know about me?”

As she alighted in Puttaparthi, she checked into an accommodation generally provided to people coming to have accommodation. But being the princess of a nation, she was entitled to government of India’s hospitality. Moreover the princess herself never informed the accommodation authorities of her royalty status. But the foreign affairs ministry received a phone call from the Belgium High commission (who were told of the visit by a royal palace communiqué) that Her Highness the Princess of Belgium was in India to visit Sai Baba. The foreign ministry informed the concerned authorities at Puttaparthi and the princess was moved to the VIP guest house, where she stayed until her return back home.

Seated in front, the next morning, along with her friend, the princess waited for Baba. As the music started (generally every darshan at Puttaparthi and Vrindavan begins with Indian Classical music being on the Audio system and continues till the end of darshan), her heart fluttered in anticipation. “Will He recognize her? Will He speak to her? --” All sorts of questions came on to her mind.... Baba walked slowly along the ladies side. As He came near her, He stopped and spoke.... to a lady next to the princess. As He was speaking to the lady, the princess bowed to touch His feet. Baba turned, placed his hands over her head and said “So, You have come.”

Baba called her into the interview room along with her friend. They went in and took their place. As Baba came in, He asked them to come nearer to Him and materialized two medallions of Jesus and gave it to them. These materializations are normal for a regular visitor to Puttaparthi but for the princess this was something she never expected, leave alone expecting she never even thought it was possible ... a medallion out of thin air!

The medallions were similar with a slight difference. The one given to the princess’ friend showed the full picture of Jesus on the crucifix. The one the princess had showed him only up to the waist. Both looked at Baba, who smiled and said ---

“Princess, you have been a sincere devotee of Jesus right from childhood. You have followed righteousness through out your life. That is why I called you here.”

He stopped for a while and said again ---

Princess, Do you remember, at the age of five, you saw a movie called ‘Jesus of Nazareth’? That was the movie, which attached you to Jesus so much. The scene where Jesus was crucified made you cry. Especially when His legs were nailed, you burst out and cried for two days. It has since then left an indelible mark on your life.”

As Baba mentioned these words, that phase of her life passed through the princess’ mind. But that was the phase about which only she knew. How did Sai Baba come to know of it?

He stopped for a while and spoke again --

“I never give what people don’t like. You love Jesus, so I gave you a medallion of Jesus Himself. But your medallion doesn’t show the nailed legs of His. That made you cry a lot. I don’t want you to cry now.”

After Baba spoke, there was silence for a while. The princess now spoke-- “All along I thought my dreams were imagination. Never did I think that they would lead me to where I am today. How do you know about all these things concerning me? I still have to understand you but from what I have experience here so far, I can say that whatever you are, you are remarkable.” Baba spoke again --“Child, You have a pure heart. That’s why you are here. You have never reneged on your duty. I am pleased by your steadfast adherence to duty and dharma. Ask me what you want, anything and I shall give.” The princess remained silent for a while. Her thoughts flew to her sons at Harvard. They were good children but she had one problem, they never believed in God. They never accompanied her on her visits for Sunday mass or regular sermons at church. She wanted to ask Baba about them but something stopped her and she kept quite.

Nothing in any corner of the world is hidden from Baba. Baba, as He does on so many occasions, here too, read her mind. He asked -- “Ok, So you want to ask me about your sons -- at Harvard, isn’t it? So why don’t you just ask?” Withholding nothing more from Baba and convinced of His omniscience, the princess spoke with a mother’s concern--

“Baba, My children ..... My children don’t believe in Jesus. I am quite concerned about them. Please change them Baba, I know you can do it. I’ve faith in You.”. “Alright, speak to them about me tonight and tell me about their reaction.”-- replied Baba. The interview then drew to a close.

The next day, they were called for interview again. As soon as Baba came in, He asked her -- “Did You speak to them?”. The princess replied hesitantly “Yes, I did. But .... But .... But they were not interested. They said “You keep your Sai Baba with you. Don’t involve us in it.” and hung the receiver”. Baba said  “Never mind , Speak to them again tonight...(Silence for a while) and tell them I will give them an experience.”. She did as was commanded. Her sons, however, refused to take any serious view of Sai Baba, who for their mother was a phenomenon not different from the kind Jesus was. The princess informed Baba about her talk with the two princes. Baba said-- “Good. Now, wait till tomorrow”.

The next day at darshan, Baba enquired from the princess about her children again. “Speak to them again today and then tell me what they spoke about.”-- Baba commanded. After darshan, the princess and her friend went towards the telephone centre to call her sons, without the least indication of what had happened in Harvard with her sons after she made the last phone call to them two days before. What happened there stunned not only the princes and their mother but the entire class in which the princes studied.

As the Class of Harvard sat for class that day, an orange light (Baba’s robe is orange in color!) appeared from nowhere and stuck to the shirt of the eldest of the two princes. As the prince got up to find out what it meant, the light chased him out of the room and followed him vigorously. Seeing something very astonishing the whole class of Harvard ran out.

The scene :The light behind the prince and the rest of the class behind the light. How far could they run? They finally fell exhausted. The light too stopped for a while. It encircled the entire lot of students and disappeared.

The following evening the princess waited for Baba to tell him all that happened. Baba came and as he came towards her asked “Did you speak to the princes? (Silence for a moment) Did they mention anything about an.. (Halts for a second).. an orange light?” The princess looked at Baba with eyes wide open.. and.. smiled. Baba smiled back and went into the interview room.

The princess spoke to her children again that night and informed Baba that the entire class of Harvard wanted to come for Baba’s darshan. Baba said “Good  ... But not now, later. I will call.” The princess was disappointed but left it to Baba’s will. As to when the young princes will come, only Baba would know. But they will come some day for sure, Baba’s Will shall prevail.

