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The Astral Gemstones

Natural Gemstones are found in the womb of the earth. Since time immemorial, Gemstones have been the valuable possessions of the rich and the kings. There are many kinds of Gemstones found in nature. Some of them are precious stones, because of their rarity and subsequently their value. The others were categorized as the semi-precious stones, because of their ample availability and subsequently their price. Each of these stones have their own quality and property, by way of colour, luster, clarity, and appearance.

Here, I shall only describe the astrological Gemstones, their qualities, properties, appearance and merits. The value of these Gemstones will vary from country to country, and it is generally difficult to fix a price for a particular Gemstone, specially the precious ones. However, there is a general yardstick by which all the Gemstones are assessed and evaluated. They are the four ‘C's. Namely – Colour, Cutting, Clarity, and Carat. A stone may generally be of some colour, but the depth of the colour would make a difference. For example, an Amethyst is generally of a violet colour, but from some different mines, it may be of a deep violet or purple colour. Then the cutting makes a difference. A Gemstone sparkles and reflects it's own light because of it's cutting. The cutting is called facets. These facets reflect the colours. Greater the facets, greater the reflection. Clarity means transparency. All Gemstones have some inherent inclusions and spots. Again, greater the clarity, higher the value. Lastly, the weight. All Gemstones are measured in Carat weight. Therefore, bigger the Gemstone, bigger the bill!


DIAMOND - (Specific gravity - 3.52, refractive index - 2.42)
Diamonds are the most expensive of all the precious stones. Chemically, it is just plain carbon. White Diamonds of a flawless quality are considered the best, and the most expensive. KNOW MORE »


BLUE SAPPHIRE - (Specific gravity - 4.03, refractive index - 1.76)
Sapphires come in many colours, but the three principal colours are – Blue, Yellow and White. Sapphires belong to the Corundum group of stones and can be pink, violet, light blue, dark blue, yellow or green. KNOW MORE»


YELLOW SAPPHIRE - (Specific gravity - 4.03, refractive index - 1.77)
Yellow Sapphires are nice sparkling light yellow coloured stones. There are some stones in the market, which are coloured or dyed through heating process. This is done to darken the colour of the Gemstones, so that they could be sold for a higher price. KNOW MORE»


WHITE SAPPHIRE - (Specific gravity - 4.03, refractive index - 1.76)
White Sapphires are just like the yellow sapphire, beautiful, sparkling but white in colour. A finely cut White Sapphire can be mistaken for a Diamond. Of course, people in this business would know the difference. KNOW MORE»


RUBY – (Specific gravity - 4.03, refractive index - 1.77)
Ruby is the Gemstone for the planet Sun. Rubies come in colours ranging from light pink to a dark maroon shade. They are not entirely transparent, but translucent. Clearer the stone, dearer the value .The best colour of Ruby is that of a pomegranate fruit. KNOW MORE»


PEARL – (Specific gravity - 1.5 to 2.86, hardness - 3.5 to 4)
Pearls are found under the sea, and are formed naturally, over the period of years. They are a product of Mollusk, a shell fish. They are therefore of an organic origin. The Pearl Oyster belongs to the Mussel family. Pearls come in various sizes and shapes. KNOW MORE»


RED CORAL - (Specific gravity - 2.65, hardness - 3.25)
Corals come from the deep seas, and are a natural growth. Coral is a calcareous skeleton like deposit of the Coral polyp and mostly composed of Calcium secreted from the seawater. They come usually in Red colour, but they are White coloured too. The Red colour is due to a pigmentation effect. KNOW MORE»

WHITE CORAL – (Specific gravity - 2.65, hardness - 3.25)
White Coral is another substitute for the Diamond and White Sapphire. This is worn for the planet Venus. White Coral is always set in Silver, and is to be worn on the middle finger, or else in a pendent. The recommended weight is anything between six carats to fifteen carats. KNOW MORE»

HESSONITE - (Specific gravity - 4.2 to 4.5, refractive index - 1.81)
This is a stone, which is transparent, clear, and the colour varying from light honey to a dark brown, depending upon the mines. Hessonite resembles a Garnet, and is sometimes called Hessonite Garnet. KNOW MORE»

CAT'S EYE - (Specific gravity - 3.75, refractive index - 1.74)
The Cat's eye is a stone belonging to the Crysoberyl group. It is an Aluminate of Beryllium. It is also called Cymophane. Cat's eye comes in colours ranging from yellowish green to light brownish green. KNOW MORE»

EMERALD – (Specific gravity - 2.69, refractive index - 1.58)
Emeralds are probably the most hypnotic stones and come under the precious category. They are a beautiful parrot green in colour, transparent and may have some vein like inclusions in them. KNOW MORE»

AMETHYST – (Specific gravity - 2.65, refractive index - 1.54)
Amethysts are a lovely deep violet to purple in colour, and are commonly worn as jewellery. These stones are absolutely clear and transparent and are easily available. KNOW MORE»

TOPAZ – (Specific gravity - 3.53, refractive index - 1.61)
Topaz is a beautiful golden – yellow coloured stone, and is generally clear and transparent. It has a very rich look and is comes under the secondary precious stone category, as it is on the slightly expensive side. KNOW MORE»

MOONSTONE – (Specific gravity - 2.57, refractive index - 1.52)
Moonstones are non transparent stones, usually found in good crystals of monoclinic system. These stones usually have a milky sheen. Sometimes, a bluish opalescence is caused due to the reflection of light from the very thin layers of which the stone is composed. KNOW MORE»

AQUAMARINE - (Specific gravity - 2.70, refractive index - 1.57)
Aquamarine is a lovely greenish-blue stone, which is absolutely clear and transparent. These stones also belong to the Beryl group and come under the precious category. KNOW MORE»

There are many other Gemstones which are popular, but they are of no real astrological value. Therefore I do not find it necessary to mention them here. It is written in the scriptures that these Gemstones should be natural and as far as possible – flawless. Simulated stones will not work. These gems work by effect of refraction, conduction and radiation. That's why it's important that they must touch your body all the time. They are also supposed to be worn on the days of the planets, and during the first hour of sunrise. For example, a Yellow Sapphire should be worn during the first hour of sunrise on a Thursday, when the Moon is waxing (increasing). You would have to look up the time of sunrise in a newspaper, and plan your schedule accordingly.

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