HESSONITE - (Specific gravity - 4.2 to 4.5, refractive index - 1.81)
This is a stone, which is transparent, clear, and the colour varying from light honey to a dark brown, depending upon the mines. Hessonite resembles a Garnet, and is sometimes called Hessonite Garnet. These mainly come from Sri Lanka and India . Hessonite is also not expensive, and is easily available. Some very good quality Hessonites from Sri Lanka may be more expensive. A Hessonite is worn for the planet-Rahu, (North Node) and is always worn in silver, on the middle finger. The recommended weight is anything between three carats to six carats.

Since Rahu is the north node of the moon, and not really a planet, it does not own any house like the other planets. Therefore prescribing someone to wear a Hessonite can be tricky. Rahu does give good results if placed in 3 rd , 6 th or 11 th house. So, the astrologer should use his experience and discretion, taking the overall view.

Astrologically, a dark or blackish colour Hessonite is not considered good. Also, if the Hessonite is hazy, full of bubbles or black inclusions, it should be rejected. The best are those of a rich honey colour, clear and transparent. Since these Gemstones are not expensive, one can buy the best quality.