The princess left India some time around the first week of February. She returned a totally confused woman, full of doubts. Baba was nobody for her but with the kind of love and attention that Baba showered on her; she went with Baba firmly embedded in her heart.

The Princess left a highly contended woman. We students, still remember her as a very benign personality, full of love and compassion. Her face radiated an extraordinary brilliance, which to a great extent reflects the strict spiritual discipline and endurance she had developed in her pursuit of the TRUTH, which she did find in form of our Lord SRI SATYA SAI.

Hiranyagarbha Lingam

Sai Baba manifested the Golden Lingam during a discourse to college students at Whitefield, near Bangalore, South India. Many people have been healed by touching this photo to their bodies. An Indian medical doctor, Dr. Doraisingham, from London, England, raised a child from the dead by holding the photo against his body. Sai Baba says that wherever this photo is kept; there will be blessings, healings and miracles.

The Golden Lingam photo of Sai Baba

By Connie Shaw

On May 5, 1991, Sathya Sai Baba materialized a golden egg that has several names and is rich with symbolism. Baba said that the Hiranyagarbha Lingam (Golden heart lingam) "contains the entire universe in a microscopic form. It is a manifestation of the Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (God as Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer). It is also the Atmic consciousness (Holy Spirit)--like a thread running through a pearl necklace. It is also the spiritual heart." In the Spiritual Heritage Museum in Puttaparthi there is a quote by Baba referring to the lingam (lingam in general) as the “Cosmic Seed of Creation."

After Sai Baba had manifested it, he said that it is a great blessing for anyone to receive this photo and that it should be kept in every home. His energy will work miracles through it. This is the first time that anyone has ever heard Baba say this about a photo.

Dr. M. Doraisingham, whom I had never met, who sent the photo to me from England, sent the following story in a four and a half page letter. Baba had just materialized the Golden Lingam while standing on the auditorium stage at the Trayee Brindavan Summer Course assembly. Baba asked Professor Sampath to hold the Lingam for a while so that he could watch the student cultural program. Professor Sampath is Vice Chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Puttaparthi, South India; he was thrilled beyond words. During the hour that Professor Sampath kept the Lingam he became warm and said that he was in a" state of divine ecstasy."

After the conclusion of the cultural program, Swami played a little joke on Professor Sampath. He touched the professor's pocket as if to brush off some dust. Later, as they were riding in the car together, Baba asked Professor Sampath for the Golden Lingam. In his excitement to return the lingam, Professor Sampath searched everywhere his shirt pocket, trouser pockets, the car seat. But he could not find it. Finally, Baba gave a joyful laugh and said that He had sent the Golden Lingam back where it had come from.

Dr. Doraisingham goes on to say "Swami says that He created the Universe at His own will and pleasure with the word AUM. Here again He proves this fact by creation of this microcosmic universe, with the wave of His hands in a few seconds, by His supreme will. This is the incredible power of our supreme Lord Sai, whose glory we cannot fathom. But we are able to have a small glimpse of it by the example of this event--the Grand Miracle. All glory to our beloved Lord Sai who is our dearest divine Mother and Father."

Dr. Doraisingham also said that on June 7, 1991, while walking to darshan to see Baba, he came upon a dead child beside the roadside, held by his mother. The doctor had just been given the Golden Lingam photo and held it against the child, who had just fallen out of an overcrowded van onto the road and been killed. He chanted "Om Sai Ram" many times while praying to Baba and massaged the boy's chest and abdomen. The dead child was restored to life with the energy of Sai moving through the photo and the next day, in an interview with a friend of Dr. Doraisingham, Baba confirmed the entire incident. Baba impressed the doctor to stop, to heal the child using the photo, and later said to professor Anil Kumar "The child was dead at that point in time."

In January of 1994 when this author (Connie Shaw) gave a talk in Houston, Texas, USA, on the lingam photo, several people were healed on the spot simply by touching it to the afflicted area. For example, a few people who had experienced headaches that very moment were relieved of pain. One man was in pain from kidney stones; he placed the photo against his lower back in the kidney area and the sharp, stabbing pains vanished.

When Sai called our family to India in January of 1995, we had the good fortune to meet with Dr. John Davis, formerly of Boulder, Colorado and Seattle, Washington. In the social interactions we had, John told of Baba's instructions in His January interview with John. Among many notable happenings Sai told John to repeat Rama, Rama, Rama nine times while rubbing John's mercury lingam in a circular fashion over the Sai lingam photo "which would produce individually-suited types (colors and textures) of vibhuti ash for each client/patient who came to John to be healed. Baba also stood on John's hands for over fifteen minutes and said "Now you have healing hands." Dr. Davis has recently been designated as the head of the Alternative Medicine Wing of the new Super-specialty Hospital in Puttaparthi, South India. He is also starting an alternative medicine school there.

John Davis, a chiropractor, executed a profound healing on me at the hospital during that same trip to India. Beside the patient examining bed there is an over-sized wall photo (perhaps six feet by six feet) of Baba holding the golden lingam (which represents the vastness that each human being, each "embodiment of Love" truly is).

Each person who receives this background article will derive his own creative ways to use it for Loving help and service. Aside from placing it on one's altar or shelf, you might wish to keep a copy in your wallet, your car, your office desk, and in your briefcase or luggage. To give a framed copy to friends and loved ones with the background information, is perhaps one of the most auspicious and thoughtful gifts one can give. You can make fifty or a hundred copies and distribute them to the ill, the elderly, the lonely, or the depressed.

