CAT'S EYE - (Specific gravity - 3.75, refractive index - 1.74)

The Cat's eye is a stone belonging to the Crysoberyl group. It is an Aluminate of Beryllium. It is also called Cymophane. Cat's eye comes in colours ranging from yellowish green to light brownish green. The dark green stones are called Alexandrites, and the yellow stones are called Chrysolites. Cat's eye can be transparent or translucent, or opaque. The opaque ones come under the Quartz category. The transparent class is more expensive, and a high quality of such category can be termed under the precious stone group.

The distinct feature of the Cat's eye is that it reflects a chatoyant luminous band, which resembles a cat's eye glowing in the dark. This chatoyancy is due to vast number of microscopic hollow channels within the stone, which are parallel. It is a beautiful stone to look at, and is worn for the planet Ketu (South Node) It is set in Silver, and worn on the little, ring or middle finger. The transparent Cat's eye may be of two to three carat, the opaque ones about five carats. Ketu too, like Rahu does not own any house, and the predicament of wearing the Cat's Eye is similar to that of the Hessonite.