MOONSTONE – (Specific gravity - 2.57, refractive index - 1.52)

Moonstones are non transparent stones, usually found in good crystals of monoclinic system. These stones usually have a milky sheen. Sometimes, a bluish opalescence is caused due to the reflection of light from the very thin layers of which the stone is composed. Moonstones belong to the Felspar group. Chief resources are Sri Lanka , Burma and India . They are easily available, and are relatively cheaper than most gemstones in value.

In the Moonstones, one can see a band of light reflecting from inside. They come in white, milky, yellow or light brownish colours. The ones of bluish colour is considered the best. Moonstones are good substitutes for the Pearl . Under a prism, a Moonstone shows blue colour. These are cool stones, and have good healing powers. These are found to be much more effective than crystals.

Astrologically, Moonstones are worn for the planet Moon. Since these are substitute stones, their weight can be between 6 to 20 carats. Of course, a big Moonstone may look funny on a ring, so it may be worn as a pendent. When worn as rings, the best finger to wear is the ring finger. This Gemstone is said to bring calm and peace. It helps in headaches and other mental afflictions.