What an enjoyable service - to transfer the Johnny Appleseed idea (tree planting across America) to one of being a spreader of the Cosmic Seed of creation.

From: Connie Shaw's Book: "Mary's Miracles and Prophecies" (pg 270)
Visit Connie Shaw website:

The photograph of Jesus created by Baba.

This photo of Jesus has a very interesting and unusual story behind it. The story, as printed in the book "Sri Sathya Sai, The Yugavatara", by S.D. Kulkarni, page 134, is as follows:” An English couple went to Puttaparthi (Sai Baba's place of residence in India). The husband had faith in Baba but the wife believed in Jesus Christ. Baba called them in for an interview.  The husband had an automatic camera which started clicking by itself during the interview. When the couple went back to England and had the film developed, they got this picture of the face of Jesus. On their next journey to Puttaparthi, Baba called them in for another interview and asked them whether they liked the picture. He then told them that this was a picture of Jesus Christ at the age of 28 or 29 when he left India to return to Jerusalem." 

Here is an incident narrated by a painter in Whitefield.

This happened in early 90's. Whitefield suddenly woke up to the news that Swami was coming for the summer, and the Summer course for students was going to be revived after 12 years gap. (Summer course is month long series of presentations by Bhagawan on a specific topic conducted in Whitefield in 70s). Painting for the institute and auditorium started on war-footing. Round the clock work started and students and lecturers started round the clock work in turns.

There was a devoted painter who worked round the clock and despite of repeated requests from students to take break he continued on and on for three nights. One night he was in the final stages of painting the carvings on the roof of inside auditorium, he felt dizzy. Still with a determination to finish the job to his Lord’s satisfaction he carried on with all his strength to finish. After he finished painting the auditorium to his satisfaction, he turned back to go home. It was late in the night, infact early morning about 3am. To his astonishment he saw the Lord watching him with a smile. The painter could not believe his eyes. Swami came to the painter created vibhuti and blessed him. Well done dear child, do not spoil your health. Take care of your health also saying that, Baba waved His hand and materialized a fruit and gave it to him. Swami said “First eat this, I will be here to watch over you”. I came only to see that your health is taken care of. Swami waited till the painter finished the fruit and after that vanished into the thin air. After a week Swami came to Whitefield physically.

This kind of incidents happened to many people who stayed in Parthi. They see Swami at different forms to lend a helping hand at crisis. He is omnipresent and rescues those who are in need. 

Here is an account of the resurrection of V. Radhakrishna, as told by V.I.K. Sarin in "Face to Face with God":

Mr. Radhakrishna – the ‘Lazarus’ of our times

How Baba gave Radhakrishna a new lease of life

“The miracle took place in 1953. Radhakrishna was seriously ill with gastric ulcers and other complications, when he visited Puttaparthi [from his home town of Kuppam] in the hope that Baba would cure him. He was accompanied by his wife and daughter. On arrival at the ashram he was put straight to bed. Baba, who then was only 27 years old, visited him but made no attempt to heal him. Radhakrishna complained that he would rather die than continue to suffer the extreme pain he was in. Baba smiled but made no comments.

A few days later Radhakrishna went into a coma. His wife and daughter, who were at the bedside, heard the “death rattle” in his throat. Swami came and examined him, but still did nothing. An hour later Radhakrishna’s breathing stopped. He turned blue, and then went cold and stiff. The nurse pronounced him dead. Baba examined him again. “Don’t worry,” he said. “Everything will be all right.” But yet he made no attempt to revive him. The faith of the wife and daughter was put to severe test. The following day, they sat loyally by the bedside anxiously awaiting any signs of returning life. But there was no indication of revival. Somehow the two women managed to cling on to a vestige of faith that in His own way and in His own time Swami would revive Radhakrishna. On the morning of the third day the body turned dark, quite stiff and began to smell. It was suggested to his wife that the “corpse” should be removed from the ashram, but she refused adamantly to comply with any such action without the permission of Baba. His aides asked for instructions as to whether the body should be sent back to Kuppam or be cremated at Puttaparthi. Baba replied enigmatically, “We’ll see.” And walked away!

The two women were in despair. They went to Baba and pleaded with Him. He simply said, “Have no fear. I am here.” He did, however, promise to visit their room and examine Radhakrishna later. An hour went by, then two and there was no sign of Baba. It was then, that the wife and daughter gave up hope. Then, suddenly, Swami appeared in the doorway of their room, calm and smiling. The two women burst into tears, like Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus, weeping before their Lord who, they thought, had come too late.

Gently He asked them to leave the room, and as they moved out He closed the door behind them. They do not know - nor does anyone else, till this day - what really transpired in the next few minutes in that room where only Swami and the dead man were present. But in just a few minutes, Baba opened the door and beckoned the women in there, to see their loved one sitting up in bed and smiling! The stiffness of death had vanished and his natural color was returning. Baba said to him, “Talk to them, they were worried.” Radhakrishna, with a puzzled look said, “Why are you worried? I am all right!” He was not aware that he had been in a deathly coma. Swami then said to the wife, “I have given your husband back to you. Now give him a hot drink.” Thereupon He blessed the family and left. The next day the patient was strong enough to walk. On the third day he wrote a seven-page letter to a relative in Italy. A few days later, the whole family returned to their home in Kuppam. Not only was Radhakrishna raised from the dead, but the gastric ulcers and the other complications were completely healed. It was a repetition of the raising of Lazarus.”

Later when Radhakrishna was asked about the experience, and if he had any memories at all, from the time he was unconscious till being dead. He replied, "No. When I became conscious again I thought at first that it was just the same day. Later they told me it had been three days I was unconscious, and then 'dead' and that my body had actually starting to stink. But Swami can do anything he wishes. He is God."

Reference:“Sai Baba: Man of Miracles” by Mr. Howard Murphet.
This episode is also recorded in the book “Anyatha Sharanam Nasthi - Other Than You Refuge There Is None” written by Mr. Radhakrishna’s daughter, Smt. Vijaya Kumari.


This miracle is about Mr. RadhaKrishna who Swami saved from imminent death AGAIN. We have read about the same person who was resurrected by Swami earlier from death. This incident happened seven years after he was saved from death, in 1960.

Mr. Radhakrishna was sick and on doctors advice taken a morphine injection and went to bed. In the thick of the night he got up and started wondering around under the influence of the drug and fell down a well near his house. That was an open well, about ten feet in diameter and some fifty feet deep, with about thirty feet of water in that. The sides were of smooth stone and there were no ledges or anything whatever to hold onto or stand on.

After sometime Mr. Radhakrishna's wife woke up and looked for her husband. Unable to find him inside the house she came out and started calling out for him with his name. In response she heard a feeble voice saying "I am in the well". She ran over to the well and found him there standing in the water waist deep in it, but she knew that there was nothing for him to stand on. She shouted for him but there was no response from him.

She ran inside for help, called her two sons and daughter, all came to the well. But no one had a clue as to how to get him out. There was a stone slab across the top the well, with a gap on either side through one of which he would have fallen. They tried to reach him through the gap but he was not with in the reach. Mean while the chief of Police, who happened to be a friend of this family came. There was no reason for the chief to come that side in the middle of the night. Later he told he was passing by that side after getting off the duty when he heard the noise. With the help of ropes, pulley and basket they could manage to fish out the unconscious patient Radhkrishna. They brought him inside the house and called for the family doctor. During that time in quasi- conscious state, Radhakrishna was asking "when will I see you again, Baba." as if Baba was physically present in front of him.

The doctor came and examined and could not believe the person being in the well for so long but the chief reiterated that they pulled him from the well. The doctor said, there is no shock for him, infact he looks healthier than before the misadventure and a hot drink would take care of everything.

Next day morning Radhakrishna woke up from sleep and said it was all Baba's work and I could see Him in my unconscious state, saying that he called for a car and with his family started to Puttaparthi. Baba, greeted them from the balcony "My shoulders are still aching from holding you up in the well through the night Radhkrishna". Earlier in the morning Baba told the devotees in Parthi about the whole episode saying that He was helping the troubled devotee.

This is another way Swami went in subtle form to help His devotee who was in trouble. Sai Baba has saved Radhakrishna many times, for he must have done some real good karma!



Excerpts from the book "Sai Baba. The Holy Man and The Psychiatrist"

Documented accounts of Sai Baba's powers must number in the thousands. Many have been collected in Howard Murphet's exciting and informative book "Man of Miracles". Following is one of the most dramatic stories that I have heard, related here because of its uniqueness and its bearing on what happened to me later. It concerns the reported resurrection of Walter Cowan, brought back from the dead on Christmas Day in 1971. Dr. John Hislop, a former professor and corporate executive, now retired and living in Mexico, was a witness to this extraordinary drama. Here is a summary of his account:

"Early Christmas morning, news spread among devotees gathered about Baba that an elderly American had suffered a fatal heart attack. Upon hearing the rumor my wife and I at once went to the Cowan’s hotel, where Elsie confirmed that her husband Walter had died. She had prayed to Sai Baba for help and with great self-control and recollection of human mortality had ended the prayer with, “Let God's will be done.”

"Walter's body was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Later that day, when Elsie and her friend Mrs. Ratan Lal went to the hospital, they found that Sai Baba had already been there as well. To their utter amazement they found Walter alive."

Recognizing the need for documentation of Walter's death in the form of medical reports and witnesses' testimony, Dr. Hislop investigated the matter in details. "At my request, Judge Damadar Rao of Madras interviewed the doctor who had attended Walter when he arrived at the hospital. The doctor's statement was that Walter was indeed dead when he examined him, shortly after the ambulance arrived at the hospital. There was no sign of life.

He pronounced Walter dead, and then stuffed his ears and nose with cotton. The body was covered with a sheet and moved to an empty room. The doctor then left the hospital and missed seeing Sai Baba while he was there. Upon returning to the hospital after Sai Baba had left, the doctor found Walter alive. He was unable to explain this.

Later that day Sai Baba informed his devotees that he had indeed brought Walter back to life. He did not disclose the reasons for doing so, however; this remains a mystery he has not yet chosen to explain.

There were two or three subsequent occasions on which Baba attended to Walter's health in an extraordinary manner. Dr. Hislop describes Baba's delivering a spiritual discourse and giving out awards at a meeting which he attended. After the meeting, Baba turned to Hislop and said, while I was talking in the meeting, Mrs. Cowan called me. I at once went to the hospital and did what was necessary. Mr. Cowan's health had taken a bad turn.

Hislop continues: "So even while busy on the speaker's platform, Sai Baba had gone to the hospital and performed what was necessary. Yet to the eyes of thousands out there, including me and my friends, he had continued in speech and action on the platform the whole time. How does one explain this mystery? MULTIPLE FORMS? OMNIPRESENT?

When Walter had recovered sufficiently to be moved from Madras to Bangalore, he was described by Hislop as appearing extraordinarily well. "Dr. Gnaneswaran, with whom my wife and I had been acquainted for several years, was the Cowan’s attending physician in Bangalore. He had obtained Walter's medical history, with its specific laboratory tests showing severe diabetes of long standing and various other diseased conditions. He compared it with his own laboratory tests and could scarcely believe the results. Not only were the diabetic symptoms now completely absent, but the tests for other diseased conditions proved to be negative as well. He claimed in amazement, “Only the Divine Baba, only God himself, could do this."

The following is an account by Walter Cowan himself of his apparent death and resurrection under the grace of Sai Baba:

"While in the Connemara Hotel in Madras, two days after I arrived, I was taken very sick with pneumonia. As I gasped for breath, suddenly all the body struggle was over, and I died. I found myself very calm, in a state of wonderful bliss; and the Lord, Sai Baba, was by my side.

"Even though my body lay on the bed, DEAD, my mind kept working throughout the entire period of time until Baba brought me back. There was no anxiety or fear, but a tremendous sense of well-being, for I had lost all fear of death.

"Then Baba took me to a very large hall where there were hundreds of people milling around. This was the hall where the records of all of my previous lives were kept. Baba and I stood before the Court of Justice. The person in charge knew Baba very well, and he asked for the records of all my lives. He was very kind, and I had the feeling that whatever was decided would be the best for my soul.

"The records were brought into the hall: armloads of scrolls, all of which seemed to be in different languages. As they were read, Baba interpreted them. In the beginning they told of countries that have not existed for thousands of years, and I could not recall them. When they reached the time of King David, the reading of my lives became more exciting. I could hardly believe how great I apparently was in each life that followed.

"As the reading of my lives continued, it seemed that what really counted were my motives and character, as I had stood for outstanding peaceful, spiritual and political activity. I do not remember all the names, but I am included in almost all of the history books of the world from the beginning of time. As I incarnated in the different countries, I carried out my mission--which was peace and spirituality.

"After about two hours, they finished reading the scrolls, and the Lord, Sai Baba, said that I had not completed the work that I was born to do and asked the judge that I be turned over to Him, to complete my mission of spreading the truth. He requested that my soul be returned to my body, under His grace. The judge said, 'So be it.'

"The case was dismissed and I left with Baba to return to my body. I hesitated to leave this wonderful bliss. I looked at my body and thought that it would be like stepping into a cesspool to return to it, but I knew that it was best to complete my mission so that I could eventually merge with the Lord, Sai Baba. So I stepped back into my body ... and that very instant it started all over again - trying to get my breath, being as sick as you can be and still be alive. I opened my eyes and looked at my wife and said, 'You sure look beautiful in pink....'


Resurrection of Mrs. A.K.Varma – As Narrated by her

I wish to share one incident that occured while i was at Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Ooty. This incident happened in the year 1986. I was in my class IV at that time.

Mrs. A.K. Varma rather called by the name Mother by one and all in the school from the staff to the smallest child was in her ripe old age working as the principal of the school. She was one of the most loving mothers. She gave the same love to one and all in the school.

One fine morning we all were told that Mother was no more and she was dead. At that time there were only few classes in the school and so there were not many children at school. The entire school plunged into a grief. She was alike a mother to us children, and we really cried for her.

The doctors declared her to be dead. There were no chances of her revival. Mrs. Nanjan, one of Babas’s devotee, went inside Mother's room and applied some vibhuti on her body which swami had given her earlier.

LO! After some time, there was a sound from Mother's room, she got up as though one awakened from deep sleep and called for assistance. She came alive!!! We all jumped with joy when we heard this, all the children were literally jumping and running all over the building.

Immediately she went to Prashanti Nilayam to have Swami's darshan. Swami told her "I have extended your life, come and stay with me." So she came back to Ooty to bid farewell to all of us. Tears were flowing down every child's eyes when she began to leave. None of us wanted her to leave but it was the command of Swami. She came to Prashanti Nilayam and lived in WEST PRASHANTI - 1, on the ground floor. Whenever I get the opportunity, I go see her and spend some time there. She could recognize me very well even after such a long time. She had adopted a small boy from a prison in Pakistan and brought him up. Of course this was long back, but I just wanted to mention about her pious nature.

Later during the years, one day Swami told her, "Varma, your time is over, you have to come back to me". The following day she breathed her last. She passed away without any pain.


Four great miracle stories


By R.D. Awle

Here are four representative stories, from among the thousands I’ve heard and read, which reveal a glimpse of Sai Baba’s divine power, compassion and sense of humor.  The first is the account of Bhagwandas Daswani, a prosperous businessman of Hong Kong (reprinted from Face to Face with God, by V.I.K. Sarin, former senior journalist at one of India’s leading newspapers):

“On May 10, 1977, I was struck with a massive heart attack.  I was admitted to the Queen Mary Hospital on May 11, and I learned later that at 4 a.m. on the same day Baba had called my son, who was studying in Swami’s College at Whitefield, and told him, “Go to Hong Kong immediately, as your father is having a little heart trouble.”

Daswani said, “I actually died for two minutes and was revived by doctors.”

Although Daswani came around, there was no improvement in his condition and he was confined to the Intensive Care Unit.  On May 20, he suffered a relapse and started hemorrhaging from the anus.  He was losing about four pints of blood a day.  He had drips in both arms and a pad over his heart.  The hemorrhaging continued for three days and by May 24, his family had lost hope for his life, and so had the team of doctors.

“On the morning of May 25, at exactly 4:10 a.m.,” recalled Daswani, “Sathya Sai Baba walked through the wall of the room! and sat on the bed.  He then showered vibhuti all over me.  The vibhuti came pouring out of his hand in a never-ending flow.  With the vibhuti bath I suddenly felt a surge of strength all through my body.  I was completely baffled by the appearance of Baba in the room, and thought I was dreaming or hallucinating.  I therefore said, ‘Baba are you really here or am I dreaming?’  He said, ‘I am here all right.  What would you like me to do?’  I said, ‘Just put me on that couch over there next to the bed, so that I know I am not dreaming.’  He then lifted me up as though I was a feather and placed me on the couch.  The drips in my arm remained intact, nothing was disturbed.  Baba then left the same way as he had come.

“I then rang the night bell to call the staff nurse.  A horde of nurses came rushing into the room.  Their astonishment was beyond description.  ‘How did you get here?’ they asked.  ‘I walked,’ I said, aware that it would be impossible for them to believe the truth.  ‘Who has been in here?  And what is all this dust all over the bed, and all over you?’ they asked.  I said, ‘Don’t ask me.  Just collect that dust and put it in a paper bag for me.’  They did this and collected one and a half kilograms of vibhuti!

“I began to improve rapidly after this, and the doctors and the staff kept questioning me as to what had happened.  Finally an Indian doctor showed up and he said to me, ‘Look, I am an Indian.  You can tell me what happened.’  I told him, and he kept my secret.  On May 29 I was able to walk by myself to another ward.  I made a complete recovery, and what is more, my diabetes has disappeared and my blood sugar is normal.  I owe my eternal gratitude to Bhagavan Baba.”


Here is the testimony of Kitty Lamonte of Scotland (as related in Divine Glory, by V. Balu & Shakuntala Balu):

“My story begins sometime last summer, when I first became aware of Baba.  I was invited to visit some Indian friends of a friend of mine and they talked so lovingly and honestly about Baba that I decided to read more about him.  I read ‘The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist’ [by Samuel Sandweiss], and in fact used it almost like a Bible, in that I read the writings of Baba everyday. 

“At this time I had something of a drinking problem and was consuming far more alcohol than was good for me, but was unable to stop.  I decided that I would enlist the help of Baba, so for three nights I sat there with the book, Baba’s photograph and the whisky.  I poured my drink on the 27th November, at 11:45 p.m. and sat down to watch T.V.  I put my hand on the book, looked at the photograph and said, ‘You really will have to help me to stop this.’ 

There was an almighty noise and the glass exploded into a million bits.  It went everywhere in the room, it was under tables, on top of books in a bookcase and some of it was found by my housekeeper the following day, under the cushion I had been sitting on. . . .

“The most interesting thing for me happened two days later.  I was on a train and had not been able to get the sound of this exploding glass out of my mind, when a voice in my head said, “Did you notice that not a bit of it touched you?”  I cannot tell you the feeling of absolute joy I experienced at that moment.  I suddenly realized that only a miracle could have stopped this glass from damaging me very badly.  It was no more than a foot away from my face.

“I have now made a firm commitment to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, never to drink alcohol again.”


Baba transports a boy to another country through the wall!

One day Baba called a poor Muslim family in for an interview, and along with them, one Hindu man.  (The person who told me this story heard it directly from the Hindu man.)  A boy in the family was distraught because his two best friends had gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca, and his parents couldn’t afford to send him along.  (As a consolation, they’d brought him to see Sai Baba.)  Baba started the interview by saying to the boy, “So, you want to go to Mecca.”  The boy burst into tears, and Baba then turned and spoke to the others for a while.  The boy continued crying, and finally Baba turned to him and said, “You really want to go to Mecca, don’t you!”  Baba then tapped the wall of the interview room with His hand, and the wall disappeared - and in its place, a street scene from Saudi Arabia appeared!  “Look, there are your two friends.  Now go!  You have half an hour.”  The boy walked into the street scene... and the wall reappeared. 

Baba spoke with the stunned family for another half an hour, and then tapped the wall again.  The street scene reappeared - and the boy walked back into the interview room, proudly carrying some souvenirs from Mecca! 

A month later, when his friends returned home, the boy’s parents asked them, “How long was he with you?”  Confirming the boy’s account, his friends replied, “Two weeks.” So that half an hour time was converted into 2 weeks by Baba! Oh God! Oh Baba! Who else can you be other than God Himself!

(Clearly Baba is a Master of time and space - as well as being That which is beyond time and space!  That’s the fourth story I’ve heard about Sai Baba instantly transporting someone to a distant land through His interview room wall.) 

Baba sends an Australian back home - through His interview room!

A group of six devotees had come to have darshan of Baba from Australia. Baba called them for a private interview.

During the normal course of the talk, Baba looked at one of the devotees and asked -- “Why did you come now? Your mother is not well. She needs you there back in Australia”

He replied saying-- “Yes Baba, I called home yesterday night and this news was conveyed to me. I pray for her early recovery.”

Baba replied --

Go home soon. She is asking for you. In fact go home now.”

So saying, Baba created a map of the world with the wave of the hand. He spread it on the wall and the following conversation took place: --

BABA     : “Where is Australia in this map ?”

Devotee  : “Here, Baba .” (Pointing to the map).

Baba touched it and the world map changed into an Australian map.

BABA     : “Where in Australia do you say ?”

Devotee  : “New South Wales, Baba .” (pointing to the map).

Baba touched it and the Australian map changed into the map of New South Wales.

BABA     : “Where in New South Wales do you stay ?”

When the devotee mentioned the place, Baba touched it and the chart changed to show all the apartments in the area.

Then Baba touched the house in which the man was staying and lo! The wall of the interview room became the door of the devotee’s home. Baba opened the door and showed the man his mother sleeping on the sofa. Baba called the man and asked him to go in and closed the door. He rubbed his hands on the door and the door became the wall of the interview room again!

Later when the Australians came out of the interview room, only five came out instead of the six who went in. The students of Prashanthi Nilayam campus saw this. Later they called back the man who was sent to Australia only an hour later, who confirmed his ‘safe arrival’.

Baba said that ---

“Time and space exist only in the worldly plane. In the divine plane there is no time and space. I can easily cross time and space as and when I want to. That experience of the Australian crossing space to reach Australia from the interview room was my leela to show you that it is possible for me to do that if necessary. Time and space hold no barrier for GOD.

The Unexpected Divine Miracle!

At that golden moment something momentous, something miraculous, something totally unexpected, began to happen. That 50 year old lady who had no sensation in her hands and legs and had been confined to her bed for the past 20 years, suddenly, without the help of anybody or without anyone being conscious of it, raised herself up to sit on the bed. Slowly, she put her feet down and stood up! She moved her hands as well. She moved towards the place where bhajans were being sung in front of Baba’s picture.

The whole village was immersed in the bhajans and did not know of the miracle that was taking place inside the house. All at once, they saw her coming to the front of the house unaided and raising her hands in homage to the visible Lord and beginning to dance in ecstasy.

The bhajan singers, Samithi members and the villagers were all struck with wonder seeing that lady dancing before their eyes and this must have flashed on their minds “Sai Bhagavan! How is it possible for this lady who had remained paralyzed for 20 years to dance to the rhythm of the bhajans except by Your Grace? You are indeed omnipresent, and have taken over the entire village and working miracles. The total transformation of this village has been due to your boundless Grace, mercy and compassion.

The lady explained to the amazed gathering that Swami had appeared in her dream the previous night and had massaged her hands and legs thus removing her paralysis.

The Amazing Transformation in the Village  

Today, the 300 families are closely knit into one Sai family. Unity led to Purity that has expanded into Divinity. The village chief who was shocked by what he saw resolved then and there that he would never touch another bottle of liquor in that pure village where God was present. He had been a confirmed alcoholic throughout his entire life!

Lo and behold! The paralyzed walks!

The addict renounces liquor at a moment’s notice!

Unity prevails in a divided village and their pure hearts are temples where God is enthroned!

What other proof does one need to recognize the presence of the All Compassionate Lord, Sri Satya Sai Baba?


The Bible - (As described by Jesus to Saint John, Revelation)   He who sent me among you will come again, and he pointed to a lamb. His name will be Truth; he wears a robe of red. He will be short with a crown over his head.

Its rider will be called faithful and true. His name is the word of God. His eyes will be like blazing fire and on his head there will be many crowns. On his robe will be written king of kings. He will be dressed in a robe red in color like blood. Armies of heaven will follow him everywhere, dressed in clean white linen.

Fulfilment - The lamb is merely a symbol. The lamb says - Ba Ba. Satya Sai Baba’s first name is Satya, which means truth. He always wears a saffron- red coloured robe. He is short in stature, and has a natural crown of hair over his head. Satya sai Baba’s childhood name is Satyanarayana, which is the name of god Vishnu. He has a very piercing look. All his volunteers and devotees always wear white shirt and pants, and are always following him wherever he goes.


Nostradamus - He who has been awaited for such a long time will never appear in Europe. He will appear in Asia. The triplicity of waters gives birth to a man, who will choose Thursday as his day. People will come to worship him from all parts of the world. They will come to honour him. His voice, reign and power will rise across land and seas, amidst storms in the east. So ornate his speeches that everybody will be willing to hear. An occult mystic who will not be from the clergy. The great law giver will raise the humble and plague the rebels. A true savior who will guide the world in peace. He will teach mankind the ways of spiritual brotherhood. No one like him will ever be born again!

Fulfilment - Satya Sai Baba was born in Asia, in India. India is the only peninsular in the world with water on three sides. He had announced in his 13th year that he was Divine incarnate and asked people to worship on Thursdays. Millions all over the world have witnessed his omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. His speeches are simple but with profound truth. He has unconditional love and compassion for the entire mankind, which transforms people’s hearts and minds. He does not promote Hinduism alone, but stresses on all faiths and religions. He has a worldwide following.


Islam - [Mehdi Moud] {Pearls of wisdom} Prophet Mohammed’s discourses written in 12 volumes called ‘Hadith’ in which he described the “Almaidi”, or the guided one. The prophet was asked if he was the Almaidi, or the guided one, to which he said “No, I am not, and no prophet has ever come who is like the Almaidi. I shall give you the signs so that you shall not be misguided as many may claim that they are the guided one. His hair will be profuse, his forehead will be large and concave, his nose will have a dent at the bridge. He will be clean shaven and have a mole on a cheek. The color of his face will sometimes be yellow like gold, and sometimes dark. His body will be small. His clothing will be like flame. He will wear two robes. Teachings of all religions of the world will be in his heart from birth, and also the science and knowledge of the world from the beginning of time. All things, which you will ask god, he will give you. Every eye that sees him will be happy. Not just humans, but other beings and souls as well. All his followers will have a spot on their forehead. All religious people will gather under a big tree. He will go amongst the devotees and touch their heads. He will bring light and peace to the world.  

I am telling you all this so that you should know the signs of the Almaidi. So as not to be deceived, you shall know that the master of the world will bring things out from his body, through his mouth. He will live for 96 years. But only two thirds of the world will believe in him. Muslims will only recognize him in the last nine years of his passing away from the world. In the last 20 years of his life, he will be the king of the world with followers from all over the world.”

Fulfilment - The  physical description is exactly that of Sri Satya Sai Baba.  He has always taught about the unity of all religions and faiths. He has proven himself beyond time and space. His miracles have been witnessed by millions all over the world since his childhood. He has materialized almost everything over the years and given them out to his devotees. He first started giving ‘darshans’ (meeting devotees) under the great big tree at Brindavan, at his ashram. People from all over the world come to see him and get his blessings. He is the embodiment of love and peace, and tells people to follow their own religion and faith as all religions lead to the same God. He always wears an inner robe, and a red coloured outer robe.

Apart from materializing anything out of air, Sai Baba materializes Shivalingams out of his mouth on the day of Shivaratri every year. (Shivaratri is a special day of lord Shiva) Shivalingams are oval shaped stones or different materials, which are a symbol of lord Shiva. Satya Sai Saba has materialized lingams made of gold, precious stones, and sometimes unknown materials. They are different each time. One such had an inner light glowing from it. One had constant changing colors. One had Vibhuti (Holy ash) flowing from it. His creations are out of the world. He had long ago declared that he would live till the age of 96, and that after 8 years he would incarnate again as Prema Sai Baba in the state of Mysore, in India.  He even materialized a picture of his future form and gave it to some devotees. The form of Prema Sai Baba resembles that of Jesus Christ, open long hair and beard and a noble appearance.


The Nadi Shastra - (Ancient Hindu scriptures written more than 5000 years ago by enlightened saints like Agastya, Bhrigu, Shuka, kaushika)

SHUKA NADI: In the kaliyuga (Today’s age) God will be born in human form, in the sacred land. He will have an ashram in that land. He will have educational institutes. He will be the embodiment of love. He will have all the powers and siddhis (supernatural powers). He will even have control over the nature. He will perform wonderful and great miracles. He will have universal worship. He has incarnated for the good of mankind, and is the preceptor and protector of mankind. He will be able to take any form and many forms and be seen at several places simultaneously. He will be a Brahmachari (unmarried). He will be the Avatar of lord Vishnu himself in full divination.

His ashram will be called Prashanti Nilayam. (Abode of peace.) He was previously born in Shirdi. He has come to establish Dharma. He will show his omnipresence in many ways to his devotees. His glory will spread far and wide. He will be an incarnation of love, joy and wisdom. But only the enlightened ones will be able to experience his divinity. He has incarnated in present times due to prayers of religious people and saints. He will plant a tree in Brindavan, Bangalore and that place will become a field of spiritual energy. He is fully aware of his powers but will reveal them only at the appropriate time. His greatness will spread and there will be universal worship of Satya Sai Baba. He will be beyond the laws of nature. His powers will heal not only humans, but also beings of the other worlds at a higher plane of existence. He has the power to lengthen life, and take other’s illnesses on himself. The whole mankind will bow to him and acknowledge him as the supreme power, as God.

Fulfilment - Indiais considered a sacred land, and a land where most saints were born. Sai Baba has an ashram in a place called Puttaparti in south India. The ashram is called Prashanti Nilayam, meaning – The abode of peace. He has started many schools and educational institutes. He has all the divine powers that one could expect God to have. Millions of people all over the world have seen, witnessed and experienced his divine powers. He has on some occasions controlled or changed the weather and nature. He has cured many by a mere touch, and brought some dead back to live. He has been seen in many different forms, and has appeared to people in different places at the same time, proving his omnipresence. People all over the world worship him as God.

Buddha -  “I am not the first Buddha who came upon earth and not the last. In due time, another Buddha will come to the world, truly a holy one, a supremely enlightened one, endowed with supreme wisdom, auspicious and embracing the Universe. An incomparable leader of mankind and angels. He will reveal to you the eternal truths. He will proclaim a righteous life, wholly perfect and pure. His disciples will number in hundreds of thousands. He will establish his law, glorious in origin, glorious in the end and glorious in spirit.”


Vishnu Puran -The Mahabharata is a great epic of the Hindu scriptures, said to be written about 5000 years ago. In this, lord Krishna had foretold of the Dark Age kali Yuga, corresponding to our present times. He had said that there would be decline of dharma, decline of morality, righteousness and spirituality, due to political oppression, crime, dishonesty, hatred and falsehood. Then he said:-

“When evil is rampant on earth, I will take birth in the family of a virtuous man and assume a human body to restore dharma by extermination of evil for the preservation of humanity. In the kali Yuga, I will assume a form that is dark in color. I will be born in south India. This avatar will possess great powers, intelligence and energy. Material objects needed for this Avatar’s mission will be at his disposal as soon as he thinks of them. He will be victorious in strength of virtue. He will restore peace and order in the world. This Avatar will inaugurate a new era of truth and will be surrounded by many spiritual people. The people of this land will follow this Avatar’s conduct and there will be peace and prosperity. People will once again betake the practice of religion. Educational centers for the cultivation of Dharmic law will re-appear again everywhere. Ashrams will be filled with men of truth. This Avatar’s parents will be devotees of lord Vishnu and will reside in a village where the cowherd form of Krishna is worshipped. This Avatar will have superhuman powers and will have an illustrious reputation.

FULFILLMENT - (Satya Sai Baba’s parents were devotees of lord Vishnu, and stayed at a place called Gollapalli, which means home of the cowherds. Gollapalli was later renamed Puttaparthi.) He has demonstrated such amazing powers right from childhood that only God could have. Not only has He proved beyond time and space, but also shown the power over nature. He has raised the dead and healed millions, transformed the hearts of all, and the whole world is slowly leaning towards His spiritual teachings. Dharma, righteousness, truth, peace and human values are being established again. He has shown His divine form to many, and proved that He is none other than God, incarnated in human form, to help humanity, and to re-establish righteousness, truth, and love amongst all humanity.

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